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ALLSTAR SPORTING GOODS Andy Ferreiro Period 2 Marketing Mr.Otero.

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2 ALLSTAR SPORTING GOODS Andy Ferreiro Period 2 Marketing Mr.Otero

3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 0 With the sun shining bright in Miami, I think it it is a great idea to make a sporting good store. With all the people that play sports they can come to my store and get what they need at all times. As a sports fan like myself, I feel confident that my store will be good enough to support everyone’s needs. My store will be designed according to your sport. For example, if you play soccer, my flooring will look like a soccer field.

4 COMPANY DESCRIPTION SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: 0 My company will be personally run and owned. I feel like it is my job to be in charge of my own company.

5 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Executive date of business: 0 October 26, 2014

6 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Company mission statement: 0 “My main goal is to satisfy my customers. I will try my best to get the newest products for every sport. Without customer satisfaction a company cannot perform well.”

7 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Company location: 0 Miami, Florida.

8 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Immediate goals: 0 My man goal is to satisfy every single customers get what they need for that day. I plan to be a great company and later expand to more stores around the country.

9 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 0 The reason why I choose to make a sporting good store in Miami is because, with the sun shinning bright all year round athletes use their sports products all the time. Then slowly the product begins to break and athletes need new ones. So with my sporting good store the athletes will be able to get any product they need at any time. Unlike up north where sports are played half of the year, and the athletes don’t need new products right away. It gives them time to get new products overtime.

10 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 0 The top trends that help sporting good stores are low prices, variety of products, putting as many sports as possible, and give consumers a nice warm welcoming. As a sporting good store you want the best affordable products the consumers love and want. Also you want to give the consumer the most variety of products to choose from.

11 TARGET MARKET 0 Our target market is sports consumers of any type. We also want loyal and great consumers. Great in the scenes of spreading the word. And helping my company grow.

12 TARGET MARKET 0 As are consumers spread the word it will help my company grow. Which will get a variety of sports players or consumers into my store. As my company grows in consumers my company will grow in products as well.

13 COMPETITION 0 In Miami there are sporting good stores like, sports authority, and DICK’S sporting goods store.

14 COMPETITION Strengths: 0 Sports Authority: good variety of products 0 DICK’S sporting goods: good prices, great deals

15 COMPETITION Weaknesses: 0 Sports Authority: prices are high 0 DICK’S sporting goods: still a new brand not much advertisement.

16 COMPETITION 0 Their could be more competitors over time because of the economy or rent of the building. So you can never be safe as a company. Also you need to hope that the country helps you also by picking a good president for all companies and people.

17 OPERATIONS 0 My store will have an area for each sport they are baseball, basketball, golf, football, soccer, hunting, training, boxing, hockey, and lastly cycling. It will also have a bathroom for both men and women. Lastly it will have a cashier line and cahiers.

18 OPERATIONS 0 My workers will be trained and practiced. I will have many employees and each and every one of the will be trained to be a cashier and know where everything and be a specialist in at least two of our sports.

19 OPERATIONS 0 In my store their will be high technology. With free Wi- Fi. Their will be a soccer goal, batting cage, golf simulator, boxing ring, basketball hoop, and lastly a mini field goal post. Making my store the place to be.

20 ENTERTAINMENT 0 In my store their will be TV's and live music at all times. 0 Their will be challenges in each of the sports simulator areas. Where you can win free item of the day.

21 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION 0 The key employees in my company will be my cahiers because I wouldn’t want my costumers to wait in line to long and get inpatient.

22 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION 0 My recruitment plan will consist of having of picking the quickest and most efficient cashiers. Then I will hire a cleaning crew and lastly a security crew to lock up the store.

23 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION Salary: 0 Cashiers: $15 and hour with two shifts each day. 0 Janitors: $10 per day (only work after hours each day) 0 Security crew: $100 per week

24 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION Benefits: 0 Cashiers: 10 paid vacation days 0 Janitors: 8 paid vacation days 0 Security: 10 paid vacation days

25 LONG TERM GOALS 0 My goal for my store is to make it popular throughout the whole country. I also want to make it somewhere people want to shop at. Maybe one day my company can be a sponsor for a collage bowl game or even an arena of stadium.

26 LONG TERM GOALS 0 I plan on achieving all these goals through determination. I will advertise my store through any means possible. I will try to get tourists and citizens of Miami to visit and spread the word about it. No matter what, I will do anything possible to reach my goals for ALLSTAR SPORTING GOODS.

27 FINANCIALS 0 Cost Accounting: Used to help understand the costs, direct costs, and indirect costs of products they are selling. 0 Management Accounting: Used to track performance and identify areas of improvement within a business. Information gathered might be used to help prepare future budgets, forecasts, and business plans.

28 FINANCIALS 0 In my sporting good store I will have a great variety of supplies for all sports so I will not limit my company with supplies. 0 I would like to make $100,000 a year. 0 This will help make my company very unique and popular over time.

29 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Licenses: 0 Business Operation License 0 Sales Tax License 0 Fire Department Permit

30 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Advertising: 0 Flyers posted around the city. 0 Spread the word. 0 Internet Ads. 0 Open an app to get reward points

31 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Letters: 0 The letters I will send are only important ones. Like talking to the state, government or bills. 0 Also if an employee gets fired or decides to leave my company for some reason.

32 BASEBALL 0 Baseball will most likely have the most supplies. Their will be bats,balls, gloves, helmets, and cleats. Their will also be many accessories like evosheild, pine tar, tape, belts pants, and shirts.

33 BASKETBALL 0 Basketball will have many different shoes of the top NBA players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe. Their will also be basketballs and basketball hopes, and other accessories.

34 FOOTBALL 0 In the football section their will be many supplies. Football cleats, pads, footballs, mouthpieces, helmets and many more.

35 HOCKEY 0 With the hockey their will be both roller hockey and ice hockey. Their will be pucks and roller hockey balls. Their will be hockey sticks and skates.

36 GOLF 0 The golf section of my store will have many different brands of golf balls, their will be different kinds of sets of clubs and a huge selection of drivers and putters.

37 SOCCER 0 In my store their will be many soccer cleats, shin guards, and of course soccer balls.

38 THE END!!

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