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Old Mill High School PRIDE Period

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1 Old Mill High School PRIDE Period
Structures and Student Expectations

2 What is PRIDE Period? A one-hour school wide structure designed to:
- provide academic interventions - build teacher/student relationships - develop student ownership of academic success

3 When will PRIDE Period occur?

4 Where do I have to be during PRIDE Period?
Must be in one location per block In the Cafeteria (only one block) In a classroom, with a teacher or staff member In an incentive area (Patriot Patio, Gym, Auditorium) – if you have all A’s, B’s, and C’s In a computer lab In the College and Career Center In a Study Hall classroom

5 Closed = Pink Incentive Rooms = Orange Discipline Rooms = Purple Open Restrooms = Green Study Hall Rooms = Red Computer Labs = Blue Gymnasium Dance Room Auditorium A116 A115 Weight Room A107 A104 Men Women

6 Incentive Rooms = Orange
Closed = Pink Incentive Rooms = Orange Discipline Rooms = Purple Open Restrooms = Green Study Hall Rooms = Red Computer Labs = Blue Women A265 A263 Bredon Lab A229 Mini Lab Men D201 D202

7 How will I decide where to go?
You will create a schedule every Monday during Advisory. Create your schedule keeping your struggling courses in mind! Your teachers may also advise that you see them during specific blocks of time.

8 Is Tardy Table open during PRIDE Period?
Tardy table is open during PRIDE Period. You have 10 minutes to get to your destination. When the 10:13 and 10:48 bells ring, you are late! Consequences: - 1st – Warning - 2nd – Warning - 3rd – One week lunch detention (one hour) - 4th – Two weeks lunch detention (one hour) - 5th – Additional administrative consequences

9 Where can I purchase food?
All five lines in the Cafeteria will be open. You can also purchase food at one of the four other kiosks: - Lower Administration–Cash/Student Number - North Locker Bank– Cash Only - College & Career Center– Cash/Student - English/WCL Intersection– Cash Only

10 Am I allowed to eat anywhere?
Yes, as long as you dispose of your trash in the trashcans located in the main hallways. Do not leave trash in classrooms, classroom trashcans, or any common areas. Let a teacher or staff member know immediately if there are any spills.

11 What rules must I follow?
I will use this time to access academic interventions and work with my teachers. I must be on time to my destination. Once at my destination, I will not be allowed to get a pass to see another teacher, go to the restroom, see my counselor, etc. I must throw away my food trash in the cafeteria or hallway trash cans. I will complete my weekly schedule on Mondays during Advisory. I will sign in at each location. I will show my student ID to enter all incentive areas. I will walk and talk in the hallways. I will enter the Cafeteria through the North or South locker banks – not through the downstairs Business/A section.

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