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Success Is a Matter of Choices!. Coach Duensing returns for her 5th season as head coach for girls cross country team. Philosophically, she believes in.

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1 Success Is a Matter of Choices!

2 Coach Duensing returns for her 5th season as head coach for girls cross country team. Philosophically, she believes in building individuals for success on and off the race course. During her tenure the lady Nighthawks won the 2010 CIF Division IV title and were the 2012 Valley League Champions. Coach Duensing holds aBachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University, and a Masters Degree in Teaching. Coach Jenessa Rose returns for her 2 nd season as assistant coach for Cross Country and Track. Coach Jenessa is instrumental in mentoring our athletes for competition in high school and beyond. She brings a wealth of experience and success at both the high school and collegiate level. At St. Bonaventure H.S. Jenessa competed in cross country, soccer, and track. She finished 6 th in 2007 CIF Cross Country Championships. She attended the University of San Diego, running both XC & Track. She holds the USD record of 4:40 for the 1500m. She competed in the NCAA West Regionals all four years.

3 . Coach Jacobs returns for his 4th season for Cross Country and Del Norte Track. A Vista High school graduate, Jacobs was a 4 year varsity letterman in both Cross Country and Track. In Cross Country he earned 1st Team All League honors in 2003 and 2004 as well as 1st Team All CIF Honors in 2003 with a 5th place finish at CIF finals. He attended University of San Diego, a NCAA Division 1 school on athletic and academic scholarships. He earned 1st Team All Conference Honors in the West Coast Conference in 2007 and 2008. He competed in the NCAA West Regional all four years. Chris graduated from USD in December 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

4 AGENDA ITEMS 1.Coaches -Email / Coaches Contact 2.Administrative Team 3.Team Documents 4.Money Matters 5.Fundraisers 6.Pasta Party Sign-Ups 7.Volunteers 8. State Meet 9. Banquet 10. Health & Nutrition 11. TO DO LIST! 12. Athlete Documents to download!

5 ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Head Coach Girls – Dorra Duensing – Contact: 619-246-9592 Head Coach Boys – Chris Jacobs – Contact: 760-917-8468 Assistant Coach – Jenessa Rose Athletic Supporting Staff: Athletic Trainer – Denae Carrick – 487-0877 x. 6156 Athletic Assistant – Teri Johns – 487-0877 x.6318 Athletic Director – Mike Giaime – 487-0877 x.6320

6 Athlete Documents Athletic Documents Required: – Team Rules – Team Lettering Criteria – Del Norte Athletic Expectations – Del Norte Athletics Spectator Code of Conduct – Transportation Form – Athlete Sponsor Form

7 Money Matters – Really! ALL TEAMs MUST FUNDRAISE – no school funding “Athletes are not required to pay to play” The School District provides funding for Head Coach Stipend. All other funding for program must be raised through donations and sponsors. Estimated Budget for 2014 - $10,000.00 est. See Budget –Invitational fees, uniforms, travel expenses, assistance coach stipends, awards

8 2014 Cross Country Budget Estimated Program Budget: 1. Invitational Fees$ 1500.00 2. Leagues & CIF Fees/expenses 300.00 3. Uniforms (replace Varsity) 1500.00 4. State Meet Expenses(estimate) *2500.00 5. Assistant Coach Stipend 2000.00 6. Team Shirts & Sweatshirts 2140.00 7. Team Banquet & Awards 700.00 8. Miscellaneous costs (rewards, recognitions) 200.00 TOTAL ESTIMATED BUDGET 2012$10,840.00 FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS & GOALS 1. Athlete Pledge Sheets: Goal: 150.00 x 60 = $ 9,000.00 2. Summer Fund Raiser $ 1,100.00 TOTAL ESTIMATED FUND RAISING GOAL: $10,100.00 Budget Cuts if Goals not met: Cut Uniform budget Cut Invite Races Cut spirit wear budget

9 Fundraisers “Athletes are not required to pay to play” Transportation Donation - $65.00 per athlete Sponsoring an Athlete - – $150 – $200 donation will help pay program costs for 1 athlete for the season. – Athlete sponsor sheets – Additional fundraisers if needed

10 Spirit Wear Logos – T & Sweatshirt

11 Nighthawks XC Spirit Wear Items that are available for order or purchase: Parents Purchase Spirit wear T-shirt $15.00 Sweatshirt $25.00 Athletes May purchase: Warm-ups$ 85.00 (set) Girls Spandex$20.00 Extra T-shirts$15.00 Submit Order form with Check by 8/26/14

12 Recap Funds Transportation Donation = $ 65.00 Sponsor Athlete Donation = $150.00 –200.00 All ATHLETES will receive T-shirt and Sweatshirt. There is an order form: – If parents or sponsors want to order spirit wear – If Athletes want to purchase, warm-ups, spandex, or extra spirit wear

13 Pasta Parties Team building Event Hosts provides Location Co-hosts assists with Pasta Preparation/Cooking Athletes bring Breads, Salads, Drinks & Desserts Sign-up Dates:

14 PARENT VOLUNTEERS Coordinate Fundraisers League Meets & CIF MEET– course volunteers Team Banquet – coordinate site & food – Dates December 8 th – 13 th ideal Photography – pictures from meets & events Pasta Party Hosts Other – coordinate spirit wear, summer camp, fundraisers (if needed), etc.

15 STATE MEET Nov. 29th Team Hotel – Reserved Athletes travel w/ Team/ rooms reserved Varsity Athletes – Must Qualify at CIF – Top 3 Teams, Top 10 Individuals – Only 7 may compete (travel with 8) Practices will be during Thanksgiving week & day if we qualify – plan accordingly Limited Rooms – Reserve or wait list now and be sure they allow cancellation if we do not make it.

16 Footlocker Western Regionals December 6 th, 2014 Optional Meet – SHOWCASE MEET Varsity Athletes may want to register and race – (unless playing on a winter season team) Register as Individual: If considering – see coaches for info packet

17 Banquet Week December (possible dates) Need a Location to hold about 150+ people Limited to $0 Budget – if possible- prefer not put costs to families Potluck – Dessert/appetizers/beverages If you can assist with a location, supplies, or hands to help set-up, please sign up Banquet Coordinator – Joy DeKalb

18 Athlete Documents Review Schedules – Meets & Practice Review Team Expectations & Lettering Requirements Sign and Return docs by Monday – 8/25/14 First Meet Saturday 8/30/14 - – Vaquero Stampede, Lindo Lake, Lakeside, CA.

19 Athlete TO DO List! General Email: 1. Email: Subject: Athlete Name Body: include all emails to receive team notices 2.Team Schedule – Print 2 copies – 1 for binder & home 3.Practice Calendars - Print 2 copies – 1 for binder & home 4.Team Rules & Expectations – Print, Sign & Return to coach 5.Varsity Letter Requirements - Print, Sign & Return to coach 6.Del Norte Athletes Expectations 7.Del Norte Spectator Code of conduct 8.Athlete Fundraising &Transportation Forms & Spirit Wear All items Due by AUGUST 26th – Turn in sooner but not later!

20 Good Nutrition = Good Performance – Athletes need adequate nutrition to perform academically and athletically – Need snacks & meals to contain 3:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio – Protein/Carbohydrate ratio ideal for recovery & repair – Protein daily requirement 1.2g/kg body wt – Complex Carbohydrate needed to fuel endurance – Simple carbohydrate spikes increase insulin & inflamatory response & inhibit performance

21 Nutrition - Protein Protein utilization is limited by vitamin & mineral intake Excess Protein not utilized will tax Kidney function to eliminate Proteins must supply 9 essential amino acids – complete proteins (vegetarians must be vigilant) Protein synthesis in body requires vitamins & minerals Thus adequate intake of Whole Fruits & Vegetables required to supply vitamins & minerals

22 Nutrition - Calcium Calicum Regulates – heart function, blood pressure, muscle contraction, bone growth & repair, teeth structure Adequate intake of CALCIUM is imperative Athletes need in excess of 1300 mg per day – ideal 1800 mg Dietary sources include – – low fat/non milk is highest absorbable source (ratio w/ Vit D) – low/non fat dairy cheese/yogurt, tofu, boney fish, broccoli, bok choy, almonds, powdered milk (use as additive)

23 Nutrition – Iron Iron needs increase for adolescent boys & girls Iron helps accept, carry, and release oxygen in blood, cells, and muscles Iron deficiencies are more common in females – esp cross country athletes Iron supplements –Ferrous Sulphate well absorbed if taken between meals or at bed time WARNING – excess dosing/supplementation is dangerous Iron supplement doses should be monitored by physician Dietary Intake is imperative & ideal Sources: Lean Red Meats, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs, legumes, dried fruits

24 ATHLETE’S PANTRY Sample Protein: meat jerky, tuna, peanut butter, nutella, lean meats, eggs, tofu, legumes, almonds, walnuts Dairy products – non/low fat milk, cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, Soy milk, Almond Milk Vegetables: Spinach, Broccolli, Bell Peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, etc Fruits – Bananas, apples, peaches, berries, mellons, pitted fruits (sparingly), etc Carbohydrate: whole wheat pasta, brown rice, steel cut oats, quinoa, coucous, cream a wheat, cereals, flat breads, tortillas, saltine crackers

25 Athletes Kitchen Make food accessible to pack for meals & snacks Vegetable & Fruit bags – cut-up & package weeks worth in snack size baggies for grab & go lunches & snacks Trail mix – make with almonds, craisins, dark cholate chips, cereal, dried fruit – package 7 baggies for grab & go Proteins – boiled eggs, jerky, tuna snack packs, peanut butter or nutella packs, bean salads can be packaged for grab & go Spinach – add it to everything, in casseroles, pastas, salads, salads. Toss w/ lemon juice to preserve & increase Iron intake Fruits – also combine high fiber fruits w/pitted fruits – apples & berries, berries & bananas, melons & grapes, etc Be Creative –have food handy & transportable to make healthy eating an easy option.


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