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What’s next for my child?

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1 What’s next for my child?

Mathematics (POTENTIAL BLOCK SCHEDULE) Science Social Studies Electives Art Music Physical Education / Health Spanish

Students and parents will be provided with information related to: Hackensack High School Bergen County Academies, Hackensack Bergen County Technical Schools, Paramus (Full Day / Shared Time) Bergen County Technical High School, Teterboro Parochial Schools Bergen Catholic (boys only), Oradell, NJ Paramus Catholic Hawthorne Christian Academy Academies at Englewood Holy Angels (girls only), Demarest, NJ Immaculate Conception High School, Lodi, NJ Immaculate Heart Academy (girls only), Washington Township, NJ

4 Open Houses Open Houses normally take place in October and November. Applications are usually due by December. Entrance exams generally occur in January. More information will be provided to you once it is made available. Periodically check the school websites for up to date information.

5 Hackensack High School Freshman Academy
The Freshman Academy is designed to help students make a successful transition from middle school to high school. Physically located on the East Wing, grade 9 students are placed in a structured, nurturing environment with a common team of core teachers for their academic classes. Students have several opportunities to take electives outside of the Freshman Academy. Freshman Academy Brochure Freshman Academy Fact Sheet

6 Hackensack High School makes Newsweek’s Top High Schools in America!

7 What if Hackensack High School is not for my child?

8 Bergen County Academies
Free public magnet high school for Bergen County residents located in Hackensack. School offers seven specialized college-preparatory programs in the areas of: Mathematics and Science Engineering and Design Medical Science Business and Finance Culinary Arts & Hospitality Administration Visual and Performing Arts Technology and Computer Science The number of successful candidates for admission is widely thought to hover around 15% of those that apply. A math and English test, as well as an interview by a panel of teachers, is required for admission.

9 Bergen County Technical High School/Paramus
Bergen County Technical High School/Paramus is committed to serving the needs of students with both Full-Time and Shared-Time Programs. FULL DAY PROGRAM Students with Special Needs / IEP Or SHARED-TIME PROGRAM Students without an IEP Attend Hackensack High School half day and BCTHS – Paramus half day Paramus campus provides students with a strong academic and technical foundation to pursue either postsecondary educational opportunities or entrance into the workforce upon graduation. Students learn in classrooms and career-specific technical labs that mirror future academic and professional environments. Programs:

10 Bergen County Technical High School - Teterboro
Free public high school that offers nine specialized programs in: Aerospace Engineering Automotive Engineering and Design Commercial Art and Graphic Design Computer Science Culinology Digital Media Arts Fashion Art Design and Merchandising Law and Justice Strategic Asset Management Yields a 100% graduation rate, along with 100% of graduates attending colleges or universities.

11 Parochial Schools What about the COOP Exam?
The Cooperative Admissions Examination is an assessment strategy designed to enable the student's high school admissions program of choice to measure the growth and achievement of the student, to date, and develop an accurate understanding of the student's growth over time. The fee of the examination is a non-refundable $60.00. The purpose of the examination is to provide objective information about eighth grade students applying to the Catholic High School admissions program of their choice. The examination measures academic achievement in reading, language, and mathematics and contains additional material to assess academic aptitude and memory. Catholic High Schools also utilize effort and performance ratings from grades 6, 7, and 8, as well as previous standardized test results. A Student Handbook providing a full description of the examination and instructions for filling out the application form and a Sample Test booklet will be available to each applicant. The Ninth Grade Applicant Record form can be downloaded from

12 Please check the website for frequently updated High School Information

13 Questions? Concerns? Miss Siliato at or reach her by phone at ext. 124.

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