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Kennedy and Johnson Years

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1 Kennedy and Johnson Years
Ch. 22 Kennedy and Johnson Years

2 John F. Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon in 1960 Pres
John F. Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon in 1960 Pres. Election by small margin, JFK wins due to televised debate JFK doesn’t have a mandate (public endorsement of ideas)

3 JFK calls his policies the “New Frontier”, he wants to improve economy, fight poverty and inequality, and develop the space program JFK policies frequently blocked by Congress began to use executive orders (no congressional approval)

4 JFK was successful in improving economy and living conditions of the poor, also put man on the moon in 1969

5 JFK foreign policy begins with Bay of Pigs invasion (US backed opponents of Fidel Castro lead invasion of Cuba, invasion failed and JFK was widely criticized Fidel Castro watches Bay of Pigs invasion from a tank. Captured Counter-Revolutionaries

6 Soviet Union builds Berlin Wall cuts off Communist East Germany from Democratic West Germany
Building the Wall Kennedy speaking at Berlin Wall

7 In Oct 1962 Soviet Union begins to build missile bases in Cuba, JFK begins Naval blockade and asks USSR to remove missiles, for 13 days nuclear war is imminent between US and USSR, but agreement is made that US would stay out of Cuba if USSR removed the missiles

8 Duck and Cover Drills… because that will save you from a nuclear bomb Possible Target areas

9 US and USSR then sign the Limited Test Ban Treaty (prohibits nuclear testing above ground)

10 JFK calls for Alliance for Progress wants all nations in the W
JFK calls for Alliance for Progress wants all nations in the W. Hemisphere to help Central and South America JFK begins the Peace Corps (program sending volunteers in education and healthcare worldwide). JFK uses these programs to increase US allies and reduce nuclear war JFK meeting Peace Corps volunteers

11 JFK continues policy of Eisenhower by sending military advisers (600 to 16,000) and economic aid to South Vietnam

12 Nov in Dallas TX, JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was then later shot by Jack Ruby

13 Lyndon Johnson is now President and appointed Warren Commission to investigate assassination
Warren Commission led by Earl Warren (Chief Justice of Supreme Court), found that Oswald acted alone

14 LBJ is now President, but before that served in Congress for 20 years, going to help him push policies through LBJ proposes domestic reform policy called Great Society– included poverty relief, education aid, health care reform, voting rights, conservation and urban renewal. LBJ elected Pres. In 1964 continues to help lower classes and passes steps to improve economy (tax cuts)

15 Instituted Head Start (preschool program for lower income families).
Volunteers in Service to America- people to help work in poor communities LBJ also passes medical assistance plan, (Medicare (med. Insurance for 65 or older), Medicaid ( med insurance for low income Americans, Johnson’s programs cut poverty in US in half

16 Warren Court Rulings of Warren Court– Chief Justice Earl Warren rules on legislation that protects people’s rights --outlawed prayer in public schools, struck down laws preventing birth control

17 Miranda Rule– Police must inform criminal suspects of rights before questioning
Mapp v Ohio– evidence obtained illegally cannot be used in trial

18 Gideon v Wainright– court appointed attorneys
Escobedo v Illinois– lawyer present when being questioned by police --reform state legislatures through apportionment (redrawing of state electoral districts) rural vs state

19 Lets Review: JFK & LBJ On a sheet of notebook paper place the appropriate number of the event under either JFK or LBJ based on whose presidency it occurred. 1.New Frontier 2.Peace Corps 3.Medicaid 4.Medicare 5.Sent military advisers to Vietnam 6.Created Head Start (preschool) 7.Wanted to develop space program 8.Bay of Pigs 9.Great Society 10.Volunteers in Service to America 11.Alliance for Progress 12.Limited Test Ban Treaty 13. Cuban Missile Crisis

20 Lets Evaluate: JFK & LBJ
Now that you have each event placed with the correct president we are going to evaluate the effectiveness of each 1st rank the events for each president based on how important the event was to their presidency (1-best) 2nd one sentence summarizing the presidency of JFK and LBJ based on your rankings (Think about how they handled domestic and foreign affairs. How did the US benefit? Who did it help?)

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