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Newly Revised National Board Certification Illinois NBPTS Comprehensive Support System NBCT Presenter: Location: Date:

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1 Newly Revised National Board Certification Illinois NBPTS Comprehensive Support System NBCT Presenter: Location: Date: http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu1

2 What is National Board? “National Board Certified Teachers have demonstrated that they have met the profession’s highest standards for accomplished practice through a rigorous, performance-based, peer-review process.” NBPTS 2013 http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu2

3 National Board For Professional Teaching Standards NBPTS Responds to Teachers http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu3

4 NBPTS Revises the Process! To meet the goal to improve education for all students. To incorporate the latest research on best practices. To remove barriers for teachers to seek National Board Certification. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu4

5 Efficiency Maintain the same level of rigor while submitting four components! http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu5

6 Affordability Total cost will decrease from $2,500 to $1,900 for the four components. The Illinois State Board of Education will pay the $1,900 cost of all four components. Candidates pay the $75 assessment application fee at the beginning of each cycle (year). http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu6

7 What Will Be The Same? NBPTS Standards, Five Core Propositions, Rubrics, and Architecture of Accomplished Teaching Writing Responses to Questions Videotaping Student Work Assessment Center Peer Scorers Content Knowledge Commitment to Student Learning http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu7

8 Eligibility Requirements A valid Illinois teaching license A bachelor’s degree Three years teaching experience Currently teaching or can borrow a classroom http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu8

9 Five Core Propositions Teachers are committed to students and their learning. Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. Teachers are members of learning communities. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu9

10 Enhanced Architecture of Accomplished Teaching http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu10 START HERE: ASSESSMENT OF STUDENTS Who are they? Where are they now? What do they need and when do they need it? Where should I begin? Set high, worthwhile goals appropriate for these students, at this time, in this setting. Design and implement instruction designed to attain these goals. Evaluate student learning in light of the goals and the instruction. Provide timely, meaningful feedback to students about their level of accomplishment of the targeted goals. Reflect on student learning, the effectiveness of instructional design, particular concerns and issues. Set new high and worthwhile goals that are appropriate for these students at this time.

11 25 Certificates Are Offered Student Age-Ranges Early Childhood 3-8 years old (EC) Middle Childhood 7-12 years old (MC) Early Adolescence 11-15 years old (EA) Young Adulthood 14-18 years old School Counseling/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood Subject Areas Linked to the Illinois Content Area Teaching Standards http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu11

12 What is Different? Four Components to the Process Component 1. Content Knowledge Component 2. Differentiation in Instruction Component 3. Teaching Practice and Classroom Environment Component 4. Effective and Reflective Practitioner http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu12

13 NBPTS Roll Out Over Time Application will be available in Spring 2014. All components will not be available immediately. NBPTS will develop and offer the four components over the next three years. Candidates applying in this cycle, 2014-2015, will complete the process in three years. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu13

14 Availability of Components Components Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4 School Year Available 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu14

15 Illinois State Board of Education ISBE Responds to Teachers! http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu15

16 Illinois Financial Support The total costs of NB certification will be $1,900 which includes the four components being rolled out by NBPTS over the course of the three year revision cycle. ISBE will pay the $1,900 directly to NBPTS which will cover the costs of all four of the components to be completed during the three years. Note: This is the first year that ISBE is paying the full costs of candidacy and cannot guarantee that the total cost will be paid during future application cycles. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu16

17 National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University The NBRC Responds to Teachers! http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu17

18 NBRC Candidate Support Processes IL Candidate Fee Subsidy Applications. Offers website resources for candidates. Manages candidate support. Provides face-to-face candidate support and virtual candidate support. Supports Regional Coordinators to arrange and support mentors, cohorts, and NBCT training throughout Illinois. http/www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu18

19 Why National Board? http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu19

20 Benefits of Just Completing the NBPTS Process... The process enhances reflective/analytical thinking about instructional practice and its impact on student learning. Most NBCTs and candidates say it is the best professional development experience they ever had. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu20

21 NBC is More Than Just Recognition Teachers demonstrate that they meet high and rigorous teaching standards. Our profession benefits from every achievement: Developing a common language of accomplished teaching Identifying accomplished teachers Raising the public’s perception of educators The five core propositions are becoming embedded in: Teacher preparation programs Continuing professional development for teachers Teacher daily reflective thinking http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu21

22 Benefits of Becoming an NBCT... Illinois Law offers: Illinois Master Teacher Designation followed by the area of National Board Certification. Fulfills continuing professional development requirements for 5 years. Only avenue to become a Master Teacher in Illinois. Illinois detailed information - Through NBPTS and ACE: 9 hours of ACE graduate credit in education. Specific to School District: Contact your school district for information for district benefits (lane change, stipend, leadership roles, etc.) Credits must be accepted by an accredited university in order to count towards an advanced degree or by a school district for salary lane movement.) http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu22

23 Professional Educators License- National Board Certification Beginning on July 1, 2013, the master certificate was issued as an NBPTS designation titled “Master Teacher” followed by the area of the certification achieved via NBPTS. The National Board “Master Teacher” designation will renew automatically after five years allowing for a ten year renewal cycle. More information on the ISBE website: http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu23

24 National Board Certification in Illinois http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu24

25 Growth of ILLINOIS NBCTs http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu25 Year#NBCTs 19944 19957 199611 199717 199837 199990 2000188 2001352 2002575 2003829 20041,240 20051,566 20061,988 20072,492 20083,191 20093,923 20104,692 20115,153 20125,582 20135,842

26 Professional Educator License Professional Educator License Self-contained elementary, content-area endorsements, special education, administrative and school service personnel endorsements along with appropriate grade levels will be placed on a professional educator license or an educator license with stipulations. A National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) designation will appear on the teaching license as a “Master Teacher” designation. Note: ISBE made significant rule changes to the Illinois Licensing System when implementation of Public Act 097-0607 became effective on July 1, 2013. Note: ISBE is making significant rule changes to the Illinois Licensing System under the implementation of Public Act 097-0607 becomes effective. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu26

27 What Support is Available to Illinois Candidates? http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu27

28 Eligible for State Funding Be a teacher or counselor. Teach in an Illinois public school. Hold a valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL). Hold a valid Illinois Educator Identification License Number (IEIN). Be a first time applicant who has not used the Illinois NB fee subsidy in past years. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu28

29 Three Resources for Support 1.National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Manages the National Board Assessment System. 2. National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Illinois State University Processes the applications for the IL Candidate Fee Subsidy. Offers website resources for candidates. Manages candidate support (current). Provides face to face candidate support, virtual candidate support, and Regional Coordinators to oversee and manage regions (current). 3.ISU Graduate Course, SIU-E Graduate Course Availability dependent on numbers registered for the course. 4.Voluntary NBCT-led Candidate Support NBCTs may volunteer to set up cohorts or individually mentor candidates. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu29

30 Additional Candidate Support An increasing number of districts have contractual stipends for NBCTs. In those districts the emphasis may be on the district support. NBCTs can recruit candidates from these districts and work with administrators to set up candidate support cohorts or individual NBCT mentoring. Visit the NBRC website for administrator resources. Individual NBCTs may recruit and commit to support one or two candidates. Individual NBCTs may recruit teachers in a grade level or department. Groups of NBCTs in a school or district may collaborate to recruit and support groups of candidates in the school or district. NBCTs may reach out of their school or district to recruit and support teachers. ROEs have a history of supporting regional candidates. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu30

31 What Do I Do Next? 1.Make the commitment. 2.Familiarize yourself with your state and local application requirements at the NBRC at ISU website. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu 31

32 Priority for Illinois Funding In the event there are more applications than available funding, the state will prioritize applications on a first come, first serve basis for teachers who meet one of these qualifications: Teach in an AEWS School. Teach in a AWS School. Teach in a school with 50% or more students on free or reduced lunch. Note: Those who do NOT meet the criteria will be placed on a WAITING LIST. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu32

33 What is the Criteria for the Priority? Teachers and counselors who submit an application by June2, 2014, will be reviewed and approved on a first come, first serve basis with priority given in phases: Phase 1: Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be approved on a first come, first serve basis until June 2, 2014. Phase 2: In the event there is funding available after June 2, 2014, applicants on the waiting list will be approved on a first come, first serve basis beginning on June 3, 2014. http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu33

34 How to Apply for State Funding The 2014 Window for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy opened on February 21, 2014 for a limited number of First-Time Illinois Candidates! Details about the Application Process February 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM - June 2, 2014 at 4:00 PM Step 1: Visit the Homepage of the NBRC at Illinois State University.NBRC Step 2: Follow the directions on the button— Candidate Support 2014-2015 Cycle ►. Candidate Support 2014-2015 Cycle ► http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu34

35 Available Links Available Links at 10:00 AM on February 21, 2014 Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy Application is ONLINE! Revisions to the National Board Certification Details about the Application Criteria for Priority Practice Application Online Application Approved List for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy: My Profile on NBPTS http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu35

36 Illinois Application Resources Resources Found in Practice Application on NBRC WebsitePractice Application NBRC Academic Early Warning Lists and Academic Watch Lists 50% or More Students on Free or Reduced-Priced Lunch Program Schools NBPTS Teaching Certificate Abbreviation School RCDTS Codes Illinois Educator Identification License (PEL) http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu36

37 NBPTS Resources NBPTS Website NBPTS Candidate Center RevisionsCandidate Center NBPTS Candidate ProfileCandidate Profile http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu37

38 Illinois Resources  NBRC at ISU website  ISBE website http://www.nbrc.illinoisstate.edu38

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