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Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

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1 Vocabulary and Comprehension Test
The Fun They Had Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. To keep the sun from shining on the chalkboard, the teacher ________ the window blinds. sorrowfully loftily adjusted dispute

3 Vocabulary 2. Our neighbors are having a ________ about the boundary between their property. dispute nonchalantly loftily disagree

4 Vocabulary 3. Maria seemed to walk ________ on stage to give her speech, but her stomach was in knots. dispute nonchalantly adjusted reputation

5 Vocabulary 4. During his campaign, the governor spoke ________ of the changes he was planning to make when he took office. adjusted dispute mournfully loftily

6 Vocabulary 5. ________ we said good-bye to our friends but promised to write when we were settled in our new town. Gravelly Adjusted Dispute Sorrowfully

7 Comprehension 6. This selection is most like _________.
realistic fiction science fiction a personal narrative a science book

8 Comprehension 7. When does this selection take place? in the past
in the present day within the next couple of months in the distant future

9 Comprehension 8. Tommy and Margie are ________. brother and sister
neighborhood friends cousins friends who live far apart

10 Comprehension 9. Where does Tommy find the “real book”?
in an old trunk in Margie’s attic in his attic in a very old box

11 Comprehension 10. For Margie, what is the worst part of school?
taking tests handing in her homework and tests studying her classroom

12 Comprehension 11. What does Margie dislike about her teacher?
the big screen the test slot using punch cards to answer tests the speed with which the teacher corrects tests

13 Comprehension 12. Why was Margie doing poorly in geography?
Her teacher has introduced too much material too quickly. She has been taking too many tests. Her teacher has been away for nearly a month. Her teacher taught incorrect information.

14 Comprehension 13. Why does Margie say, “I wouldn’t want a strange man in my house to teach me”? She is afraid that the County Inspector will be her substitute teacher. Tommy’s father is going to help her with geography. She thinks that teachers used to go to student’s homes to teach them. Margie is more comfortable with a woman teacher.

15 Comprehension 14. How does Tommy act toward Margie?
as though she’s more intelligent than he is as though she is stupid as if she is as smart as he is as if she needs to learn her geography

16 Comprehension 15. How does Tommy compare his teacher to his father?
His father is not as smart as a mechanical teacher. His father knows as much as his mechanical teacher. Old-fashioned teachers went to students’ houses. His father can’t individualize his teaching.

17 Comprehension 16. Which of the following is Margie’s mother most likely to say? Children learn best if they choose when they go to school. All eleven year olds should be taught the same things in the same way. Teachers don’t adjust to children. Children adjust to teachers. Because each child learns differently, each child should be taught differently.

18 Comprehension 17. For which of the following reasons does Margie think that the old schools were fun? The students never had to take tests. The teachers were people. Students had lots of opportunities to be together. The grading system was easier.

19 Comprehension 18. Which saying best suits this story?
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Don’t shut the barn door after the horse has run away. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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