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The Body Systems of Baseball

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1 The Body Systems of Baseball
By: Lucas Da Silva

2 Actions in Baseball Throwing Fielding and Catching Pitching Batting

3 Throwing Muscular system Voluntary muscles contract to throw the ball
Tendons hold the joints together so the ball can be thrown hard and fast Respiratory system When you through the ball you hold the breath so you can focus on the targets glove and hit it hard so the person that catches it can through it to the first second or third basemen and hopefully get the base runner out

4 Fielding and Catching Muscular System
Tendons keep the arm steady and the joints together so the player can catch the ball. Nervous System When you are fielding your reflexes have to be at top level because the ball could take a bad hop any minute and have to be prepared to catch it The neurons are firing in your brain telling your arms to get the glove in position to catch the ball. Excretory System You are concentrating so hard to make the catch that you begin to sweat. It can be really hot too when you play baseball in the summer and you sweat. The sweat glands release fluid through your pores in the skin.

5 Pitching Muscular System Skeletal System
Voluntary muscles contract in the arm- the biceps and triceps and forearm muscles Tendons and fascia keep the arm straight to throw strikes Lower body muscles like the hamstrings help make the body move to pitch with speed. Skeletal System The ligaments in your arms and legs should be warmed up so you don’t hurt your elbow. The bones are connected to make the movement of the pitch at the origin of where the ligaments hold the tendons and muscles to the bones.

6 Batting Muscular System Circulatory system Nervous System
Tendons keep the legs steady and locked over the plate Hamstrings and calf muscles contract Circulatory system Involuntary cardiac muscles increase the rate of your heart beat because the adrenalin rushes through your veins when the ball comes zipping past the plate Nervous System Neurons fire to tell you arms to swing when the ball is coming. When you hit the ball neurons tell you that your hands might feel pain When you hit the ball the nervous system sends signal to the brain to run

7 Hydrating Digestive System Immune System
Involuntary muscles in your esophagus work and do peristalisis to move the liquid down to your stomach. Water helps give energy back to the muscles and keeps the ligaments, tendons and joints active. The brain likes water and feels the cells in the brain tell the body what to do when they are hydrated. Immune System Liquid like Gatorade can have special vitamins and effects on the different body systems to keep you full of energy when you are playing baseball. Excretory System When you sweat you loose water and if you drink it you hydrate your muscles and body so you play better. If you drink a lot of liquid you may have to get rid of the waste.

8 The End

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