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Chapter 20 Test Review.

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1 Chapter 20 Test Review

2 What was the decisive factor in the election of 1960?
The television coverage of the Kennedy-Nixon debates

3 What policy was developed by the Kennedy administration because of their concern that reliance on nuclear weapons limited the U.S. military options? Flexible response

4 What crisis brought the world uncomfortably close to the brink of nuclear war?
Cuban Missile Crisis

5 A foreign aid program for Latin American countries
Alliance for Progress

6 The Kennedy family reminded many Americans of the romantic and optimistic vision presented in which Broadway musical? Camelot

7 Where was President Kennedy when he was assassinated?
Dallas, Texas

8 Johnson’s program that was sometimes called the “domestic Peace Corps” because it organized volunteers to help people in the United States VISTA

9 This extended health insurance to those on welfare.

10 How did the Warren Court react to prayer in public schools?
The Warren Court banned prayer in public schools.

11 From rural to urban areas
How did the reapportionment of election districts shift political power? From rural to urban areas



14 What were the major achievements of the Great Society
What were the major achievements of the Great Society? What were some of its flaws?

15 The Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban missile crisis, and the Berlin crisis all occurred during the Kennedy presidency. During which of these events was Kennedy most effective?

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