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March 27 th 5:30pm Sheldon Historic Classroom ODK MEMBER MEETING.

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1 March 27 th 5:30pm Sheldon Historic Classroom ODK MEMBER MEETING

2 IMPORTANT DATES (EVENTS) Friday, March 30 th FOLC 3-6PM (Student Presentations) Saturday, March 31 st FOLC 11AM-3PM (Professional Workshops, StrengthsQuest Sessions) Sunday, April 1 st FOLC 11AM-3PM (Luncheon, Keynote Speaker, Alumni Sessions) Thursday, April 12 th Spaghetti Miracle Dinner 5PM-7PM Tuesday, April 17 th Cam’s fundraiser 4-9PM Saturday, April 21 st Induction Ceremony 11AM Sheldon Hall Ballrm **** No Greene’s Fundraiser due to the lack of interest ****

3 IMPORTANT DATES (MEETINGS) Wednesday, April 4 th ODK member meeting 4:30PM Monday, April 9 th ODK member meeting 4:00PM Friday, April 13 th ODK hours & meeting requirements due Sunday, April 15 th ODK member meeting 2:00PM (Induction details)

4 FUTURE OFFICERS During induction ceremony the new officers are sworn into office Open for nominations Next meeting those interested in positions will give a little speech and we will vote Positions available President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

5 BIBLIOGRAPHY'S FOR INDUCTIONS Please provide your bio by Friday, April 13th! Keep them to 150 words or less and write them in the third person. We will read these at the induction ceremony. Include things like your major, GPA if you want it mentioned, future plans, people you want to thank, etc. Here are some examples: Mark Ferguson is a Junior, Psychology Major, in the Honors Program. For the past two years, he has functioned as Dr. Kay’s and Dr. Weiner’s First Year Peer Advisor. Mark has been involved with programs such as Mentor Oswego and Adopt-a-Grandparent, mentoring kids in local area schools and going to local nursing homes visiting the elderly He has served as a tutor for Oswego Learning Services since his second semester freshman year. Mark will graduate from Oswego in December of 2011. He plans on attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology. Mark would like to thank his father and brother for attending the event. Katlin Brunner is a junior, Pre-Med major with minor in Health Science and Business Administration. She is an EMT and is involved with S.A.V.A.C, the volunteer ambulance service on campus. She plans on going to medical school for her PhD in Physical Therapy. Along with her studies, she has played Oswego rugby since spring 2009 and is chairman for the fundraiser committee of ODK.

6 FUTURE OSWEGO LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Friday, March 30 th 3:00-3:20 Opening & Welcome (CC Auditorium) 3:30-6:00 Student Presentations ( CC 132, 133, 201) What I need 2-3 Volunteers to staff a registration table outside the Auditorium to hand out programs and name tags 1-2 Volunteers to be in each classroom with presentations to act as a time keeper, collect evaluations and hand out awards to the presenters Register for event at

7 FUTURE OSWEGO LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Saturday, March 31 st 11:00-11:45 Opening & Welcome (includes continental breakfast) in the Historic Classroom of Sheldon Hall 12:00-1:00 Professional Development Workshop (Jose Miguel Longo, Career Services) in the Historic Classroom of Sheldon Hall How to present your leadership skills utilizing social media and networking. Identify personal branding techniques, learn how to appropriately use social networking sites, learn the value of illustrating skills, qualifications, experience. 1:15-1:45 StrengthsQuest Welcome in the Historic Classroom of Sheldon Hall 2:00-3:00 StrengthsQuest Sessions (Historic Classroom & Sheldon Classroom on third floor) Discover, develop and apply your talents for personal and career success. This presentation will introduce you to what it means to work from a strengths-based perspective and how to best apply your own strengths (Jose Longo, Jackie Wallace, Christy Huynh & Michael Pastille) What I need 2-3 Volunteers to staff the registration table to hand out programs & name tags

8 FUTURE OSWEGO LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Sunday, April 1 st 11:00-12:00 Social Event/Networking (includes light snacks)- Hewitt Lounge Main Lounge 12:00-1:30 Lunch- Hewitt Union Ballroom 1:00-1:30 Keynote Speaker- Hewitt Union Ballroom La-Dana Jenkins ‘94 from a career development firm in NYC 2:00-3:00 Alumni Sessions (Campus Center rooms 132 & 133) Students will have the opportunity to meet with speaker of their choice Nichole Wenderlich ‘02 – “How to Market yourself as a leader” Michael Sgro – “How to Get Alumni to ‘Like’ you” What I need 2-3 Volunteers to staff registration table during the luncheon, hand out picture frames

9 SPAGHETTI MIRACLE DINNER Thursday, April 12 th 5-7PM at the Newman center We will be volunteering to prepare the dinner (Spaghetti, pasta, rolls etc..) In order to attend the event, guests must bring a box of pasta and a jar of sauce All the food collected will be dropped off at a local food pantry Food for the event will either be donated or bought by ODK We will need volunteers to hand out flyers for the event and it will also be mentioned during the Newman Center service.

10 OTHER TASKS Cam’s Fundraiser- April 17 from 4 -9 pm We need volunteers to represent ODK at Cam’s throughout the event. We can break them into 1 hour intervals We need to make and hand out flyers. These flyers must be presented in order for us to get % of the proceeds How much we raise from the fundraisers will determine if we will be able to get ODK apparel or not Bake Sale: Grand Total: $111.94

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