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Our Safety, Health & Environment is a shared responsibility SHE INDUCTION 2012.

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1 Our Safety, Health & Environment is a shared responsibility SHE INDUCTION 2012

2 Occupational Health & Safety ACT (85 of 1993) - OHSACT To provide for the health and safety of persons at work and for the health and safety of persons in connection with the use of plant and machinery; The protection of persons other than persons at work against hazards to health and safety arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work; Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

3 Somerset College - SHE Policy The College as employer recognises responsibility to Provide a safe and healthy workplace Achieve and maintain the highest standard of health and safety at all times Policy Commitments: Provide guidance and training Consultation with staff Management acknowledges responsibility for Health and Safety of employees Expectation of staff compliance with SHE policies Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

4 Employer’s Duties & Responsibilities OSHAct - Section 16 – Legal Requirements of CEO Ensure employees have a thorough knowledge of their job Inspect the workplace to identify hazards and reduce risks accordingly Inform employees of all hazards associated with their jobs Create a communications forum with the employees (SHE Committee) Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

5 Employee’s Duties & Responsibilities OSHAct Section 14 – Legal Requirements of employees Cooperate with School Management in maintaining SHE policy Take reasonable care not to harm yourself or other people around you Report any unsafe conditions which may affect SHE on and off the campus (to SHE Rep) Report any incident which may affect SHE on and off the campus (to Incident Investigator) Incident: near miss, damage, injury, illness, behavioural issues (bullying, peer pressure etc) Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

6 Duties of all: Take care of their own health and safety Co-operate with the rules to protect your health and safety Take care of the safety and health of others on the site Be aware and identify & report things which are not safe 1 Serious Accident 10 Minor Injuries 30 Property Damage 600 Near Misses

7 What should you report? Injuries Hazards Near misses Unsafe conditions Reporting of near misses helps minimise the chance of an incident or injury.

8 Why do we need to investigate? To identify what occurred before and after the incident. To identify shortcomings. To prevent it happening again. Investigations are NEVER about blame.

9 Unsafe Conditions…..

10 Catering Natasha September Report to:


12 Legal Appointments CEO – 16.1: Tim Nuttal 16.2 : Jan de Waal 8.2 : Ettienne Briers

13 Legal Appointments Health and Safety Representatives: Natasha September; Anwar Bazier; Oscar Pietersen [Zane Godwin; Mandy Gibson; Eddie de Jager; Jane Burke; Clarence Oliver] Incident Investigators: Cecil Adams ; Gail Schulschenk; Jacques Groenewald Evacuation Officers: Duty Supervisor Catering; Anwar Bazier; [Gareth Tucker; Mark Engelbrecht; Warren Bevan; Debbie Erasmus; Hilton Toro] First Aiders: Juanita Gertse; Natasha September; Natashia Jones; Sharon Stewart; Oscar Pietersen; Aubrey Fortuin; [Gert Esterhuize; Louise van Zyl; Jean Dawson; Beth Pohl; Shirley Mussman; Sr Debbie Marinos] Fire Marshalls Vernon Fortuin; [Taryn Engledow; Grant Caldwell; Robert Clarke; Jacques Grobler; Anthea Oliver]

14 Housekeeping We are each responsible for: keeping our work area clean and tidy; workplace free of clutter; appropriate storage of items (use lockers to store material such as bags and jackets; clear aisles and pathways (NO electrical leads draped across walkways)

15 Housekeeping

16 First Aid The aim of first aid is to: Prevent minor injuries becoming major. Prevent death. The First Aid kit is located: In the Main Kitchen area The First Aiders are: Juanita Gertse; Natasha September; Natashia Jones; Sharon Stewart

17 In case of accidents Remove the danger IF you can do so safely. Summon first aid. Note the witnesses. Alert your supervisor.

18 First Aid Teams

19 Working with Electricity Reportable faults: Insufficient sockets. Misuse of extension cables. No isolation switches. No signage outlining high risk areas. Abuse. No competent people.

20 Portable electric equipment Any item with a plug attached. No non-company appliances allowed unless tested and with permission. All appliances must be physically examined before use – bare wires etc. Any appliance found to be faulty must not be used.

21 Hand tools and all work Equipment Anything used at work must be: Suitable for its intended use. Well maintained. All staff: Must be sufficiently trained.

22 Causes of Fire Arson. Electrical faults. Poor housekeeping. Smoking. Carelessness.

23 Oil Fires

24 Fire Needs Oxygen. Heat. Fuel Take away one of these needs and the fire does not exist.

25 Preventing Fire Store combustibles correctly. Practice good housekeeping. Check electrical equipment. No smoking policy is in place. Alarm systems in place.

26 Know how to: Raise the alarm. Evacuation. Assembly points. Fire extinguishers location & use. Fire wardens.

27 How to use a Fire Extinguisher

28 Emergency Procedures Evacuation Procedure Lockdown Procedure Lockdown Shelter in Place (external chemical/gas release) Severe Weather Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

29 ACTION All lights and electrical items to be switched off. Doors and windows to be left as they are. Walk briskly. DO NOT RUN. Keep to the left where possible. Move as per evacuation plan to Assembly Area 1 (Siebrits Field) If Siebrits Field inaccessible move to Assembly Area 2 (Stanford Field) or Assembly Area 3 (Off Site) DO NOT RETURN INTO THE BUILDING UNTIL YOU HEAR THE ALL CLEAR. Evacuation Procedure Evacuation Controller - Zane Godwin Evacuation Officers Mark Englebrecht Gareth Tucker Anwar Bazier Kitchen Duty Supervisor Fire Marshals Taryn Engeldow Grant Caldwell Vernon Fortuin First Aid Gert Esterhuyse Shift First Aiders - Kitchen Facilities Evacuation: Ettienne Briers

30 Lockdown Procedure ACTION All learners, staff and visitors to report to nearest classroom or safe area. Assist those needing special assistance. All lights and electrical items switched off. Doors and windows to be closed & locked. Everyone to stay away from windows & doors. Lockdown Coordinator Zane Godwin Lockdown Officers Mandy Gibson - Wynne Science Block Ludwig van Coppenhagen - Pinotage Block Grant Caldwell - Merlot and Cellar Block Simon Chapman - Music Block Mark Englebrecht Hall and Chapel Etienne Briers - Facilities & Workshop Blocks Gail Schulschenk Finance & Admin Block Sr Debbie Marinos - Boarding Block Clarence Oliver – Cabernet, Music Rooms Lockdown Administrator Shirley Mussmann Drop to the floor & sit under tables. BE QUIET. DO NOT LEAVE THE BUILDING UNTIL END OF LOCKDOWN IS ANNOUNCED. Lockdown Officers will go to each venue to announce end of Lockdown.

31 Environmental Policy Constitution of South Africa 108 of 1996: Section 24 Everybody has the right: To an environment that is not harmful to their health or well- being; and To have the environment protected, for the benefit of present and future generations, through reasonable legislation and other measures that: Prevent pollution and ecological degredation Promote conservation; and Secure ecological sustainable development.... Cradle to Grave Somerset College - Safety, Health & Environment Induction

32 Remember: You must protect your own safety and the safety of others. Observe safety notices. Report concerns to supervisors. Keep access routes clear. Raise the alarm in the event of fire. Follow all safety guidance issued to you.

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