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Congress Briefing Program and Event Locations Meetings Advisory Committee.

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1 Congress Briefing Program and Event Locations Meetings Advisory Committee

2 Presentations and Talks (4/29-5/2) - Main Auditorium Mass (4/30-5/2) - Main Auditorium Exhibitions (4/30-5/2) - Corridor Cultural Night (5/1) - Front yard of the Memorial Hall Program and Event Locations

3 Main Auditorium - Presentations and Talks - Mass Corridor - Exhibition Main buildingNew building Sanctuary - Workshop

4 Parallel Workshop (19:45, 4/29) - Delegates: At Rizal Park - Provincial Coordinators: At Sanctuary Discussion on each Topics (4/29-5/2) - Discussion rooms (New Building) 1 st floor (FIN: Rizal Park) 2 nd floor (GIA: Fuji Mountain, VIE: Dong Nai River) 3 rd floor (CIN: Hong Kong Harbor – 2 rooms) 4 th floor (THA: Wat Po, FIS: Dospalmas) Main Auditorium (KOR) Advisory Committee Meetings Meetings

5 Meeting Rooms Entrance Room 102 Room 103 Room 104 Rizal Park For 2 nd Floor Meeting Room Office Lounge New building 1 st floor - Delegates Workshop - Discussion (FIN) New building 2 nd floor Fuji Mountain DongNai River - Discussion (GIA)- Discussion (VIE) Main Auditorium New building 3 rd floor Hong Kong Harbor 1 - Discussion (CIN) Hong Kong Harbor 2 New building 4 th floor Wat Po - Discussion (THA) Dospalmas - Discussion (FIS)

6 Others Time schedule of our Congress is quite tight and time for formal discussion is limited.  You are encouraged to have informal Provincial Meetings for more discussion. Also, you are encouraged to have times for individual digest and internalization at free times. Every Province shall present summary of all discussion results on the afternoon of May 1 st.  Please make summary notes just after each discussion and submit copies of them to Organizing Committee.

7 Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Provincial Delegates and Provincial Coordinators are appointed to form Advisory Committee to ensure smooth running of the Congress. The duties are: - To promote/lead group discussions, sharing and activities. - To feedback everyday activities and to disseminate information/messages. - To join an evaluation meeting of the KOC at the end of everyday on request.

8 Presentation of the Best Practices and Success Stories Please submit PowerPoint file for presentation to Korean Organizing Committee (cc. Celestino Yoon) if you bring the file. If you already submitted the file to KOC, please confirm your presentation schedule at the NOTICE BOARD in front of the Main Auditorium. Thank you for your attention!

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