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Frederick Douglass By Lucero Perez Ms.Marshall GATE Walter W. Stiern 2009-2010.

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1 Frederick Douglass By Lucero Perez Ms.Marshall GATE Walter W. Stiern 2009-2010

2 Frederick Douglass Birth Frederick Douglass was born in a slave cabin on February 14,1818 near the town of Eastern Shore of Maryland. Son of Harriet Bailey and a white man rumored to be his master. After a few weeks old he was separated from his mother and raised by his Grandparents. Details

3 Childhood Around the age of 6 his grandma took him to the plantation of his now master and left him there. When he was 8 he was sent to Baltimore to live as a houseboy with Sophia and Hugh Auld relatives of his master. Details

4 Childhood After a short time period his new mistress taught him the alphabet Her husband wouldn’t allow her to continue because it was unlawful to teach slaves how to read. Frederick would then exchange his food for reading and writing lessons with the neighborhood boys. Details

5 The Escape Frederick Douglass first tried to escape in 1836 then was imprisoned for being discovered His final escape in 1838 was successful After he escaped he moved to New York and married his wife Anna Murray Ethics

6 Wife #1 Frederick Douglass met his wife Anna Murray at a shipyard in Baltimore, she was a free slave He later then married her in New York after he escaped in 1838 Anna Murray died of a stroke on August 4, 1882 at the age of 69 years old. Details

7 Wife #2 After the death of his first wife he later then remarried Helen Pitts a white women on January 24,1884 Helen Pitts was a secretary for the woman's Rights She later then passed away in 1903. Details

8 The Children Frederick Douglass had 5 children 4 of whom lived to adulthood. In 1839 his first daughter Rosetta was born In 1840 Son Lewis Henry is born In 1842 Son Frederick Douglass, Jr. is born In 1844 Son Charles Remond is born In 1849 Frederick Douglass last daughter Annie Douglass was born then later at the age of 11 she died on 1859 Details

9 The North Star After Frederick Douglass escaped he became an abolitionist. He made a newspaper called the North Star on December 3,1847 in Rochester New York It was used not only to denounce slavery but also for women's rights He later then changed the name from the North Star to Frederick Douglass’ Paper Details

10 His Life as an Abolitionist In 1839 on June 24 Frederick Douglass became a license preacher for the African America Church In 1841 Douglass became a lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society and travels to the east and Midwest lecturing against slavery He Publishes his book The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass: An American slave Details

11 Life of an Abolitionist part 2 In 1877 Frederick Douglass is appointed the U.S. Marshall by President Hayes Douglass publishes his third and final The life and times of Frederick Douglass in 1881. On July 1,1889 he was appointed U.S. minister and general for Republic of Haiti. He later then resigned his position on February 20,1895. Details

12 His Death Frederick Douglass died of a heart attack on February 20, 1895 at the age of 77. He had one daughter and three sons He’d been married twice first to Anna Murray then to a white women Helen Pitts He was buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York Details

13 Bibliography Thomas, Sandra, “Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist, Editor’: A Biography of the life of Frederick Douglass,” at Douglass, Frederick, ”The Hypocrisy of slavery” (speech), at The history Place: Great Speeches, at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site,” American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass (exhibit, timeline, etc.), at

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