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Contactors Kania Paweł Michalak Adrian February 2012 Made by:

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1 Contactors Kania Paweł Michalak Adrian February 2012 Made by:

2 Construction of contactor All contactors have an electromagnet. The flow of current through the electromagnet causes the contacts to close allowing the connected machine to work. Contactor coil Each contactor has three types of contacts: power contacts, auxiliary contacts and contact springs. The power contacts are marked as 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. The auxiliary contacts are marked as 13-14 or 7-8 and the power springs are marked as A1-A2. Marks on a contactor

3 Use of the contactors Contactors are used in industry. They are used to run other electric circuits (mainly three-phase) with machines like motors or transformers. They also control other contactors (bigger). Contactor for current 200 A Circuits in which contactors are used are called „Control circuits”.

4 Control circuits Control circuit diagram of a motor. Each control circuit has a contactor connected to each phase. The starting contactor has two buttons: green (ON) and red (OFF). When we push the green button, the current flows through the contactors coil causing the electromagnet to work and closing the main contacts. The current flows through the coil of the contactor going around the green button. When we push the red button, we break the circuit and disable the motor connected to the main contacts.

5 Connecting a contactor Here are some pictures of a contactor connected to a bulb.

6 The project is realized with the finance support of the European Commission within the "Longlife learning program". The presentation was made as a result of the Leonardo da Vinci project titled "Your future career prospects" carried out in "Zespół Szkół Zawodowych" no 3 in Katowice between 2011 and 2013. The publication reflects the standpoint of the authors only and neither the European Commission nor the National Agency bear responsibility for the essential contents included in the presentation and for the way of using the enclosed information.

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