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Welcome to ISH A short guide to rules and respect at ISH.

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1 Welcome to ISH A short guide to rules and respect at ISH

2 Deputy Heads Lower School: Years 7 – 8 – 9 Ms. B. Nijsten ( Middle School Years 10 – 11 Mr. S. Brooks ( Upper School: Years 12 – 13 Mr. R. Verloop (

3 Year Leaders 2014-2015 Year 7Ms. G. de Lange Year 8Ms. R. Withers Year 9Ms. M. Veeneklaas Year 10 Mr. M. Petheram Year 11Ms. J. Barnes Year 12 Ms. E. Harrison Year 13Dr. R. Hogg

4 Year 10 Mentors 10 AMr. R. Underwood 10 B Mr. M. Rawcliffe 10 C Mr. S. Mundra 10 D Ms. Z. Peters 10 E Ms. S. Contreiras 10 F Ms. W. Lahy-Neary

5 Year 11 Mentors 11 AMr. T. Jones 11 BMs. A. Bowden 11 CMr. A. Nightingale (from mid Sept) 11 D Mr. T. Shiels 11 EMs. A. Foster 11 FMs. C. Constantinescu

6 If you need to contact ISH Mentor: First point of call for routine administrative matters and general pastoral concerns. Year Leader: More serious pastoral issues. Deputy Head: Special leave, subject change decisions and serious pastoral issues. Subject teacher/SAL : For specific subject concerns.

7 Page 7 Respect

8 ISH rules are about respect Respect for oneself Respect for others Respect for the school

9 The FlourISH Programme New Mentor Programme for MYP Promoting well-being through the development of health and character strengths. Character strengths are personal qualities which help the students to accomplish goals; overcome adversity and flourish.


11 The IB Learner Profile

12 School grounds Year 7 – 11 students are not allowed the leave school grounds during the school day. If a student is caught off site, they will receive a one day suspension in school. Year 7 – 11 students are allowed to be on the Astroturf and in front of the building in breaks.

13 Lates & Absences When your child is late…… He/she will have to pick up a late note from reception before going to class. When your child is absent….. Parents/guardians are asked to telephone the school before 08.30 am or to send an email to

14 Lates & Absences The mentor/YL & DH will check on lates/unexcused absences: 3 Lates/absences = email home 6 L/A = Early Morning Detention (EMD) & an email sent home. 9 L/A = Early Morning Detention (EMD) & an email sent home. 12 L/A = EMD/YL detention, email home & possible contact with Leerplicht 16 L/A = EMD/YL detention & Leerplicht informed. (It is our legal obligation as a school if it occurs within 4 weeks.)

15 Some key student sanctions CSA – Compulsory Study afternoon. Yellow slip. Tuesday, Periods 8, 9, 10. EMD – Early morning detention. Orange slip. Students arrive at 08:00 on a designated day. YLD – Year Leader Detention. Red slip. Students sit this after 16:35 on a designated day.

16 Dress Guidelines We ask students to make thoughtful and respectful judgements about the effect of their dress on other students.


18 Respectful internet use is discussed with students The use of appropriate language The need to think twice - what are the consequences? Would they want someone doing this to them? Is the site/person trustworthy?

19 Plagiarism Academic honesty is promoted in all Year groups and in all lessons. Cases of plagiarism are investigated by the subject teacher. When proved, a Year Leader Detention is given and Parents/Guardians are informed.

20 ISH student council events The ISH student council sometimes organises events for students which are held off school grounds and which are not supervised by staff members. Past events have included Christmas, Valentine’s Day and End of Year parties.

21 Meet the Mentor. Room D201 10B & 10F Room D202 10A & 10E Room D205 10D & 10C Room A207 11A & 11B Room A205 11C & 11D Room A20411E & 11F

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