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Pushing Up the Sky By: Joseph Bruchac

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1 Pushing Up the Sky By: Joseph Bruchac
Genre: Play Uses a cast of characters.

2 Words to know Antlers Imagined Narrator Overhead Poked Languages

3 More Words to Know Bumped – hit yourself against something hard Randomly – in no particular order

4 Antlers Bony, branching growths on the head of a male deer, elk, or moose

5 Imagined Made a picture or idea of something in your mind

6 Languages Human speech, spoken or written

7 Narrator The person who tells a story

8 Overhead Over the head; on high; above

9 Poked Pushed with force against someone or something

10 Let’s Practice!

11 The on the moose were so big I couldn’t believe he could hold his head up!

12 Antlers

13 The beach was much more beautiful than she in her mind.

14 Imagined

15 There are many different
spoken around the world.

16 Languages

17 The told the story about the king and the queen.

18 Narrator

19 The plane was so loud I couldn’t hear my friend talking.

20 Overhead

21 She my arm so hard that I had a bruise the next day.

22 Poked

23 Let’s listen to our story!

24 Vocabulary A B C’s Let’s put our words in ABC order!
Imagined Languages Antlers Narrator Overhead Poked Antlers Imagined Languages Narrator Overhead Poked

25 Spelling Words This week, our spelling words begin with a prefix. A prefix is added to the beginning of a word.

26 unhappy

27 unhappy

28 recall

29 recall

30 disappear

31 disappear

32 unload

33 unload

34 mistake

35 mistake


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