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Todd R.Bergland Trnsport Systems Manager Minnesota DOT Quantities Manager and the Interface to Estimating Full Implementation.

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1 Todd R.Bergland Trnsport Systems Manager Minnesota DOT Quantities Manager and the Interface to Estimating Full Implementation

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3 Quantities Manager and the Interface to Estimating Full Implementation Quantities Manager Overview Implementation Overview Implementation Steps 1-9 Reporting General Considerations/Findings

4 Quantities Manager Overview Java based stand-alone application MicroStation or GEOPAK use not required (Non- Graphic portion) MicroStation and GEOPAK license required Access database format

5 Quantities Manager Overview Quantity Manager Design and Computation Manager Quantity Database Trns*port Database

6 Quantities Manager Overview  Microsoft Access  SQL Server  Oracle  Others Quantity Manager Quantity Database JDBC ADO DBMS Option

7 Quantities Manager Overview Quantity Manager Payitem/ Funding Master List Payitem Quantities Estimator Trns*port PES Trns*port PES/CES GEOPAK InRoads June 2004 DesignXML Interface Estimation Trns*port CES

8 Quantities Manager Overview

9 Bridging The Gap Design aecXML Method

10 Quantities Manager Overview  Promotes Standardization.  XML is the future  Promotes Collaboration.  Connections between disparate applications.  Allows for sorting, searching, reporting,importing,exporting and updating.  Example ( Engineers Estimates) AecXML Benefits

11 Implementation Overview Trained all nine districts Implemented Standards for exchange Processed 30 projects Require all projects be processed using Quantities Manager Two Phase Implementation

12 Implementation Overview Phase I – Fully implemented  Non-graphic pay items  Database delivery to Estimating Unit  Utilities tabulations  Engineers Estimate  Introduce new DDB for beginning new projects Phase II – Tentatively set to coincide with V8  More templates for tabulations  Graphics pay items  Estimated quantities for multiple S.P.s


14 Implementation - Step 1 Payitem List - AECITEM00.XML  Pay item numbers  Descriptions  Units of Measure (including lump sum) Funding List - AECFUND.XML  Pay item numbers  Descriptions Cost Estimate (Excel) - Average_engineers_estimate_english01.csv  Pay Item  Several cost estimates Trns  port Exports

15 Implementation - Step 1 Export By Spec Yr. 00 01 Export Items

16 Implementation - Step 1 Export Funds

17 Implementation – Step 1 Export Sample Add xml piece

18 Implementation QM Step 2 Sets up pointers to Trnsport files Sets up Spec Year (English / Metric) Seed Database

19 Implementation - Step 2 Seed Database

20 Implementation – Step 3 Filter by unit system, spec year and payitem name Define Items

21 Implementation - Step 3 Multiple Pay Items

22 Implementation - Step 3 Individual Pay Items

23 Implementation - Step 4 Pay items from Trnsport MUST match DDB Item! Graphic Items

24 Implementation - Step 5 1 Phase for each State Project 1 Phase for every funding splits Funding

25 Implementation - Step 5  100% State Funding  90% Federal Funding 10% State Funding  80% Federal Funding 20% State Funding  Mixture of State, Federal and City Funds Four Common Funding Splits

26 Implementation - Step 5 SP #1 SP #2 50% City 50% State DesignEstimate DesignEstimateA DesignEstimateB

27 Implementation - Step 6 Export XML File to Trns  port

28 Implementation - Step 7 Import XML File to Trns  port PES/CES

29 Implementation Step - 8 Review Quantities

30 Implementation - Step 9 Rename Project

31 Reporting Create Custom Reports using Style Sheets

32 Reporting Select a category Select individual or groups of quantities

33 Reporting Export costs from Trns*port Import costs into QM Adjust as needed Create report Can be done throughout project life cycle Final Design Estimate Traffic Signal Estimate

34 Reporting Statement of Estimated Quantities

35 General Considerations DataRestrictions Project Names<= 13 characters Funding Rules> 1 and < 9999 PhasesDesignEstimate Quantity ValueMaximum of 999,999,999.999 Pay Items Must Exist in Trnsport Payers Must Exist in Trnsport Rules for Transfer

36 General Considerations Mn/Dot does not utilize the Payers option in the Quantities Manager as this will be determined by the PES Manager.

37 Examples:  Utilities  Inplace Drainage Must match DDB Feature in terms of symbology Store in its own QM database General Considerations Non-Pay Item Graphics

38 General Findings Small.5 -.75 hrs. Medium 1-1.5 hrs. Large 2 days Time Savings

39 General Findings Streamlining Improvements  Major time savings  One database used for multiple purposes  Decrease in time (after learning curve) Improved Quality  Correct (up to date) pay item numbers  Eliminate human error  Promotes standardization Design Benefits of QM/Trns  port Sharing

40 Sharability of data  Estimating, Finance, Construction,Traffic  Further XML Enhancements  Lat/Long Transfer  Begin Station – End Station  Begin Termini – End Termini  Export Facility from PES/CES Electronic bidding life cycle  QM database is one part of the 100% electronic plan Long Term Goals – “ Big Picture” General Findings

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