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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
Off and Running Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Because he is excited about the election, my father put a ______ sticker on his car. residence campaign graffiti science

3 Vocabulary 2. The traffic noise was so ______ that we closed our doors to avoid hearing it. endorse campaign obnoxious enlightened

4 Vocabulary 3. Volunteers are covering the ______ on the walls with a fresh coat of paint. graffiti residence campaign fear

5 Vocabulary 4. After we move next week, our new ______ will be at 12 Vernon Lane. obnoxious endorse graffiti residence

6 Vocabulary 5. Dad will ______ Sal Regis for the new mayor of our town.
campaign endorse residence danger

7 Comprehension 6. You know this selection is realistic fiction because ______. the characters and events are like people and events in real life many of the characters are not realistic it takes place in an unreal world it tells about Hispanic culture

8 Comprehension 7. Why is Miata telephoning her classmates?
to ask for help with her aquarium to get them to make posters and buttons to ask them to vote for her in the election to ask them to call up other classmates

9 Comprehension 8. Why does Papi think Miata is calling her boyfriend?
He hears her talking to someone. He knows her boyfriend. She tells Papi that she called a boy. She has been on the phone a lot.

10 Comprehension 9. Miata wants to know someone important so that ______.
that person can support her for the election she can get an autograph that person will come to her home she can meet a rock star

11 Comprehension 10. “Her mind began to turn.” In this selection, turn means to ______. move in circles think hard bump one’s head feel ill

12 Comprehension 11. In this selection, who is the person who says “better than a friend of Rudy’s”? Papi Rudy’s best friend Rudy himself Eddie Olmos

13 Comprehension 12. Why does Miata want to visit Doña Vasquez?
Miata is interested in being a mayor. Miata likes the woman and wants to see her again. Miata knows that she will have a good time. Miata wants to know how to win an election.

14 Comprehension 13. What is Doña Vasquez doing when Miata gets to her house? fixing a lamp gardening making bread reading the newspaper

15 Comprehension 14. Why did Doña Vasquez run against her husband for mayor? She didn’t like him. She thought she was smarter than he was. She disagreed with his ideas. She was young.

16 Comprehension 15. Doña Carmen’s husband was against hiring the teacher from Mexico City because ______. she was a woman she spoke only Spanish her city ideas were good for the children her ideas would make the children bad

17 Comprehension 16. Rudy Herrera thinks that he will win the election because ______. he has promised lots of ice cream and more recess time Miata doesn’t have any experience in student government he is a boy he thinks he is smarter than Miata

18 Comprehension 17. Miata wants to improve her school by ______.
fixing broken equipment repairing the walls and windows erasing the graffiti making the school more beautiful

19 Comprehension 18. When does Miata see Doña Vasquez’s flowers?
before Doña Vasquez talks about being mayor after Doña Vasquez offers to giver her flowers after Miata tells her about her school before Miata gives her the loaf of bread

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