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We’ve been lied to about our Intelligence!. We’ve been told that our intelligence is fixed and static at birth.

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1 We’ve been lied to about our Intelligence!

2 We’ve been told that our intelligence is fixed and static at birth

3 We’ve been told that our intelligence is equal to our IQ.

4 We’ve been told that there’s nothing we can do about the intelligence we showed up with-- we’re stuck with it and must learn to compensate.

5 So… what is the TRUTH??

6 The truth is that your intelligence grows, expands and changes throughout your entire life.

7 At any age, and at almost any ability level, you can learn to be smarter than you think you are!

8 What is Multiple Intelligences? Meta-intelligence: thinking about and studying the different ways people learn and relate to themselves and others. Multiple Intelligences: nine ways of relating to ideas, to ourselves, and to others; sometimes called the nine ways of being smart

9 Multiple Intelligences Mrs. Hanseling Human Behavior

10 Multiple Intelligence What do you think of when you hear the word smart? According to Howard Gardner, the creator of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, we are “smart” in many different ways!

11 Why study Multiple Intelligence? Help communicate with those around you Help understand yourself better Help choose classes to take in high school Help choose degree to major in Help choose a career

12 Multiple Intelligences Let’s review the 9 types of intelligence.

13 Verbal/Liguistic Verbal/Liguistic Logical/Mathematical Logical/Mathematical Visual/Spacial Visual/Spacial Interpersonal Interpersonal Intrapersonal Intrapersonal Bodily/Kinesthetic Bodily/Kinesthetic Existential Existential Naturalist Naturalist Musical/Rhythmic Musical/Rhythmic

14 Linguistic/Verbal (word smart) Students are word smart when they: –Learn through reading, writing, discussing –Communicate effectively –Have a good vocabulary –Write clearly –Spell easily –Think in words Career: Writer, Comedian, Poet Famous People include William Shakespeare, John Steinbeck, Jane Austin, Emily Dickinson.

15 Logical- Mathematical (math smart) Students are Logic/Math Smart when they: –Think in numbers, patterns and algorithms –Think clearly and analytically –Learn by appeal to logic –Use abstract symbols –Solve logic problems easily –Are good in Math Careers: Mathematician, computer programmer, tax consultant Famous people include Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Marie Currie, Isaac Newton.

16 Spatial/Visual (picture smart) Students are art/space smart when they: –Think in pictures and images –Are good with spatial relations –Have a good eye for detail and color –“See” solutions to problems –Learn through visuals –Like to draw and create Careers: Artist, Architect, Landscape designer Famous people include Georgia O’Keefe, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, M.C. Escher

17 Bodily-Kinesthetic (body smart) Students are Body Smart when they: –Are highly coordinated –Use gestures and body language –Take things apart and fix them –Learn through “hands on” activities –Enjoy acting and role-playing –Enjoy dancing and athletics Career: Athlete, Dancer, Crafter, Carpenter, Sculptor Famous people include Mary Lou Retton, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Monica Seles.

18 Musical (music Smart) Students are Music Smart when they: –Have a good sense of rhythm and melody –Like to sing, hum, chant and rap –Enjoy listening to music –Read and write music –Learn through music and lyrics –Enjoy creating music Career: Composer, DJ, Singer Famous people include Ludwig van Beethoven, Madonna, Louis Armstrong, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

19 Interpersonal (people smart) Students are people smart when they: –Make and maintain friends easily –Understand and respect others –Lead and organize others –Resolve conflicts –Learn by interacting with others –Like to work and be with others Careers: Business person, politcian, counselor, teacher Famous people include Mother Theresa, Winston Churchhill, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy.

20 Intrapersonal (self smart) Students are Self smart when they: –Need time to process information –Think about their own thinking –Have strong opinions and beliefs –Are introspective –Know themselves well –Like quiet time alone Career: Therapist, Researcher Famous people are St. Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud, Confucious, Mohandas Gandhi.

21 Naturalist (nature smart) Students are nature smart when they: –Are aware of their natural surroundings –Discriminate different flora and fauna –Are good at sorting and classifying –Have keen observational skills –Understand natural phenomena –Garden or care for pets or animals Careers: Zoologist, Ecologist Famous people include Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Jane Goodall, Jacques Cousteau, Henry David Thoreau.

22 Existential Students are Existential Smart when they: –Pose questions about life, death and ultimate realities Questions may be… –What was the world like before I was born? –What life might be like on another planet –Where do pets go after they have passed on? –Where animals understand each other –Is there really another Dimension? –Is there the existence of ghosts and spirits? Careers: Philosopher, Professor Famous People include Aristotle, Confucius, Einstein, Emerson, Plato, Socrates.

23 Key Points in Multiple Intelligences Theory Everyone has all 9 intelligences Most can develop all 9 to competence Intelligences usually work together There are many ways to be intelligent in each category.

24 Pair and share Review/Discussion Questions Which intelligence(s) did you score highest in? Do you agree with the result? Which intelligence(s) did you score lowest in? Do you agree with the result? Which classes might you excel in if you used your top intelligence? What type of career could you go into?

25 The End.

26 What does the brain do? –Controls the body –Makes your body work –Learns, processes and stores ideas What are 3 main functions of the brain? –Understanding –Regulate body functions –Make decisions

27 MI What kinds of things will help your brain stay healthy? ExerciseSleep Eat right Treat safely What kinds of things will damage or hurt your brain? Drugs, alcohol, trauma, eating disorders

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