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League/LSC Monthly Update Wednesday, November 11, 2009.

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1 League/LSC Monthly Update Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 2 Contents Top LSC’s What’s New –FTD –CU Benefits –Chrysler –Complete Tax Sprint News of Interest GM Member Survey On-Line Media Creative Follow-up Overcoming Objections League Communication Schedule

3 3 Top LSC’s Auto SalesSprint Supporting Credit Unions Texas28,837 Michigan 206 Michigan17,760 California/Nevada 42 Florida/Alabama13,645 Texas 36 California/Nevada10,634New York 32 Pennsylvania10,233Florida 30

4 4 What’s New Beginning November 1, 2009 Members receive 20% discount on: –Flowers –Plants –Gift baskets –And more Web site encourages members to use their credit union credit or debit card

5 5 What’s New Beginning November, 2009 Bundled discounts on medical and lifestyle products and services Discounts from 5% – 70% Examples include: Medical DiscountsLifestyle Discounts Dental Care ID Theft Vision Care Financial Helpline Medical supplies Legal Services Mail order pharmacy Fitness

6 6 What’s New Chrysler’s Back! Chrysler Returns with Affiliate Rewards Preferred Pricing for Credit Union Members –November 3 – 30, 2009 –Members save thousands with Preferred Pricing on Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Truck –Members must obtain a Chrysler control number via –To get full program details visit

7 7 What’s New CompleteTax Beginning December 1, 2009 30% Credit Union Member Discount Easy-to-use consumer tax prep software for federal and state Individual tax returns via the Internet The same software trusted by more CPAs and tax professionals Lower price and higher discount than TurboTax Turbo Tax is owned by Intuit, a bank Great cross marketing opportunity for “use your refunds to reinvest through your credit union”

8 8 Sprint 2009/2010 Contract Year The Sprint contract year runs from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010 Sprint Quarterly Mailing Inserts The deadline to order your January 2010 quarterly insert is December 7, 2009 New Credit Unions for the 2009/2010 contract year that did not schedule an October 2009 insert mailing need to schedule a January 2010 insert in order to receive their 75% marketing incentive Sprint Marketing Materials Sprint marketing materials are currently being updated Updated marketing materials will be available in December

9 9 New Product Launches Aid GM Sales Increase GM reported their first U.S Sales gain in 21 months New product launches are off to a very strong start –Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang five months in a row –Terrain and Equinox have added a third shift at the plant to meet demand –LaCrosse is attracting younger buyers with one-third under 55 –SRX sales are up nearly 300% over the prior model –Average transaction prices are up compared to the models they replaced Consumer Digest 2010 Automotive Best Buy Awards recognized 15 GM vehicles, the most of any manufacturer Source: GM Press Release

10 10 Chrysler Group LLC Looks to Future Chrysler Group LLC reported a 6% sales increase over September 2009 Chrysler Group LLC was profitable on an operating basis in September 2009 Chrysler’s cash reserves have improved from $4 billion to $5.7 billion since the company emerged from bankruptcy in June 2009 The redesigned 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available in the Spring of 2010 Sources: Chrysler Group LLC October Sales Press Release,, November 4,

11 11 GM Member Survey Results 43% previously owned a competitive brand vehicle and almost a quarter (23%) owned a foreign brand 84% agreed that the Credit Union Member Discount was very important in their decision to purchase a GM vehicle 80% feel that the Credit Union Discount strengthened the value of their Credit Union 53% consider their Credit Union to be their primary financial institution 49% financed through their Credit Union Only 10% learned about the discount through their Credit Union Source: The Credit Union Member Discount from GM Satisfaction Survey - October 2009

12 12 Online Media Campaign Results Display and Search Results 9/11-11/1/09 Online advertisements generated 48 million impressions contributing towards 392 GM authorization code requests Web search actions generated 4 million impressions and 184 authorization requests On-Line Survey Results 47% lift in consumers likeliness of buying a new vehicle in the next three months 27% lift in consumers likeliness of considering GM for their next new vehicle purchase

13 13 Creative Revised Home Page New Chrysler Creative Available to IIA Participating Credit Unions

14 14 Follow-up Marketing Materials Fulfillment: –Free printed marketing materials are available to promote the Chrysler and GM discounts –695 credit unions have ordered free marketing kits –1,250 credit unions have not responded –Your credit unions can still order inserts for January mailings; order deadline is December 1, 2009 Please insure your Credit Unions are taking Advantage of These No Cost Materials

15 15 Overcoming Objections Credit Union: Do I have to promote all the partners/incentives under the Invest in America program? Response: Not at all. You can pick and choose the incentives you want to promote, when you want to promote them. You may choose to promote the auto discounts while you are running an auto loan promotion and promote the moving & storage discount during the spring & summer when more people tend to move or when you are running a mortgage promotion. We have created specific materials for the various programs, so you can pick and choose different focuses or you can use the materials that promote the concept of Investing in America.

16 16 Overcoming Objections Credit Union: I don’t like to put vendor links on our web site, because I don’t want it to look cluttered. Response: That’s one of the reasons we have just one site where your members can access all the partners/incentives that are part of Invest in America. Your credit union can add just one banner or link to the home page and/or various other sections of the site. The concept is to promote member savings while supporting American companies. So you don’t need to put different links or logos all over your site. A simple banner (already developed and free to all credit unions @ with a description of what the IIA program is, should work just fine. You can use the same banner throughout the site, so it will become familiar to your members.

17 17 Future League Communications League Conference Calls 1 st month of each quarter (Wednesday’s at 3 pm EST) –January 13, 2010 –April 14, 2010 –July 14, 2010 –October 13, 2010 Access –Phone: 888-742-8686 –ID: 9691663 Monthly updates via PowerPoint presentation –2nd Wednesday each month –Available on line IIA Newsletter (First Friday of every month) –December

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