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10:05 – 10:35 You will have advisory every day the first week.

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1 10:05 – 10:35 You will have advisory every day the first week

2 Schedule Change Forms Orange form and transcript must be submitted to counseling office by your advisory teacher within 5 days 1.There is a gap in my schedule. 2.I am senior and need a course to graduate. 3.I do not meet the pre-requisite for a class on my schedule. 4.I am a senior and have failed a course that I need to complete graduation requirements. 5.I have taken a class previously and received credit.

3 Student IDs SLC is indicated on Colored strip Red = 12th Blue = 11th Green = 10th Barcode is your student ID # LUNCH: Dont forget your ID or back to the end of the line you go!

4 What if YOU dont have an ID?? Go to Mr. Smiths office, 2007 B : (3rd door on the left after leaving the Bulldog Lobby) Seniors, Monday August, 20 (1st day of school) Juniors, Tuesday August, 21 (2nd day of school) Sophomores, Wednesday August 22 (3rd day of school)

5 Student Envelopes & Student Handbooks Take Home and Return: DUE: Friday Aug 24th Application for Meal Benefits Military Opt-out Form PTSO Membership Form Bilingual Registration Form Student Digital Resources Use Policy Student Health Department Form Receipt of Policies Keep: Student Handbook Purple Bell Schedule

6 Studentt SMART Lunch

7 Fayetteville High School Bell Schedule S.M.A.R.T. Lunch (Students Maximizing Achievement with Resources and Time)


9 SMART LUNCH Students Maximizing Achievement with Resources and Time Priority TGS Days By Department A Lunch Shift

10 SMART LUNCH Students Maximizing Achievement with Resources and Time Student will have an M coded in grade book/attendance. When work is turned in, teacher will change it to a C-Completion and the student will be taken off of the MSH list. Student will remain on the MSH list until you turn your work in. A Lunch Shift B Lunch Shift


12 TGS 10 th grade MSH Detention Intramurals Clubs 11 th and 12 th MSH Anyone who hasnt eaten SMARTLUNCH B A More Information on Clubs and Intramurals later this week! 11 th & 12 th Grade Lunch Room 10th Grade Lunch Room

13 may go Off-Campus Must exit the building via the Northwest Exit Doors of the Bulldog Lobby. A resource officer or administrator will be looking for the seal. Senior Advisory teachers will put FHS tamper-resistant seals (stickers) on top left corner of IDs ONLY IF THEY TURN IN THE PERMISSION SLIP Seniors Forms were mailed home….extra copies available in attendance office

14 Seniors who havent turned in parent permission form to advisor Seniors who didnt pass EOCs (Geometry, Biology, or Literacy) OR have not finished remediation. Seniors who are assigned to teacher guided study or mandatory study hall Seniors who have lost privileges Seniors who have been booted for parking violations may go Off-Campus Some Seniors NOT

15 How Seniors can LOSE Open Campus Privilege: Assignment to ISS….loss of lunch privilege suspension plus one month Assignment to OSS….loss of lunch privilege for nine weeks Excessive absences (8+) 5 th Period Tardies (5+) Booted Parking Violations Outstanding Fines or Fees Transporting Junior or Sophomore off of campus during lunch

16 What do kids do when its not their lunch period or they bring their lunch? Go to the Outdoor Phase I steps to eat, socialize, or participate in intramural activities. Go back into the hallways as they do now to eat their lunch or receive help from teachers. Students will be allowed to take food from the cafeteria Go to the Library or Computer Lab Go to the North Green Area between the Bulldog Lobby Entrance and the parking lot. No going into the parking lot! No Food Allowed in Library or in Computer Labs

17 The End

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