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COLUMBUS FAMILY ACADEMY 8 th Grade Transition to High School.

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1 COLUMBUS FAMILY ACADEMY 8 th Grade Transition to High School

2 Choices for High School  Comprehensive High School (Hillhouse and Wilbur Cross)  Connecticut Vocational Technical High Schools  Magnet High Schools  Private/Parochial High Schools  The Sound School  Aces Educational Center for the Arts  Open Choice

3 Things to consider….. When choosing the best school for you  Attend Open House Dates  Shadow a student at the High School of interest and spend a day there (must be done prior to the first week in March)  Attend Magnet Fairs  Apply to schools that have your interests and likes in mind, not your friends  Speak to students who are attending or have attended the High School you are interested in  Magnet School application deadline is February 14 th, 2014  This decision will affect the next four years of your life and is an important one!!

4 Wilbur Cross and Hillhouse  This is your neighborhood school. Depending on your home address you are either a Wilbur Cross or Hillhouse student  You do not have to apply  The only time you would apply to a comprehensive High School is if you lived outside the parameters of that school. For example; if you were in the district of Hillhouse and wanted to attend Wilbur Cross then you would apply to Wilbur Cross on the magnet application

5 Connecticut Vocational/Technical Schools  Eli Whitney  Platt Technical School  Wilcox Technical School  These schools offer a license in a trade in addition to a traditional High School Diploma  Applications available with Ms. Chisholm  Trades Offered are:  Plumbing and Heating  Carpentry  Hairdressing and Barbering  Culinary Arts  Manufacturing Technology  Electrical  Health Technology  Computer-Aided Drafting and Design  Automotive Technology

6 Magnet Schools

7 Hill Regional Career High School  Career in Allied Health Field or Business and Computer Technology theme  Hours: 7:30am-2:15pm Enrollment: approximately 730 students (largest magnet school)  Latin and keyboarding are a requirement  College Preparatory Curriculum strong Science and Math base  Specialized instruction includes: nursing, banking, economics, finance, information technology, EMT & CNA certification  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities  College Preparatory Curriculum

8 Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School  Arts focused theme  Hours: 7:15am-2:15pm Enrollment: approximately 450 students  Part of each day devoted to student’s chosen art discipline  State of the art facility, new as of 2009  College Preparatory Curriculum  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities  Can only apply to one of the disciplines (dance, creative writing, theatre, visual arts, music- instrumental, vocal music, music-strings)

9 High School in the Community  An academy for Law and Social Justice  Strive to have students as active members in their community and work toward the betterment of New Haven  HSC offers Constitutional Law, Debate & Humanities  Hours: 7:45am-2:30pm Enrollment: approximately 350 Students  College Preparatory Curriculum  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities, as well as community agencies for shadowing and internships  Small community based school environment  Students encouraged to self-advocate and become leaders

10 Hyde School of Health Sciences & Sports Medicine  This is a “Character First” school, with emphasis placed on attitude and effort.  The school’s theme is Health Sciences and Sports Medicine and is focused in terms of a curriculum designed to foster careers in those fields.  College Preparatory Curriculum  Partnerships with local College and Universalities  Hours: 7:55am-2:35pm, Enrollment: approximately 200 students  Affiliated with the Hyde Foundation, whose mission is to prepare youth for life  Hyde is a small community and encourages families to be involved in the students High School career.

11 Metropolitan Business Academy  Business theme featuring business concepts and skills into all areas of learning.  Four career pathways: Health/Science, Law/Political Science, Digital Media & Finance  Hours: 7:44am-2:05pm Enrollment approximately 400 students  New state of the art building as of 2010  Career and business internships and partnerships available  College Preparatory curriculum  Partnerships with local College and Universities  Dress Code is business casual

12 Common Ground  Environmental learning and understanding; focus on active learning through the environment and leadership development  Goal of Common Ground is to create the next generation of environmental leaders  20 acres of land at the base of West Rock used to study organic food production, nature and environment. Common Ground uses New Haven as its classroom  Hours: 8am-2:50pm Enrollment: approximately 150 students (Smallest magnet school)  Family environment, all meals are cooked from the food grown on the campus  College Preparatory Curriculum  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities  Opportunities to participate in paid internships

13 New Haven Academy  Academic theme base, focus on college success and critical thinking; required projects and exhibitions to advance in grade  A rigorous academic program of Math, History, Literature, and Spanish language study that emphasizes hands on learning and critical thinking.  Hours: 8am-2:30pm Enrollment: approximately 200 students  Shadow experiences and internships available  Strong College based Curriculum  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities  A written Life Plan is a requirement of graduation, college is strongly emphasized in this  Social Action Project to help solve a social issue or community problem is required.

14 Riverside Academy  Students should discuss applying to Riverside with Ms. Chisholm prior to choosing this school on their magnet application  Features School to Career Counseling  Individualized course of study based on basic skills assessment  Flexible Hours  Enrollment: 200 students  Successful completion of the program allows for transition back to Comprehensive High School

15 Important Tips  Preference will be given to siblings living in your household  This is a lottery, the process is not first come first serve  Do not list any schools more than once  Only apply to schools of interest, if you do not have three choices that is ok and better to fill in only those of interest  You will be assigned a reference PIN # once your application is received, if you do not receive this see Ms. Chisholm  Once you receive your notification of your acceptance it will be assumed you are attending that school. If you do not wish to attend the High School of acceptance then you must call with your PIN # and decline the placement  If you receive no notice from the Magnet Office by mail then call the office with your PIN # 203-946-7415  You could be put on a waiting list until October of the following year  Students can complete their application online at

16 Timeline  February 3, 2014 Magnet Applications available  February 5, 2014 New Haven Magnet Fair from 6:00- 8:00pm at the New Haven Athletic Center 480 Sherman Parkway.  February 8, 2014 Magnet Fair from 12:00-2:00 at the Hill Regional Career High School - 140 Legion Ave.  March 14, 2014 Application Deadline!  April 9, 2014 Magnet Lottery

17 Private and Parochial Schools  Institutions that require an entrance exam and a tuition is charged  See Ms. Chisholm for guidelines and requirements  Independent Boarding Schools  Taft School  Choate Rosemary Hall  Westover School  Independent Day Schools  Cheshire Academy  Hamden Hall  Hopkins School  Parochial Schools  Lauralton Hall  Notre Dame  Sacred Heart

18 Sound School  Not Part of the Lottery Process  Applications see Ms. Chisholm  Preference is given to early applicants  Focus in Marine or Agriculture Science  Hours: 8:00am-2:30pm Enrollment: approximately 320 students  College Preparatory Curriculum  Partnerships with local Colleges and Universities  Located on the banks of the New Haven Harbor in historic oyster point  Long Island Sound is central to the Sound School curriculum  Fishery on site  Rowing and Sailing are unique sports offered at the Sound School  More information is available on the website:

19 Educational Center for the Arts  Not part of the lottery process. Open House Jan. 31 st at 6:00pm  Performing Arts School  See Ms. Chisholm for applications  Auditions application and recommendation required  Hours: 1-4pm Monday- Thursday (Students can not attend ECA and Coop, Hyde, or Eli Whitney) Enrollment: approximately 290 students  Tuition for out of New Haven student is 4,000.00 a year, tuitions for New Haven students is free  Application d e adline is March 1 st  Honors level curriculum in the arts under the tutelage of practicing professional artists  Academics received at your High School

20 Open Choice  Applications for out of district High School  Applications available with Ms. Chisholm  Must be a New Haven resident  Aces Open Choice (203) 498-6891

21 Pathway to Promise…Think College…..  New Haven Residency  Attend a New Haven Public School  90% Attendance  Community Service  “B” Average over your four years of High School FULL TUITION Asnuntuck CCNorthwestern CT CC Capital CC Norwalk CC Central Connecticut State UniversityQuinebaug Valley CC Charter Oak State CollegeSouthern CT State University Eastern Connecticut State UniversityThree Rivers CC Gateway CCTunxis CC Housatonic CCUniversity of Connecticut Manchester CCWestern CT State University Middlesex CC Naugatuck Valley CC

22 Connecticut Independent Not for Profit College and Universities Tuition gift of 2,500.00 per year  Albertus Magnus College  Connecticut College  Fairfield University  Goodwin College  Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts  Mitchell College  Quinnipiac University  Sacred Heart University  Saint Joseph College  St. Vincent’s College  Trinity College  University of Bridgeport  University of Hartford  University of New Haven  Wesleyan University  Yale University

23 GOOD LUCK!!!!

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