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When do you feel “smart”? Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner and Mr. Sherpinsky Council Rock School District.

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2 When do you feel “smart”?

3 Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner and Mr. Sherpinsky Council Rock School District

4 Howard Gardner Born July 11, 1943 Developmental Psychologist Harvard University Professor Theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ (1999)


6 Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences Criticized IQ test – Focused on language, math/science skills Intelligence: – “an ability to solve a problem or fashion a product that is valued in at least one culture or community” Emphasized complexity of individual differences & abilities Students learn most successfully when: – When they are given opportunities to use their unique talents to process information

7 It’s not how smart we are; It’s how we are smart.

8 Intelligence Definition- aptitude (the ability to learn) Multiple Intelligences (explain how we learn)

9 Visual/Spatial Thinks in 3-D Pictures in mind Great imagination Hand-eye relationship Design/color

10 Visual/Spatial Occupations sailors sculptors/painters engineers pilots designers architects surgeons Famous People L. da Vinci Picasso Frank Lloyd Wright Bobby Fischer I.M.Pei Auguste Rodin

11 Logical/Mathematical Reasons Analyzes Uses logic Uses numbers Problem-solving Sees patterns

12 Logical/Mathematical Occupations Mathematician Scientist Accountant/Banker Inventor Detective Engineer Programmer Famous People Albert Einstein Stephan Hawking Agatha Christie Carl Sagan

13 Bodily/Kinesthetic Activity/motion Hands-on Experimental Manipulate Participate Body language

14 Bodily/Kinesthetic Occupations Athlete Dancer/Actor Performer Physical Therapist Coach Famous People Marcel Marceau Michael Jordan Babe Ruth Kristy Yamaguchi Jackie Joyner- Kersey

15 Naturalist Nature Classification Flora/Fauna Patterns Environment Sorting Memory

16 Naturalist Occupations Biologist Zoologist Artists Environmentalist Landscaper Game warden Famous People Charles Darwin John Audubon Meriwether Lewis Carl Sagan

17 Verbal/Linguistic Reading/Writing Debate/Speech Word puzzles Spelling/Vocab Languages Listening

18 Verbal/Linguistics Occupations Writer Speaker Actor Teachers Attorneys Politicians Famous People Abraham Lincoln Jerry Seinfeld Martin L. King T.S. Eliot Hemingway

19 Musical/Rhythmic Singing Playing instruments Rhythms/beats Composing Sound Pitch

20 Musical/Rhythmic Occupations Composers Conductors Singers DJ Producer Musicians Famous People Henry Mancini Paul McCartney Mozart Luciano Pavarotti Igor Stravinsky Leonard Bernstein

21 Intrapersonal Self-reflection “Know Thyself” Journaling Emotional Processing Concentration Focusing

22 Intrapersonal Occupations Psychologist Researcher Elite Athlete Author Philosopher Explorer Famous People Socrates Emily Dickinson Sigmund Freud Marie Montessori Plato

23 Interpersonal Cooperative Groups Collaboration Sensing/Intuiting others feelings Uses feedback Empathy

24 Interpersonal Occupations Teacher Salespeople Social worker Counselor Doctor/Nurse Psychiatrist Famous People Mother Theresa Barbara Walters Mahatma Gandhi Jimmy Carter Larry King

25 Overview Verbal/Linguistic Logical/Mathematical Musical/Rhythmic Naturalist Visual/Spatial Intrapersonal Interpersonal Bodily/Kinesthetic Word smart logic smart music smart classifying smart art smart self smart people smart body smart

26 Career Areas for Multiple Intelligences Interpersonal Intelligence: teacher - therapist - travel agent/counselor business person - chess player child care worker - clergyman - coach community organizer - consumer service advocate counselor - homemaker - mediator - nurse politician - probation officer - psychologist psychotherapist - public relation promoter - receptionist recreation assistant - religious leader - salesperson - waiter/waitress secretary Intrapersonal Intelligence : entrepreneur - consultant - counselor - creative writer guru - leadership trainer - philosopher - psychiatrist psychologist - psychotherapist - researcher - sage self employed people - spiritual counselor - therapist writer

27 Career Areas for Multiple Intelligences Linguistic Intelligence: Lawyer- legal assistant - comedian - editor - historian interpreter - journalist - lawyer - librarian manager - novelist - orator - philosopher playright - poet - politician - proof reader psychotherapist - public speaker public relations person - reporter - sales people secretary - social scientist - story teller supervisor - talk show host - teacher technical writer - translator - writer Logical-mathematical: accountant - bookkeeper - analyst - banker investment broker - lawyer/para-legal biologist - chemist - microbiologist - pharmacist - physician chess player - computer programmer economist - city planner engineer - financial service - inventor mathematician - mechanic/mechanical engineer - technologist programmer - records clerks - researcher scientist - statistician - tax accountant

28 Career Areas for Multiple Intelligences Spatial Intelligence: photographer - graphic designer advertiser - architect - artist - builder - carpenter computer specialist - craftsperson - decorator - dentist draftsperson/drafting engineer - engineer fashion designer - film editor/director furniture restorer - geographer - geometrician industrial design - interior designer - inventor landscape architect/designer - makeup artist Bodily-kinesthetic: acrobat - dancer - aerobic teacher - coach physical education - athlete - ballet dancer actor - actress - drama coach jockey - rodeo rider - equestrian assembler - building trade person carpenter - choreographer - clown massage therapist - gymnast - pianist commercial artist - construction worker - craftsperson juggler - magician - manual laborer mechanic - mime - physical therapist sculptor - stunt people - surgeon - trainer - architect

29 Career Areas for Multiple Intelligences Musical Intelligence: conductor - composer - band member - choir director critic - dancer - disc jockey - figure skater instrumentalist - instrumental instructor music critic - musical performer - music teacher music therapist - professional performer recording technician - rock group - singer - song writer sound engineer - teacher - violinist Naturalist Intelligence: biologist - botanist - chef - environmentalist landscape artist - navigator - park ranger - sailor veterinarian - weather tracking specialist zoo keeper - animal handler - anthropologist - astronomer

30 Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire Recognizing your own learning style involves knowing how your own mind and distinctive talents affect the way you learn. – A True Life Weapon! In what context do YOU learn and function to your fullest capacity with the greatest personal satisfaction?

31 How are they “smart”? Michael Jordan? Wolfgang Mozart? Tiger Woods? Steve Irwin?

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