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Circulatory System By: Brandon & Drew.

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1 Circulatory System By: Brandon & Drew

2 Table of Contents Page 1 Title. Page 2 Table of Content. Page 3 The role of the Circulatory systems in the human body. Page 4 The major organs in the Circulatory systems. Page 5 These organs work together… Page 6 The Circulatory system is connected to two other body systems. Page Levels of organization in humans. Page 9-10 Two common diseases that directly affect the Circulatory system. Page 11 Ways to keep the Circulatory system healthy. Page 12 Two professions that work with this systems. Page 13 Did you know... Page 14 References.

3 The Role of The Circulatory System in The Human Body
The function of the circulatory system is to transport nutrients and oxygen through out the body and to the cells. It carries waste produces through the blood stream and out the body. With out the circulatory system the body would not be able to fight the flue or any colds.

4 The Major Organ in the Circulatory System
One main organ is the heart because it makes blood flow through out the human body. Another main organ is the blood vessel. They are made up of 3 types of tissues, and they transport the blood through out the body. Heart Blood Vessels

5 These Organs Work together….
The heart pumps blood through the body in the blood vessels and sends nutrients through out the body. The heart makes sure the body is clean is give circulation to the body. It give the body energy so we can work properly.

6 The Circulatory System is Connected to two other Body Systems
Respiratory system is a system that is connected to the circulatory system. Digestive system is connected to the circulatory system. The respiratory system is connected by the lungs because they add oxygen to the blood. The digestive system is connected by the by removal of wastes.

7 Levels of Organization in Humans
Cell Tissue Organ Organ system Organism One organ in the Circulatory system is the heart. The heart is made up of several types of tissues and one of them is muscle tissue (Cardiac Tissue). The cells that make up the muscle tissue are muscle cells.

8 Heart Muscle Tissue Muscle Cells

9 Two Common Diseases That Directly Affects The Circulatory Systems
The most common disease of the circulatory system is hardening of the arteries. Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) can stop blood flow which can lead to a heart attack. Treatment for heart disease would be medicine heart transplant. Heart

10 Another Disease Another disease is high blood pressure which can also lead to a heart attack or a stroke. The way you can lower your blood pressure is by maintaining a healthy weight and be physically active.

11 Way to keep the Circulatory System Healthy
In order to have a healthy Circulatory system you need to have fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Try not to eat processed food because they contain fat, sugar and salt which is not good nutrients for your body, which can clog the arteries which can lead to a stork or a heart attack. If you eat healthy food it gives you more energy than processed food, which cleans out your arteries and give you good blood flow and allow all the other systems to work properly.

12 Two Professions that work with this System
Heart surgeon deals with the heart. They work at the hospital. they preform sugary on the main blood vessels. Two professions that work with the circulatory system are heart surgeons and blood technicians. Heart surgeons work on the main blood vessels and they work at hospitals. Blood technicians draw blood form there patient's and they work at hospitals.

13 Did you know……. Did you know that people who drink alcohol a lot are damaging there circulatory system. Did you know the average persons heart beats 3 billion time in there life time. In a little blood drop there are about 5 million blood cells. Did you know it take about 20 second for the red blood cell to travel the entire body. Did you know that about 8 million blood cell die every second and that many are replaced.

14 References

15 Thanks for Listening

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