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Contact Points and Light Bulbs

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1 Contact Points and Light Bulbs
Physics First Unit 1 Electricity

2 Contact Points All electrical points have contact points
Contact points- allow electrical current to flow Inside the device there is a pathway (without breaks) so current can flow

3 Contact Points All devices must have at least 2 contact points (some have more) One point allows current to flow in while the other allows current to flow out Contact points must be separated by some insulator

4 Anatomy of a Light Bulb 3. filament wire- current passes through and creates heat which turns to light 4 and 5- contact wires that connect to filament 9 and 11- outside contact points insulated by 10 8- wire connected to inside contacts

5 Anatomy of a Light Bulb 1. Glass bulb- protector
2. Inside gas- does not allow the filament to burn out 6. Support wires- no electrical purpose 7. Stem- glass mount

6 Symbols Resistor- (light bulb, motor, buzzer) device that a current can cross

7 Symbols Wire Battery

8 Symbols When a switch is opened or closed we must show it in our circuit diagrams


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