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Softball By: Audrey Brown.

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1 Softball By: Audrey Brown

2 Skeletal System The skeletal system works in softball by working with your muscles to run, catch and swing the bat while you’re playing.

3 Muscular system The muscular system works with your bones to move your arms to swing the bat, to move you legs to run and move your hands to catch the ball.

4 Digestive System Before practicing for softball or playing a softball game you should eat things that have lots of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give you lots of energy that slowly digest, so you have lots of energy for a long time. A food that has lots of carbohydrates is pasta, vegetables, fruit, beans, whole grains, nuts and yogurt.

5 Immune system Even the slightest cold can throw off your game, it make you tired and weakened, so you need to be fully healthy to be at your best. Also if you do have a cold or something else you should take a break from playing softball so that you have time to recover.

6 Circulatory system The circulatory system has to work with the respiratory system to play softball. While your lungs are inflating and deflating fast your heart is pumping faster and faster as you run more in the game.

7 Respiratory system The respiratory system works with your circulatory system while playing softball. Your lungs have to keep expanding and contracting to keep giving you oxygen to keep you going.

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