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BFS/OFFT Information Management System Initial Login.

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1 BFS/OFFT Information Management System Initial Login

2 LOGGING IN FOR THE FIRST TIME “First time user?” This is the first screen you will see when you connect to the BFS/OFFT program. Your first visit to this site will require you to click on the “First time user?” tab

3 First Time User Enter your Last and First name and then your social security number. Do not use hyphens or leave spaces in the SSN. Click on QUERY.

4 123456 ******** Your User name number will now appear. This number will act as the replacement for the social security number. For this one-time login you must still use your SSN. You will now click on the “Login” button so that you can complete the login process. This number will be important when signing up for future courses so you should keep it in a safe location.

5 123456 Enter your SSN again and click on Login. If the system advises that you must contact an OFFT representative, click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password. Begin again as a First Time User. If you once again get the error screen, contact your Region Supervisor for assistance. Normally, the reset will resolve the problem.

6 CREATING YOUR NEW PASSWORD: At least 6 letters + 1 number + 1 control figure (Control figure = Shift key + any number key) Example: firefighter#1 The letters, number and control figure do NOT need to be in any particular order ********** Your SSN firefighter#1 Enter your SSN in the OLD PASSWORD box and then enter your NEW PASSWORD, and again in the CONFIRM PASSWORD. The password must contain at least 6 letters, 1 number and one control figure. The “control figure” is created by holding down the SHIFT key and then press any of the number keys. Do not leave any spaces in the new password.

7 HELP LINE AT LARA OFFT Region 1 Region Supervisor Dan Hammerberg ( BFS/Office of Fire Fighter Training 305 Ludington Street Escanaba, MI 49829 Telephone (906) 786-0760 Fax (906) 233-9706 Region 2 Region Supervisor Gary Crum ( 2922 Fuller Ave., NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Telephone (616) 447-2689 Fax (616) 447-2668

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