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The Business of America

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1 The Business of America
“. . . the chief business of the American people is business The man who builds a factory builds a temple – the man who works there worships there.”

2 Key Goals To keep government interference in business to a minimum and to allow private enterprise to flourish.

3 How did the Automobile Impact America?
Paved roads New routes Architectural styles Gas stations Garages Motels Traffic signals Tunnels Cloverleaf Ended isolation

4 It will take a hundred years to tell whether you helped or hurt us, but you certainly didn’t leave us where you found us Will Rogers


6 What helped the airplane industry to grow at this time?


8 How would the U.S. be described at this time?
Prosperous: having or characterized by financial success or good fortune; flourishing; successful: a prosperous business.

9 What were the electrical conveniences of the 1920’s?

10 Advertising Changes in the 1920’s
Youthfulness Health Wealth Beauty

11 Buying Goods Installment Plan

12 What were the potential problems with “superficial” prosperity?
What could possible go wrong?

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