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Decline of the Californios Land, Law and Violence 1850s-1870s.

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1 Decline of the Californios Land, Law and Violence 1850s-1870s

2 Land Grants Between 1828-1846 700 Vincente Peralta 1830 1851 1500 American squatters 1851 Land Law and Land Commission Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 Senator William Gwin 3 man commission in San Francsico

3 Land Grants 1849 : 200 families owned 14 million acres Right of Occupancy Law of Preemption Language barrier, legal system 25% Henry Halleck : Joaquina Alvarado Peralta: Timber, Cattle, Water 160 acres Jose Sunol Horace Carpentier, 19,000 Oakland (Mayor)

4 1853 Solano Napa Contra Costa Monterey Santa Clara Santa Cruz

5 Sanchez Story 1852 Jose and Juria Sanchez Large grant, $70,000 Various economic enterprises Executor $30,000 William Roach & Louis Belcher $80,000 Sheriff, 2 deputies, Mexican assassin, speaker of the state senate Issac Wall

6 Berryessa Family Nicolas Berryessa Rancho Milpitas Nemiso Berryessa New Almaden mine Cousins also lynched in 1854 and 1857 1869 District judge Hoffman 1872 Supreme Court decision 1873 families situation


8 New Almaden Mine Releases mercury into Guadalupe River which empties into the SF Bay 84 million pounds produced by mine Fish unsafe to eat Birds endangered

9 Resistance Legal system Mexicans & Latinos Punishment Language barrier Sexual jealously and rivalry 1851 Josefa Downyville Joaquin Murietta American and Chinese communities

10 Joaquin Murietta Calaveras County Newspaper reports California state legislature $5000 Chinese community $1000 Captain John Love & the Texas Rangers Head of Murietta & Hand of Garcia 1906 Earthquake Controversy

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