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Adult Soccer League MISSISSAUGA YMCA Mississauga YMCA

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1 Adult Soccer League MISSISSAUGA YMCA Mississauga YMCA
Mississauga YMCA 325 Burnhamthrorpe Road West Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3R2 Tel. Donovan Brown (905) ext 453

2 Adult Soccer League Dates and Times
The league games will take place every Saturday’s from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. The duration of the league season will be 5 months (November 2012 to May 2013), plus playoffs for the top 4 teams at the completion of the regular season. All information regarding the league will be posted in the gymnasium.

3 Adult Soccer League ATTENDANCE All league members are required to participate in at least 80% of the league games. Three missed games with no explanation will result in the participant being withdrawn from the league. 

4 Adult Soccer League HOLIDAYS Mississauga YMCA Adult Soccer League recognises all statutory holidays. There will be no game or functions scheduled during times when the building is operating on a holiday schedule.

5 Adult Soccer League SIGN IN
Players are expected to arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled game and sign in with the referees. If a player arrives 5 minutes after the half has begun they are expected to wait until half time to sign in with the referee. Players not signed in will not be aloud to play

6 Adult Soccer League REGISTRATION
As the YMCA is organized, all participants must be registered by the league deadline. (All participants must be members of the Mississauga YMCA) Registration can be done at the membership desk.

7 Adult Soccer League ENTRY FEE
A non-refundable entry fee of $40.00 per player for the league is required. Pay by cash, interact, cheque, Visa, Amex or Master Card. All payments are to be given to the attendant at the membership desk so a receipt can be issued. If you are paying by check, make cheque payable to: Mississauga YMCA Adult Soccer League.  

8 Adult Soccer League PARTICIPANT CONFIRMATION Please obtain your confirmation form and give it to the event organiser as soon as you register. Please fill out the bottom player information on the registration form. 

9 Adult Soccer League PROPER ATTIRE
For your safety and the safety of others, proper gym attire must be worn while in this program. Proper gym attire excludes sandals, jeans and/or jean shorts.

10 Adult Soccer League EQUIPMENT
Bringing your own soccer ball is optional for the team warm up. All soccer balls must be put away during game play Bags are prohibited from the gym area

11 Adult Soccer League Officials/ Game Personal
All games will be refereed by a YMCA staff/volunteer. Two referees will be used for each game. The referees will have complete discretion regarding calls and points.

12 Adult Soccer League League Format
All participants must be members of the Mississauga YMCA. Team roster- 8 player’s minimum 10 players maximum. 6 on 6 play. Games will consist of two 20-minute halves.

13 Adult Soccer League League Rules
Games will start on time, if late no time will be added. 4 players minimum to play without forfeit. Warm-ups are 5 minutes before game, time permitting. Stop time last two minutes of 2nd half A player without their team jersey will not be aloud to play The goalie cannot come out of the crease and go back in the crease with the ball.

14 Adult Soccer League Free Kick If the ball hits the roof or any area considered out of bounds, a free kick is awarded to the opposite team. The free kick must be taken from the place where it hit the roof.

15 Adult Soccer League Floor Side Official
Two-floor side official will keep score, time, and record points, assists and goals Floor side officials may call any calls that may not have been insight of the floor officials.

16 Adult Soccer League Forfeit
Teams are required to report to the gym 10 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. The team captain must notify the floor side official that his/her team is there and of any absentees. If a team is not available prior to their scheduled game time, then they automatically forfeit.

17 Adult Soccer League Zero Tolerance
Fighting will automatically result in ejection from the facility and suspension of membership. Verbal Abuse of any type is unacceptable and will result in the player(s) being ejected from the game and possibly the facility, this may further result in a membership suspension. Profanities are also unacceptable and will warrant the above repercussions. Member Expectations: All players are required to change in their designated change room.

18 Adult Soccer League Individuals Players
As inclusiveness is one of our core values, the Mississauga YMCA has the right to submit individual players to any team the program organizer sees fit.

19 Adult Soccer League General Regulations
Mississauga YMCA reserves the right to verify any players membership #, age or playing experience. Inaccurate information will be grounds for disqualification. Mississauga YMCA reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games or shorten games due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

20 Adult Soccer League Captains Meeting’s
A meeting shall occur at the end of every month between the team representatives. During these meetings many topics will be discussed; this is to hear any concerns or address any issues at hand. Team captains will discuss all changes with regards to the league to team members. It will be up to the captains to relay any new/ changed information to their team..

21 Adult Soccer League Teams Uniforms
All members in the league will be required to wear a team uniform. It consists of a jersey or t-shirt that will be given before the beginning of the regular season and it is to be worn at every game played. Players not wearing jerseys will not be aloud to play. Lost uniforms will have to be replaced at the players own cost.

22 Adult Soccer League Player of the Month
Every montha participant from the league will be chosen as the player of the week. The person will be chosen for illustrating the YMCA’s core values, not just based on their skill level.

23 Adult Soccer League Special Events
During the regular season there will be special event which are optional for adult league participants, but all should attend. Year End Banquet Party At the completion of the Youth Basketball League, there will be a banquet ceremony that all participants are required to attend. The participants are expected to wear formal attire (dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, and dress pants etc…), family members are encouraged to attend, this event. There will be team and individual awards presented. This promises to be a fun, celebratory evening that you won’t want to miss!

24 Adult Soccer League YMCA MEMBER ETTIQUETTE The YMCA is a shared experience for everyone to enjoy. Each of us can make it better by being considerate to others. YMCA Members, staff and volunteers all pledge to treat one another with respect and dignity.

25 Adult Soccer League Slide Tackle
Slide tackling is not allowed. If he/she slide tackles, that person will receive a yellow card. If the tackle is deliberate then the individual will received a red card and will be removed from the game and a possible suspension may be given . Body Contact Unnecessary roughness are not permitted and will result in a direct or indirect free kick, depending on severity and intent. Body contact also included the more severe offenses such as holding, tripping, elbowing, charging or kicking an opponent. An automatic yellow will be given for hard checking or unnecessary roughness against the gym wall. (Hard checking will be determined at the discretion of the referee).

26 Adult Soccer League High Balls
No one may kick, throw, head or in any way play a ball above head height (the height is determined by the discretion of the given official). The opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick where the highball originated. Balls deflected high (including off floor, bench, etc.) and balls which are headed down (with one foot on the floor) will be played unless they go out-of-bounds. * Deflection = a ball off of a body when the player has made no movement to play the ball.

27 Adult Soccer League Substitution
A team can freely substitute, from the corners, all players except the goalie throughout the game. Goalie substitutions may only be made on a stoppage of play when the substituting team has possession and the referee has been notified and approves the change. Teams must make all substitutions from their respective corners (both entry and exit from the designated area of play). Transfers and Additions No player, having actually played for a team, shall play for any other team during the league’s schedule. Special consideration, however, may be given to players on a forfeited team and players on overcrowded teams.

28 Adult Soccer League Boundaries
All areas of the gymnasium are in play, with the following exceptions: 1. The end lines are out of bounds. A corner kick or goal roll will be awarded, as appropriated by the referee. 2. All areas blocked off by benches are out-of-bounds. A roll-in will be awarded to the team that did not touch the ball last, before it cleared the bench, from where the ball went over the bench.

29 Adult Soccer League Fouls
Fouls are given for infringement of the above rules as well as cards will be given out for all fouls: 1. Physical Obstruction - two hands on the wall while checking or being checked constitutes holding and obstruction, as does deliberately blocking the path of an opponent (i.e. a player cannot keep an opponent from getting to the ball while the ball is going out of bounds without attempting to get the ball). A violation will result in an indirect free kick. 2. Verbal Obstruction - unnecessary shouting, calling for the ball without a name, etc. A violation will result in an indirect free kick. 3. Handling the Ball - hand (or arm) to ball constitutes an infraction, ball to hand (or arm) does not (when a player makes no movement towards the ball or has no intent to play the ball with their hand or arm). A violation will result in a direct free kick. 4. Dangerous Play - slide tackles, high kick, tripping. A violation will result in a direct free kick. 5. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - see next section. 6. Sliding to get the ball (except the goalie when in the crease) 7. Goals may not use theirs hand at no time. 8. Goals also can not play of the ground.

30 Adult Soccer League Sportsmanship
Teams and players are expected to exhibit sportsmanlike conduct throughout every contest. Delay of game, (i.e. playing the ball after the whistle, obscene language or gestures, and arguing with officials) constitute unsportsmanlike conduct. Players may be punished by yellow and/or red cards, in addition to an indirect free kick against the offender’s team. Swearing is prohibited, and will be punished with: A yellow or red card if directed towards a participant or official, at the referee’s discretion. An indirect free kick for the first violation, and a yellow card for the second violation, if it is not directed towards a participant or official.

31 Adult Soccer League Free Kick
There are two types of free kicks: direct and indirect. A goal may not be scored directly off an indirect kick, but must touch another player first. All kicks will be indirect except handball infractions and dangerous fouls, such as charging, tripping, etc. The referee will indicate an indirect kick by raising one arm. All opposing players must be 3 yards from the ball on both direct and indirect free kicks. Penalty Kick A penalty kick (or penalty shot) is a special type of direct free kick in which the referee spots the ball the length of the gymnasium (marked by a yellow line) from the offending team’s goal line and a shot is taken with no goalkeeper to beat. The shooter must be a player on the floor at the time the infraction occurred. All other players must stand outside the white rectangle marked by the referee until the ball is brought into the play.

32 Adult Soccer League Carding System
A yellow card is a warning for dangerous or unsportsmanlike conduct and will include an automatic penalty during which the offending team will play one person short for three minutes from the time play resumes. However, a goal by the team on the “power-play” will cancel the remaining penalty time. A repeat of the foul will result in a red card. Note that the goalkeeper who commits a yellow or red card offense must serve the penalty and may be replaced by a teammate. However, the team must still play one person short. An automatic yellow card will be given for language deemed to be offensive by the official no matter who it is directed towards, hard checking or unnecessary roughness against the gym wall. (Hard checking will be determined by the discretion of the given official).

33 Adult Soccer League Soccer Carding System
1 yellow card = 3 minute penalty from the time play resumes. However, a goal by the team on the “power play” will cancel the remaining penalty-time. B. 2 yellow cards = 1 red card. Note: 2 yellow cards in one semester in the same league = 1 red card. However, in this situation only, the carded player may finish the given game. C. 1 red card = ejection from the game and automatic suspension from the next game. Longer suspension if deemed necessary by the Intramural Coordinator. D. 2 red cards in one semester: automatic 3-game suspension. Longer suspension if deemed necessary by the Intramural Coordinator. E. 3 red cards in one semester: automatic 10-game suspension. Longer suspension if deemed necessary by the Intramural Coordinator. F. Suspensions will carryover into the offender’s next semester of eligibility. G. A yellow card may be issued to a whole team for rough play, unsportsmanlike conduct, or deliberate delay of game. Further infractions will result in red cards to individual players. H. A player receiving a red card will be expelled from the rest of that game and may not be replaced by a substitute.

34 Adult Soccer League I. A player may be sent off the field of play temporarily to “cool down” for example. A replacement for the benched player may be made. J. If a player refuses to give his/her name to the referee after he/she has been carded, the game will be forfeited to the opposing team. K. If a player gives the referee a false name after he/she has been carded, the game will be forfeited to the opposing team. L. Upon receiving a yellow card, the player will serve a 3-minute penalty and his/her team will play one person short for that time. M. If more than one player from the same team receives a yellow card, or if a player receives a yellow card while his team is already serving a yellow card penalty, the second yellow card offender will automatically sit in the penalty area, but his/her 3 minute penalty will only commence after the first one has been completed. The offending team will therefore play with four players throughout the non overlapping penalties and the first offender may return to his/her respective bench area only during a stoppage of play after he/she has finished serving his penalty. N. A team that received red and/or yellow cards (and/or injuries) in any manner that leaves them two players simultaneously short will be considered unable to field a full team and thus, must forfeit the contest. Note that, in this situation only, a forfeit will not affect the team’s forfeit deposit.

35 Thank you! For more information, contact: Donovan Brown
Program Supervisor Mississauga YMCA

36 Mississauga YMCA Mississauga YMCA 325 Burnhamthrope Rd
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3R2

37 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
Thousands of children and youth participated in YMCA programs in 2011, which otherwise would be unable to, without the support of our many donors. They had fun, made new friends, and most importantly, built lasting skills for their future.

38 We are asking our soccer participants for their suggestions concerning the soccer program. These suggestions will help us deliver a more efficient program and allow us to improve the program, in order to implement positive changes for the program.

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