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Laboratory Reports LAB for Non-Laboratorians Resource Patient Management System.

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1 Laboratory Reports LAB for Non-Laboratorians Resource Patient Management System

2 Session Objectives Compare and contrast Laboratory Reports within the EHR Lab tab and Reports tab. Generate a Laboratory Interim Report. Create a Laboratory Health Summary Report. Configure EHR Laboratory Report Parameters. Display EHR Patient Visit.

3 Session Objectives (cont.) Use EHR Lab tab: -Most recent. -Cumulative. -All tests by date. -Worksheet. -Graph. -Lab test Status. Laboratory Test Counts.

4 Laboratory Results stored in Laboratory Package vs results stored in PCC as Lab Data Results from laboratory package Available on the laboratory tab in the EHR Link to the CPT code file and go to the Coding Que Available for statistical searches Available for providers to compare current to previous lab results

5 Laboratory Results Laboratory Suite vs PCC Lab Data (cont.) Results entered and stored in PCC Available on the Health Summary only Do not show up on the Lab tab in the EHR Must use the Reports tab in EHR to see these Do not link to any CPT codes or billing package Available for clinical reporting, but may be more difficult to use for statistical searches. Difficult for providers to search for previous lab when comparing to current labs.

6 Types of Patient Lab Reports Interim report Cumulative Report Health Summary report Display Patient Visit EHR Lab tab -Most recent -All tests by date -Cumulative Report -Worksheet -Graph -Lab Status

7 Interim Report Report in Lab Package Prints nicely formatted Lab Reports Often printed for patients Copy may be used to send with a patient to a referral. EHR the report is known as Results by Date Range

8 Interim Report (cont.) ABBOTT,RAY MITCHELL Date/Time Printed: 12/20/10 16:36 HRCN: 144239 SEX: M DOB: Jul 19, 1973 AGE: 37 LOC: AC Accession [UID]: SO 1216 4 [0003500004] Provider: USER,WWSTUDENT NOT E-SIG PARTICIPATING Specimen: SERUM Spec Collect Date/Time: 12/16/10 10:03 Test name Result units Ref. range Site Result Dt/Time CHOLEST 221 H mg/dL < - 200 [7247] 12/16/10 10:04 TRIGLYC 300 H mg/dL 35 - 160 [7247] 12/16/10 10:04 HDL 33 mg/dL >=35 [7247] 12/16/10 10:04 Eval: CORONARY RISK FEMALES MALES Eval: ------------- --------- ------- Eval: Decreased >55 >45 Eval: Average 55 45 Eval: Increased <55 <45 LDL 72 mg/dL - 130 [7247] 12/16/10 10:04

9 Health Summary Report Open Reports Tab. Select Health Summary – Adult Regular

10 Health Summary Report (cont.) The Adhoc Report can be used to customize lab reports. Select type of report, and test desired with the blue arrows.

11 EHR Reports –Most Recent

12 EHR Reports – All tests by Date

13 EHR Reports - Worksheet Select the tests desired in the worksheet and click Add When finished click OK.

14 EHR Reports – Worksheet (cont.)

15 EHR Reports - Graph

16 EHR Reports Tab – Lab test Status

17 EHR Orders Tab – Lab test Status Select View, Custom Order View, All, Laboratory, Uncheck Reverse Chronological Sequence

18 Orders Tab – Lab test Status (cont.)

19 Quality Maintenance Reports Laboratory Test Counts Search for Abnormal or Critical Lab Values

20 Laboratory Test Counts Open the Main Lab Menu Select Supervisor Menu Select Lab Statistics Menu ORDERED TEST COST BY PROVIDER or Select Supervisor Reports Count Accessioned Tests

21 Search for Critical Lab Values This report is useful for documenting what has been done with critical results. This is an accreditation requirement Patient Safety Issue. –Open the Main Lab Menu –Select supervisor Menu –Select Search for critical value flagged tests –Enter dates for search –Comment area may be used for documenting action taken.

22 Questions & Discussion

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