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NGT Information Technology Technical Discussion Bob DeHoff Info Tech, Inc.

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1 NGT Information Technology Technical Discussion Bob DeHoff Info Tech, Inc

2 Topics Driving Forces Architecture, Platforms, and Deployment Security Interoperation with Client/Server Trnsport Migration Customization and Integration

3 Driving Forces Same business requirements Clean slate architecture Incremental rather than Big Bang approach Frequent TTF & user community review/feedback Unify data, business, and security models and look-and-feel across entire project lifecycle Standardize on Microsoft.NET foundation Use web services to make integration easier Continue to support customizability & extensibility

4 Architectural Layers

5 Languages and Tools

6 Platform Components

7 Server Size and Configuration Performance-related user stories starting this sprint Performance tests integrated into automated cycle Sizing/configuration guidelines to be developed based on testing results Scaling strategies also to be evaluated Simplest configuration –Standard Windows ® clients –All three layers on one middle tier server –One database server

8 Required 3 rd Party Components Clients –Internet Explorer ® 6 or Firefox ® 1 –PDF viewer browser plug-in Middle Tier –Windows Server 2003 –.NET Framework 2, Internet Information Services (IIS) 6 –Oracle ® 10g or DB2 8 native drivers DBMS –Oracle 10g or DB2 8 –Currently, “vanilla” DBMS configuration Subject to change based on various factors –Scaling, 3 rd party version changes, etc.

9 Security User Authentication –Built-in user authentication –Optional authentication through ActiveDirectory ® User Authorization –Role-base privilege assignment –Access Groups C/S analog: Control Groups, SM district hierarchy –Individual Object Authority C/S analog: SM Contract Authority Auditing and other security aspects –Requirements still TBD

10 Interoperation with Client/Server Trnsport Incremental NGT delivery Hybrid C/S + NGT deployed during transition NGT interfaces provided to C/S modules that have not yet been replaced by NGT Probably based on existing flat file interfaces Reference data sharing (e.g., Master Item List) –Unified in NGT, so no sharing needed within NGT –Strategy for sharing with C/S during transition still TBD

11 Migration Data –All data from base C/S tables will be migrated to NGT –Only support migration from latest C/S release RTF –RTF will not be supported in NGT –No plans for RTF migration utility PowerBuilder Customizations –No plans for PB customization migration utilities –Plan for DWR and materials template migration still TBD

12 Customization and Integration Database Customization User Interface Customization Report Customization Documentation Customization Agency Extensibility External Systems Integration

13 Database Customization Generic columns – add as many as you need –Any base entity, any standard data type –Separately stored in companion table of base table –Separation is transparent to UI and reports Add data validation constraints to any column –Select from validation library provided –Full configurability for generic columns –Cannot decrease base validation constraints

14 User Interface Customization Agency Level –Change entity and column labels –Hide base columns –Set default field order –Change visual style (color, fonts, etc.) –Customize ASP.NET pages –Settings and customized pages stored separately from base so updates do not overwrite customizations User Level –Hide/show/resize list columns –Change list sort order and filters

15 Report Customization Standalone GUI report customization utility –Change report layout and labels –Add calculations & logic based on available report columns All base and generic columns of report subject entities available for addition to report Customizations stored separately from base reports so updates do not overwrite customizations Reports unaffected by UI entity/column name changes Currently reports cannot access entities that are not included in the base report data set (e.g., no SQL SELECT)

16 Documentation Customization No features currently implemented Requirements still TBD

17 Agency Extensibility Access to agency-developed extensions from NGT –Including access security control No features currently implemented Backlog item –Add invocation of an agency server-side custom process from any page (like C/S Custom Process feature)

18 External Systems Integration Flat file interfaces provided by C/S will be provided by NGT unless determined to be obsolete Trnsport functions to be exposed for direct external access will be exposed through public web services –Functions to be exposed will be based on requirements –We need your integration user stories!

19 Discussion

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