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Obchodní akademie, Ostrava-Poruba, příspěvková organizace Vzdělávací materiál/DUM VY_32-INOVACE_05C/4 Great Britain / Geography 2 Autor Mgr. Jana Kondeková.

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Presentation on theme: "Obchodní akademie, Ostrava-Poruba, příspěvková organizace Vzdělávací materiál/DUM VY_32-INOVACE_05C/4 Great Britain / Geography 2 Autor Mgr. Jana Kondeková."— Presentation transcript:

1 Obchodní akademie, Ostrava-Poruba, příspěvková organizace Vzdělávací materiál/DUM VY_32-INOVACE_05C/4 Great Britain / Geography 2 Autor Mgr. Jana Kondeková Období vytvoření Srpen 2013 Ročník/věková kategorie 4. ročník / 18-19 let Vyučovací předmět/klíčová slova Great Britain / Geography 2 Anotace Práce slouží k procvičení reálií s tématikou Great Britain jako příprava k maturitní zkoušce.

2 Great Britain Part Four Geography of Great Britain 2

3 Great Britain Population Ethnic Groups Cities with a Population over One Million Relief Highland Britain Lowland Britain Rivers Ports London Gateway Lakes Canals Climate

4 Population According to the 2011 census, the total population of the United Kingdom is around 63 million people. It is the third-largest in the European Union (behind Germany and France) and the 22nd-largest in the world. Its population density is one of the highest in the world at 256 people per square kilometre, due to the high population density in England. Almost one-third of the population lives in England's southeast which is urban and suburban, with about 8 million in the capital city of London, the population density of which is just over 5,200 per square kilometre.

5 Ethnic Groups In Britain we can find the followinf ethnic groups: English (81,5% ) Scottish (9,6% ) Irish (2,4% ) Welsh ( 1,9% ) Indian, Pakistan and others (Jews, Chinese, Caribbeans) - The majority of people speaks English. There are minority languages – Welsh, Scottish and Irish Gaelic.

6 Cities with a Population over One Million London ( 9,787,426 ) Manchester ( 2,553,379 ) Birmingham ( 2,440,986 ) Leeds-Bradford ( 1,777,934 ) Greater Glasgow Urban Area ( 1,199,629 ) - from the United Kingdom Census 2001 (Demography of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (accessed March 01, 2013).

7 Relief Great Britain can be divided into two main regions: Lowland Britain and Highland Britain. The border between these two regions runs from Newcastle-upon -Tyne to Exeter. Lowland Britain lies to the south-east, Highland Britain to the north-west of this line.

8 Highland of Britain Highland of Britain comprises all the mountainous parts of Great Britain. There are the following groups of mountains and hills: - The Highlands of Scotland, which are the highest mountains in the British Isles. The highest peak is Ben Nevis in the Grampians (1,342 m). It is the highest peak int he British Isles. - The Southern Uplands (in the south of Scotland) - The Cheviot Hills (on the border between England and Scotland).

9 Pennines (The Backbone of England) Pennines. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

10 The Highlands of Scotland Escape to the Highlands. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

11 Ben Nevis Ben Nevis. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

12 Scafell Pike Scafell Pike. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

13 Lowland Britain Lowland Britain is mainly a rich plain, more often rolling than flat, broken by low limestone or chalk hills, hardly ever reaching 300m above the sea. These hills include: - The Cotswolds (in the south-west) - The Northampton Uplands, the Lincoln Wolds and the North York Moors in the north-east - The North Downs (south of the Thames) - The Chilterns (north of the Thames).

14 The Cotswolds, England Walking Tours. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

15 Rivers British rivers are not very long but due to rain they are deep. The largest are: the Thames, the Severn and the Trent. River Length (miles) (km) Country 1 River Severn 220 354 Wales /England 2 River Thames 215 346 England 3 River Trent 185 29 7 England They are navigable for small steamers and barge traffic.

16 Ports Besides London, which is a port on the river Thames, there are several other important ports situated on smaller rivers: Glasgow on the river Clyde Liverpool on the Mersey Newcastle on the Tyne Bristol on the Avon.

17 Port of Liverpool Safety4Sea. award-13656 (accessed Aug 06, 2013). award-13656

18 London Gateway London Gateway is a major new deep-water port, which will be able to handle the biggest container ships in the world. London Gateway is located on the former Shell Haven site in Thurrock in Essex. The 1,800-acre (7.3 km2) site is a former oil refinery, which closed in 1999. However, the site has been used as a port since the 16th century. At present the ports of Felixstowe and Southampton are the first and second largest ports by container traffic in the UK, with the Port of London third.

19 London Gateway London Gateway Port. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

20 Lakes Lakes are in the Lake District in England and in the Highlands of Scotland, where they are called lochs. The largest lake int he Lake District is Lake Windermere (about 16km long and 1,6km wide) and the Lake Derwettwater called the Queen of Lakes because of its beauty. The largest lakes in Scotland are Loch Lomond (near Glasgow) and Loch Ness (near Inverness), which became world-famous because of the Loch Ness Monster.

21 Windermere (Lake) Windermere ( lake). (accessed Aug 06, 2013

22 Loch Lomond Loch Lomond Leisure. (accessed Aug 06, 2013).

23 Canals The system of inland water ways also includes a network of canals, which are important for inland freight traffic. There are about 4,000 km of navigable inland waterways. The Manchester Ship Canal connects Manchester with the sea, the Thames and the Severn Canal connects the Thames with the Severn estuary. In Scotland, there are also some canals: the Clyde Canal, the Forth Canal, the Caledonian Canal.

24 Climate Britain has a temperate, humid climate. Winters are mild, the county has not very hot summers, no extremes of temperature, a lot of rain all the year round. The most important factor influencing the climate is the wind. Blowing from the Atlantic, it is mild in winter, cool in summer. The mild climate is due to the warm Gulf Stream flowing from the Gulf of Mexico to western Europe. There is sometimes mist and fog.

25 Bibliography SHEERIN, S. Spotlight on Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990. ISBN 0194327884. VESELÝ, K. The English Speaking Countries. SPN, 1983.

26 The End of Part Four Thank You for Your Attention. Mgr. Jana Kondeková

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