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2 Aswell Peter Eller Born November 21 st 1834 Died July 5 th 1906 Pictured on the left with his brother Hansford

3 Married Nancy Dixon On October 21 st, 1857 (Some records say the 22 nd )  There is no information on the date of Nancy’s birth but she died on January 2 nd 1879. There are also different spellings of her last name but I will go by the spelling as in the family Bible and not Dixson or Dickson.

4 Aswell and Nancy had a total of nine children.  The first was Milton Lafayette in 1858. He died in 1859 as an infant.  Their second was Ludemy Isabella in 1859.  The third child was Victoria Adelade in 1861.

5 The complete list of their 9 children and the different spellings of their names through my research.  Milton Lafayette Eller 1858-1859  Ludemy Isabella Eller (1859-1944) in the family Bible. Isabella in the 1860 census 8 months old, Ludeema in the 1870 census other names include Irabella, Ladeema or Ludemy Married Dr Manley Blevins  Victoria Adelade 1861-1934? or 1935? or Addie Eller Married James Vannoy  Mary C. Eller 1866-1899 Married Henry Campbell but original Descendants of George Michael Eller says married a Dr Bevins (Blevins) Had 7 children, 5 boys, 2 girls  William Hansford Eller 1868-1931 Lived in Cripple Creek in early 1900’s Went by Willis, Willie or Bill

6 Aswell and Nancy Eller Children continued  James Luke Eller 1870-1949 Married Mary Bertha Thorpe on 25-AUG-1909 Went by Jim and lived in Cripple Creek as well  Sarah A. Eller (Sally) 1872-? Married Jacob Eller  Ennis Eller (Eunice) 1874-? Married Obe Hayes had 2 daughters. Had a son named Bob Eller prior to marriage who was raised by Lula Eller, her younger ½ sister, daughter of Aswell and Mary Ann  Elizabeth E. Eller or Lizzie 1876-? Married Blaine Brooks Had 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy Jim Eller

7 The 1860 Census  The 1860 Census has Aswell listed as 25 years old and living next to his father Luke. It is assumed that Luke gave Aswell some of the land that had been passed down to him from Jacob.

8 The Civil War 1861-1865  Aswell’s first record of the Civil War is as enlisting on July 8 th, 1862 in the Confederacy and then mustering in on August 17 th, 1862.

9 Aswell’s Civil War Records  Aswell’s Civil War records as found in the Historical Data base

10 Historical Data Base Record  Enlisted on July 8 th, 1862 at Ashe County, NC as a 1 st SGT with his 21 yr old brother Hansford who was a PVT  Mustered into “D” Co. NC 5 th Battalion Cavalry  Was reduced from 1 st SGT to SGT around January 31 st, 1863  Was transferred out on August 3 rd 1863 into “B” Co. NC 6 th Cavalry (no date, method of discharge or place stated). Hansford was transferred the same day as well but was listed as AWOL  Aswell was listed as Deserted on June 29 th, 1863 at Big Creek Gap TN and again on September 12 th, 1863 in Dalton GA and returned on September 30 th, 1863 at an unknown location. Hansford was listed as Deserted on July 23 rd, 1863 from Knoxville TN  Aswell was reduced from SGT to PVT around December 31 st, 1863  Aswell was listed as being on the Rolls on November 30 th, 1864 at an unknown location. This is the last known date of his Civil War record

11 Battles fought by the 5 th Cavalry Battalion NC  Nov 8 th 1862 Big Gap Creek TN  April 6 th 1863 Roger’s Gap TN  June 9 th 1863 Brandy Station VA  June 19 th 1863 Big Creek Gap TN and Wattsburg TN  June 20 th 1863 Big Creek Gap TN and Hawkins County KY  June 22 nd 1863 Wilson County NC and Wilson’s Gap TN  (June 29th Aswell deserts from Big Creek Gap TN)  (July 23 rd Hansford deserts in Knoxville TN)  July 30 th 1863 Big Hill KY  July 31 st 1863 Bill Hill and Irvine KY  August 1 st 1863 Big Hill KY, Cumberland River KY, Richmond VA, Stanford KY and Wildcat KY  (Sept 12 th Aswell deserts in Dalton GA and returns on Sept 30 th )  Sept 20 th 1863 Chickamauga GA

12 Civil War Concluded  Union losses at Brandy Station were 81 killed, 403 wounded and 382 captured or missing Confederate losses were 51 killed, 250 wounded and 132 missing and over 200 captured  Union losses at Chickamauga were 1,657 killed, 9,756 wounded and 4,757 missing Confederate losses were 2,389 killed, 13,412 wounded and 2,003 missing When Aswell joined the Confederacy he had two daughters Ludemy who wasn’t even 3 yet and Victoria who was about 8 months old. Aswell and Nancy didn’t have any more children until the spring of 1866 when Mary was born.

13 Ashe County NC Slavery and the Eller’s  Total Persons (or population) calculated: 978  Total Free White Persons including Heads of Families: 839  Total Persons with the name of Eller: 44  Total Free Colored Persons: 28  Total Slaves: 111  Percent of total Free Colored Persons: 3%  Percent of total Slaves: 11.3%  Percent of Eller’s: 4.5%  Percent of Eller’s with Slaves and Free Colored Persons: 0%  86% of population was White and 14.2% was Colored and or a Slave

14 1870 Census  Aswell’s family after the war in Hilton Township Ashe County NC and photo of his younger brother Joseph and his children? Back Kirby Luke and Lulu Eller, John and Nancy Eller Welch, Reese and Mary Eller Graybeal Front Joseph L. & Betty Kirby Eller, Robert Eller and Millare Hansford Eller Photo appeared in Eller Chronicles May 1994

15 1880 Census  January 2 nd 1879 Nancy Dixon passes on  In May of 1843 Mary Ann Burkett is born to Daniel Burkett and Nancy Catherine Johnston. She is one of 10 children, 7 girls and 3 boys. In August of 1866 she marries Hugh C. Turner in Ashe County. They have 3 sons, Daniel Winston Turner 1869- 1955, William Walter Turner 1873-1946 and John Andrew Turner 1875-1955 who are all my ½ great uncles.  A. P. Eller and Mary Ann (Burkett) Turner were married 3-JUL- 1879 they had 3 children.  The 1880 Census has all 8 children living at home and Daniel, William and John as A.P. step sons.  Mary Ann must have been pregnant with Rosa at the time who was born in 1880

16 A.P. Eller and Mary Ann’ Kids  Rosa Eller 1880-1950 Married Jerry Vardiman  Lula Ann Eller 1882-1961 Married James Nichols and had 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. Also raised Bob Eller, son of Eunice or Ennis, her ½ sister.  Cleveland Arthur (or Ashland) Eller 8-FEB- 1885 and died 7-FEB-1927 Married Carrie Johanna (Hansen) Eller 1-JAN-1917 and had 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys.

17 Aswell Peter Eller passes on July 5 th 1906  A letter from Aswell to his three sons, William, James and Cleveland Dated May 20 th, 1905 is the last we know.  Mary Ann Eller files for Widow’s Pension in Bannock Idaho

18 Cleveland Arthur or Ashland Eller  Born to Aswell Peter and Mary Ann Eller February 8 th, 1885 in Ashe County NC. He is the last and youngest child of both Aswell and Mary Ann

19 The Early Years  Not much is known of Cleveland Eller including his middle name  In his late teens or early twenties he left for Cripple Creek Colorado with his two older ½ brothers, William and James  It is unclear what year he went but a letter from Aswell to the sons confirms their safe arrival to Victor in the spring of 1905

20 The Early Years Continued  It is assumed William went out in the early 1900’s and James and Cleve followed  William owned the “Last Chance Saloon” in Victor Colorado  James owned the tobacco store on the same block which also sold candy  Victor city records confirm Cleve tended bar  William was blinded in a mining accident and moved to Denver to still run a grocery store, he died in Virginia in 1931 while on vacation. He never married.  James married Mary Bertha Thorpe in 1909, presumably in Colorado. He later returned to Ashe County and passed away in 1949

21 Cripple Creek and Victor Colorado

22 Carrie Johanna Hansen or Hanson  Born in Racine WI on August 14 th 1885

23 Cleveland and Carrie Eller Married on January 1 st, 1917  Cleve and Carrie met in Colo in 1916 and went to Rochester Montana

24 Rochester Montana

25 The Saturday Night Mine

26 Rochester Montana  In November of 1918 Cleve and Carrie had their first child, Eugene  In 1920 Mary was born and in 1922 Betty Carrie, Lena (a Native American girl they adopted) Betty, Gene and Cleve

27 Rochester Montana Carrie Betty Gene Cleve Top Right Mary Mary Ann and Cleve (his mother) 1917

28 Rochester Montana?  Mary Ann was in Pocatello Idaho in 1909 because that is where she filed for her Widow’s Pension. Cleve, Bill and Jim were in Cripple Creek during this time. It is speculated that she was with one of or her other sons, the Turners. It is also speculated that that is how Cleve and Carrie ended up in Rochester Gulch MT and how Mary Ann ended up living with them.

29 Tennessee Ridge  In 1922 shortly after Betty was born, Cleve and Carrie moved to Tennessee  It is speculated that the gold ran out and Carrie’s father, John Hansen, was raising sheep in Tennessee and needed Cleve’s help  In 1925 their 4 th child was born, Mabel

30 Tennessee Ridge

31  In December of 1926 my father, Glenn was born

32 Cleveland Eller passes on  Not even two months after Glenn was born Cleveland passed away on February 7 th, 1927  It is speculated he died of a heart attack  Carrie was left with a new born and 4 more young ones to raise on her own  She worked as hard as she could and sold the family’s assets, like equipment and livestock  She got some help from her father, John but he passed away in 1929, he was found in a ravine between her house and his. It is speculated he was murdered.  She sent Gene and Mary to family friends and eventually got some help from Thomas Agy

33 End of an Era  Carrie passed on in April of 1943, it is speculated from tuberculosis but not certain  Cleveland and Carrie are buried together in Tennessee Ridge TN

34 Conclusion?  The only two remaining children of Cleveland and Carrie Eller are Betty and Glenn (My father passed shortly after this presentation on July 31 st, 2009) Above: Early 80’s All together Left: Early 70’s

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