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Jessica Peterson 970.222.2891.

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1 Jessica Peterson 970.222.2891

2 Win People Over through Word of Mouth Marketing and keep your customers coming back! 5 Keys to WOW Online and Off

3 My name is Jessica Peterson. I started my banking/finance career in 1994. During my career, I was a partner in a lending firm, won a national lending award, and was top in sales for a bank. Through the years, I have read and learned hands- on what does and does not work to insure success in business.

4 Customer WOW Project was created to address and resolve common concerns raised by service professionals such as yourself. Among these concerns: how do I stop chasing the next deal? what can I do to keep customers coming back? how do I get my past customers to talk about me? We are going to discuss ideas that will support your success! ***Please note, we will give you the option to work with us if you choose to do so at the end, completely optional.

5 Our goal is to see your customers #1-Remember You #2- feel appreciated #3-Become a fan of yours for life #4-Keep coming back to you Bottom line, Boost your business!

6 What are the 5 keys to Wowing customers and keeping them coming back? © 2014

7 Key Components Creating a Robust Profile Building Business Relationships Communicating Online and Off Creating Effective Facebook Ads Gift to Wow your Customers 1 2 3 4 5

8 © 2014 Get active on Facebook? Really?

9 Why Make Facebook a Priority? There are over 1.15 billion Facebook users (Source: Digital Insights) A staggering 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. (Source: Relevanza) 78% of small businesses attract new customers from social media (Source: Relevanza) © 2014

10 30.8% are influenced to buy based on Facebook (Source: Social Media Today) 78% say that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Source: Social Media Today) 56% go to Facebook to learn about products and services (Source: Social Media Today) 71% buy on social media based on referrals ( Source: Social Media Today) © 2014 Why Make Facebook a Priority?

11 Your image and your business’s image are very important to ensuring growth and success. Creating a Robust Profile Your Facebook profile is your online image; a robust profile give you a good image. What does your online brand say about you? 1

12 I've been recommending Facebook for years. They eventually recognized its value in building and maintaining business relationships …” Facebook Inspiration © 2014 They LOVE Facebook now!

13 The best way to utilize a powerful social media tool and maximize time and efforts is to have a plan of action. © 2014

14 Think about building a house. © 2014 What would happen if you started building without a solid plan?

15 The first step in collaborating with companies and people is taking an active interest in them and nurture your relationships. © 2014 Building Business Relationships There is not a better way to get to know companies and people other than to take an interest and grow relationships. Guaranteed! 2

16 Add a Personal Touch Take time to write a personal message on their Facebook wall. Share an article with a friend. Pick up the phone and call them. Send a small gift of thanks or utilize a gifting service. Remember the power of “Thank You” in making people feel appreciated.

17 Tom Corley who wrote Rich Habits, studied what the rich do and what the poor do. He found that one of the habits the rich have is investing in their relationships. The poor do not.

18 How to Communicate online and off Post regularly and encourage interactions: Include “Share” this post if… Or “Like” if you agree with this post. Ask questions Respond to every post Keep posts and responses positive Connect in other ways like phone or email 3

19 With a plan of action, you can manage your personal and business pages quickly and easily. © 2014 Managing Your Pages It is important to have engaging and relevant content. Bonus tip: Imagine someone standing in front of you. Is your comment engaging?

20 Organize your Time Strategize and Maximize the time you spend on Facebook and other sites. Utilize a Weekly Checklist Tip: My book “Wow on Facebook” (Available on Amazon) goes into detail on strategies to support you to build a plan of action to stay focused.

21 Be strategic on the purpose of your ads. Is it to… Gain more exposure People sign up for a webinar or training People take up an offer or special Advertise an event © 2014 Facebook Ads We have spent lots of time and money in learning what works (and what doesn’t). 1 2 3 4 4

22 Nearly 2,000 new page ‘likes’! 52,000 unique individuals not already connected to our client saw the ads! Just shy of 900 Ad clicks! AND our client still had $100 left in their advertising budget (we only spent $150)! © 2014 Success Story We had a client with an ad budget of $250. Through a variety of ads, we received the following results:

23 Gifts will WOW Your Customers A gift is the perfect way to make a lasting impression on a client! Customer retention takes effort. Keep them coming back with simple, yet effective gifts that show you care. Keep them talking about you! We love word of mouth marketing. 5

24 Did you know….. Loyalty360: "Customer loyalty researchers report that companies, on average, lose about 50% of their customers each year; and that it costs 20 times more to do business with a new than existing customer.” For every $1 that is spent on current customers, you would need to spend $20 to cultivate new customers.

25 Dan Kennedy states: 95% of customers forget who they worked with in the past 68% do not feel appreciated and do not come back

26 I developed the gifting program after listening in on an interview between a Mortgage Colleague and a Real Estate Agent. The Real Estate Agent explained that she takes care of her clients by sending gifts out periodically over 3 years. As a result, her referrals increased significantly. My first thought was, “Wow, this makes sense”. Gifting allows you to: Show your appreciation Build loyalty among your clients Increase referrals Ultimately, GROW your business

27 According to Mortgage Marketing Animals… 75%-80% of people surveyed after closing a transaction would use their Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer again. As time went on, it decreased dramatically to 7%- 10%. Let’s face it; most sales and service oriented professionals fall short at staying in touch.

28 Take the time to nurture your business relationships… Recently I met with my friend Dawn, and she shared an interesting experience with me. She chose to NOT utilize the same real estate agent from a previous transaction 4 years ago. The Agent found out and desperately offered to slash her commission from 3% to 1%. Dawn said that was not what mattered. She wanted to work with a real estate agent who VALUED the relationship. She listed her home with a new Agent for $299,000. The former agent lost $8970 in potential commission.

29 advises to spend 10-12% of your earnings in marketing. Customer WOW Project wants to see you utilize your funds in building enduring customer relationships, since that matters most for your future success.

30 Now it is time for you to ask yourself this question: What are you doing to stay in front of your customer AND keep them feeling appreciated ? What are you doing to build an enduring relationship with your customer to keep them coming back and referring you to their friends?

31 We want happy people, and to build better business relationships and communities across the globe. © 2014 Our Goal How does it make you feel to be a part of a great community? To do good and be known for it?

32 With this 5 step plan of action, what will you do with it? Start creating your plan of action ! © 2014

33 Thank you for sharing your time with me today. My aim is to bring value, support good people! It’s a big job, and YOU can do it! But you don’t have to do it alone! Let Customer WOW Project work with you!

34 Visit to receive a complimentary gift Wow Now and Increase Revenue By Jessica Peterson And check out my book Available on Amazon

35 How do I get started? © 2014

36 Have you be known as a leader, win people over, influence them in a positive way, boost word of mouth marketing. © 2014 Our Goal

37 Customer Wow Gifting Service

38 Now it is time for you to ask yourself this question: What are you doing to say thank you after each sale? Are you gifting a high quality gift that shows the quality of your firm? We are branding cards with 1 gram of gold. Imagine your own real estate firms name on a card with real gold? What would your card say? We hae one firm who is ordering 8,000 and more monthly! Or we have a second option….

39 At Customer WOW Project, we want to see your customers love you and remain loyal to you. We keep you "Top of MIND" by sending out gifts to your customers FROM YOU for the next 3 years! We want you to look like a hero. By hiring Customer WOW Project, you don’t have to go shopping to buy gift cards, cookies, and ore. We are a one stop shop and take care of it all for you.

40 For the next 3 years, Customer WOW Project will send out the following gifts: Cookies - the yummiest 6 cookies your client will ever have Cell phone holder- a very hand cell phone holder that goes on a cars dashboard. A great way to keep your phone in tact without having to search for it in the car, especially while driving Personalized notecards- every time your client writes a note, they will think of you! Chocolate bar that says THANK YOU for your trust and referrals Fire Safety Checklist- show you care because we know you do. This checklist will help your client create a plan of action in case of a house fire

41 Coffee gift card- $5 gift card to a coffee shop Few packets of Jelly Belly candy- yum, enough small goodness to go around Flower packet- every time your client sees the flowers they will think of you Emergency kit letter- explains that planning for an emergency is important and gives step by step guides how to do so. Shows you care “What to pack” letter (client keeps in suitcase and thinks of you on every journey or trip) Subscription to Better Homes and Garden, which equals 12 magazines. Just think, every time they receive it they will think of you! We will send them a letter stating that the subscription came from you

42 Each gift comes with a letter, saying hello, letting them know you are here thinking of them and asking for business. You will also receive an email notifying you when each gift is mailed.


44 One time small flat fee of $198. If you were to break that down, it is just $5.50 a month. Your client is worth at least that. All for just $198. That is just $5.50 per month Order today! Our way of paying it forward is to give you a one time code that has to be used today! WOWNOW We enjoy giving personalized attention. An agency orders large quantities every month, so feel free to call!

45 Welcome to Facebook Training! Still not feeling confident about using social media to grow your business?

46 © 2014 Facebook WOW Training

47 Customer WOW Project has spent countless hours, endless amounts of energy, and money to learn effective social media methods that benefit you. Finding Success on Facebook © 2014 We’ve even had other social media experts come to us for training!

48 Build strong and long-lasting relationships to grow your business with our tried-and-true methods! Unlock the mystery behind effective Facebook Ads! ––––– MUCH MORE! ––––– © 2014 Finding Success on Facebook

49 Taking our course will cut out wasted time which results in more time with your family, for your hobby, and living life to the fullest. © 2014 More Benefits We only have one life, how much is your time worth? Is it minimum wage or more?

50 Do you want to: (select ONE) Maintain current business relationships? Create or maintain a great image, personally or for business or both? To obtain business? Hit the bullseye on all three objectives above? Sneak Peek: Planning Stage - Step One Clearly identify your goal with Facebook. © 2014

51 Are you ready to stand out from the crowd, with a great image and knowing exactly what to say? Are you ready to build business relationships, run ads and show the world how awesome you are? Are You Ready?

52 Learn how to plan and create complete, robust Facebook pages! Finding Success on Facebook Step-by-step instructions on creating and managing your Facebook Business Page! © 2014 Our Social Media Management Checklist is included for FREE!

53 Choose one of three ways to get there: First, you can buy 1 or all of our 4 trainings. Each one is only $197-$297 for a limited time. We had this analyzed and was told it is worth a lot more, but felt compelled to give back to the world. What Is The Next Step? © 2014 Buy all 4 modules for a flat $397. We want to win you over!

54 The second option (one of our most popular) Facebook Mastermind. We will meet every week for 4 weeks, 1 hour each time. Maximum 10 business people per each meeting. Great to share ideas and create business relationships. For only $997 you are on your way to being a WOW Giver! © 2014 What Is The Next Step?

55 The last option is one-on-one coaching. We will work with your company on creating the online image for your business and executive, create engaging posts and educate how to do so with a staff member, create ads, and, as a bonus will pay to guarantee your company be seen by 25,000 people. © 2014 What Is The Next Step?

56 Are you ready to be a WOW Giver? When you move ahead in one of our 3 offers, we will give you a WOW Giver certification. What does that mean to you? You will have a certificate to display and explain to each customer the following: © 2014 Be a WOW Giver!

57 We have an honest and sincere desire to support businesses and individuals in the communities we serve We want to assist other businesses in meeting their growth objectives We genuinely care – and stay in touch through Facebook, other social media outlets and telephone and in-person contact WOW Givers connect people in their community and around the world to the right resources to fulfill their dreams and goals We strive to make a positive impact in everything we do We value your trust and thank you for all referrals © 2014 Be a WOW Giver!

58 © 2014 Be a WOW Giver!

59 Now… What is this knowledge worth to you? © 2014

60 Now… Let’s get started! Visit © 2014

61 Jessica Peterson 970.222.2891

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