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Introduction to the Parkview Health Laboratory Website and Test

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1 Introduction to the Parkview Health Laboratory Website and Test Menu @

2 Home Page Offers Immediate Access to the Test Menu Articles on Medicare Compliance Testing – New, Revised, and Inactive New Client Information Wellness Program Information School of Medical Technology

3 The Menu Bar offers Several Reference Tools About Us Certifications Lab Links Testing Reference PHL Client Specific information and tools for the Parkview Health Clients The Test Menu

4 About US Find all of Parkview Health Laboratories Certifications and Accreditation documentation Administration Team Contact and Specialization Information

5 Lab Links Links you directly to Parkview Health’s Website External Lab Resource “Lab Test Online” Gives reference information on many lab tests

6 PHL Clients Menu Offers Client Resources like Specimen Collection information & Microbiology Needs Pediatric Information Procedures requiring an appointment Billing Information & Medicare References Supply Ordering Information and Forms Client Newsletters

7 Our Test Menu gives you the complete picture Does Medical Necessity Apply Specific notes for Outreach Clients Patient Preparation Instructions Specimen Requirements & Minimum Volumes Collection Instructions Temperature & Stability Requirements Reference Ranges Critical Ranges if applicable Test Comments Methodology of testing Clinical Significance Other documentation Alternate Test Names Included Tests

8 Plus… Production Schedule Information Stat Eligibility Turn Around Times (from receipt of the lab) Days Performed Site Performed Test Codes CPT Codes

9 Within a test you will find Links to Printable Instructions for Specimen Collection Available in English, Burmese & Spanish Test Specific Access to Medical Necessity Information Reflex Testing Information Pediatric Ranges when applicable And much, much more…

10 Changing for Better Patient Care Our website is constantly changing Be aware that the next time you log on something may have changed When opening a test it will tell you when it was last updated Contact Lee Cutting at 373-9404 For a Website Demonstration for staff If there something you would like to see added that would help your site let us know

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