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Okotoks Minor Soccer House League Coaches Outdoor 2014.

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1 Okotoks Minor Soccer House League Coaches Outdoor 2014

2 Your Communication Chain Administrative – Usually through your manager to Angela:, 403-938-6502. House League Coordinator -Shawna Zylstra Technical Matt Lumsden, 403-938-6502,

3 OMSA Expectations? Have fun – Every time we are on the field Respect – Each other – Our coaches – The opposition – The referees Learn – U4: that you can have fun and play games with a soccer ball, run in the right direction during games, various movements (Physical Literacy) – U6: run with the ball, dribble the ball, stop with the ball, speed up and slow down, turn with the ball, passing/shooting, get away from the teammate with the ball, go get the ball from the opposition, various movements – U8: like U6 + the difference between passing and shooting, ball control, triangles and diamonds, the sweeper keeper (pinnie), dribbling moves, defending, more advanced movements

4 Creating Your Team Environment Players’ and Parents – Roles and responsibilities – Expectations – Plan for the season – Communication chain – Aligned with OMSA House League Philosophy

5 Training Day Procedures Arrive early Have a plan Spend some time on technique – especially younger teams Finish with a game

6 Game Day Etiquette Cheering - “Well Done Jenny!” Abuse - “Reggie, you call that a pass?!” and “C’mon ref, she was tripped!” Directing - “Mary, go to the ball!” or “Johnny, take the ball outside” Officiating - “Offside! He’s offside!”, “That’s a foul!” Coaching - “Mary, be ready to go to the ball when it comes.”

7 Training & Development  Tech Training  Skills Festivals  OMSA Soccer Camps  July 28th – 31st July  Coach Development

8 Tech Training 5 x 1 hour sessions - $50pp Saturday- Kinsman Fields U8- 10-11 U10- 11.15-12:15 U12- 12:30-1:30

9 Coach Development Active Start (U4/U6) 3.5 hours Fundamentals (U6/U8) Course Length: 7 hours. Learning To Train (L2T - U10/U12) 14 hours (2 days) Soccer For Life (U14+) 14 hours (2 days) Check for courses at and use the link on the left for NCCP Courses

10 Coach Development OMSA Coaching Clinics Dates

11 Online Coach Resources Bytesize Coaching Username: omsau4 Password: omsa4

12 Questions?

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