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SS 3-5: How did CA’s Government Change?

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1 SS 3-5: How did CA’s Government Change?

2 Mexican War of 1846 April 1846 war between the US and Mexico happened on the Rio Grande River Rio Grande was the border/boundary between the two countries April 25, a large force of Mexicans crossed the river Attacked US soldiers

3 Causes of the Mexican War
1821 Mexico gained independence from Spain Owned large amounts of land Mexican provinces (New Mexico, California, and Texas) US settlers in Texas didn’t like Mexican rule 1836 settlers fought and won Texas Revolution and became independent from Mexico= became own country 1845 US annexed (added) Texas to the US Made Mexican gov’t angry US wanted to expand west= manifest destiny 1845 US tried to buy land west from Mexico Willing to pay $30 million, but Mexico refused

4 Leading to the Bear Flag Revolt
Mexican war began and as Colonel Kearney led troops through the Mexican provinces, they claimed towns they passed. Kearney told Mexicans that land belonged to US August 18, 1846: Kearney and troops reached Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico raised army of Mexicans and American Indians- they left their post= Kearney raising US flag Most New Mexicans accepted it, but a group of New Mexicans and Pueblo Indians started a rebellion in Taos US eventually stopped the rebellion and New Mexico was under the control of the US

5 The War in California: Summer 1846
Californios and American Indians wanted Mexico to continue to govern American settlers did not US army captain, John Fremont encouraged a small group of settlers in northern CA to rebel June 14, 1846: small group of settlers rose up in Sonoma Arrested Mexican army commander and captured military weapons Settlers wrote a declaration of independence from Mexico and declared CA to be the Bear Flag Republic

6 The Bear Flag Revolt Bear Flag rebels had minimal control of northern CA July 1846 American soldiers came and took over the land claimed by the Bear Flag rebels Other soldiers claimed Los Angeles and San Diego Military leaders were in control, but had trouble Only a few hundred soldiers supported them They angered the Californios b/c they set harsh rules Didn’t allow them to carry weapons Californios rebelled and gained control of southern CA January 1847: Kearney stopped rebellion US captured CA

7 Changes in control of CA in the 1840’s: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Treaty named after the city north of Mexico City where treaty was signed United States paid $15 million for the area of Arizona, California, western Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah U.S. also settled $3 million in claims made by the U.S. citizens against Mexico

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