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National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Info Meeting May 5, 2010.

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1 National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Info Meeting May 5, 2010

2 The Summit of Professionalism  National Board certification is a comprehensive professional growth experience based on rigorous national standards of teaching excellence.  More than 82,000 teachers have certified since 1987.  A host of benefits and recognitions await teachers who achieve this goal.

3 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

4 NBCT & our commitment to student achievement  The Simpson County Schools is committed to advancing student achievement through outstanding teaching.  NBCT represents the kind of self- reflection, professionalism and on-going excellence in teaching practice that our district highly values.

5 NBCT Overview  25 areas of certification in 16 subject areas 25 areas of certification in 16 subject areas 25 areas of certification in 16 subject areas  Professional portfolio with four entries – due by March 30, 2011 Professional portfolio Professional portfolio  Optional Jump Start program (June 2010) – completes one of the four entries  Written assessment w/ multiple exercises (by end of June 2011) assessment  Mentoring throughout for full-certification candidates

6 NBCT Overview, continued  Scores will be reported in November 2011, with benefits for certifiers retroactive to July 2011.  If you don’t certify the first year, you have two more years to retake entries or assessments (at additional cost).  Certification is valid for about ten years and then can be renewed.

7 Eligibility  Bachelor’s degree  Three years teaching experience (for full certification candidates; Take One candidates may include 0-2 years experience)  Certified in the area you wish to pursue for national certification

8 Benefits  $2,000 annual salary stipend from state as long as you teach in your certification area or mentor in your certification area (must renew your certification each 10 years)  Additional state stipend for mentoring  $2,000 annual bonus from district as long as you maintain certification and work in an instructional role (including administrative)  Rank I status if you hold a Master’s degree

9 Supports  Mentoring at no cost  Payroll deduction option (up to 12 months) for fee payment  Take One available at no cost as long as you submit the portfolio entry

10 More Supports  Most candidates are eligible for a federal subsidy of $1,250 toward certification fees and a state stipend of $400  State reimburses 75% of certification costs (up to $1,850)

11 Fees  $65 processing fee  $400 JumpStart (optional, but highly recommended) through WKU  $500 initial fee  $2,000 certification fee  Subsidies, stipends, and reimbursements available

12 Take One  Take One program – just one portfolio entry (pre-selected by NBPTS), due April 15, 2011; scores are banked three years. Take One program Take One program  Thanks to an NBPTS grant and district support, there are no fees for Take One as long as you submit an entry.  Mentoring for Take One candidates throughout the process.

13 Timetables  You may register for NBCT now ($65 up front processing fee for full candidates), up until December 31, 2010 register  You may download the portfolio instructions, rubrics, etc., immediately and begin working  JumpStart (June 2010) JumpStart

14 Timetables, continued  Cohorts for Take One and NBCT will meet for mentoring through the fall and spring  Portfolio entries are due March 30, 2011 for full certification candidates and April 15, 2011 for Take One candidates  Scores are reported around November 2011

15 Next Steps 1.Decide on your certificate area 2.Decide on Take One or full candidacy 3.Register online ($65) for full candidacy, then notify Gary, OR 4.Contact Gary to register for Take One 5.Download standards, portfolio instructions, etc.

16 Next steps, continued  Pay $500 certification fee to make yourself eligible for federal subsidy (and notify Gary again when you do).  Pay remaining fees by December 31, 2009.  Consider payroll deduction option, if needed.

17 Websites  NBPTS website:  Certification areas: fields_of_certification fields_of_certification fields_of_certification  Portfolio:  Assessment at a Glance: choosing_the_right_certi choosing_the_right_certi choosing_the_right_certi  Take One:

18 Websites, continued  Online registration: e/apply_now1 e/apply_now1 e/apply_now1  JumpStart :

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