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Gymnastics and body systems

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1 Gymnastics and body systems
By: Caroline p

2 Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport where you do flips on the floor. You fly on bars. You flip on vault and you balance on beam. Gymnastics is a hard sport. You got to use a lot of our bodies systems to perform gymnastics and that’s what I am going to show you today.

3 Muscular system this is a. picture of me doing a backwards roll to pike. This pose shows how I use my arm muscles . I also use my leg muscles and the muscles help your body stay strong so you don’t fall. The muscle in your quads, arms , core, legs and feet help you with this kind of pose. Without the muscular system the bones in my body would not be able to hold me up.

4 Skeletal system The skeletal system helps when you are doing this pose because you are using your arm, legs and feet and there are bones in all of those parts of your body. They support your body when you are doing this pose. With the bones they also provide strength and balance because without bones we would not be able to do gymnastics.

5 Digestive system When you are doing any gymnastics it is good to eat fruit , vegetables , protein , calcium and vitamins. Also, you should eat these to give you energy, strength and to help so you won’t get muscle cramps. It is also important to drink lots of water while doing gymnastics because your body will sweat and you could become dehydrated without water.

6 Respiratory system The respiratory system is critical for survival not just to help with the backwards roll to pike. Because you need oxygen for all of the sytems in our body to function. The oxygen fuels the muscles, my brain and heart to push hard during gymnastics. Obviously, the respiratory system is very important.

7 Circulatory system the circulatory system goes throughout your body through what are called blood vessels. Blood vessels pump blood throughout the body. We need blood pumping or else our body will not receice oxyegen, water and the nutrients we receive in our foods. Also we need our heart to pump because the heart is the source that pumps the blood into the blood vessels.

8 Nervous system The nervous system tells your body what to do. So in this pose my brain tells my body to go backwards lift your legs and stand. The nervous system is very very important in gymnastics because it tells us everything our body needs to do. It is also important in gymnastics to follow the saftey rules because the nervous system can be seriously injured if they are not followed. For example, always using a spotter when first learning a movement. That’s a very important part in gymnastics.

9 Excretory system One part of the excretory system is how you skin can sweat. During gymnastics the body can become very hot and by sweating the body can cool down. Drinking water is important so you have liquid to form sweat.

10 Immune system Another important system is the immune system. It helps your body kill germs so that you can be healthy and do gymnastics. I can help my immune system to do this by eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

11 Thank you for watching! Resources:
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