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1 Unless We Dare! Linda Wallace – CCH Conference 2014

2 Roses & Vipers “ We shall not live (or not the best of it) Unless we dare (chancing our arm deep down in it) Beauty and dangers” Chrys Salt

3 CDS Listening & Learning Big Conversation  Clients  Customers  Staff  Board  Stakeholders

4 CDS Co-operatives Beauties Reputation Loyal Clients & Customers Experienced Staff Team Stable Finances Strong Board Dangers Old Systems Old Habits Blunt Pencil - VFM Unfocussed ambition Undervalued staff & Board

5 CDS Forward Value Based Culture QualityValueServiceReliability

6 Housing Context Co-op Group Cosmopolitan Housing HCA Regulation Changes Health & Safety STRONG FOCUS ON RISK & SKILLS TO MANAGE RISK

7 Opportunities On the radar More than Markets Welsh Government Initiatives Community Land Trust Network Garden Cities Wide ranging political support Improving funding climate Good new tales to tell Rochdale Student Coops Lilac CLT successes Interest in ‘mixing it up’ Landlords recognising limits of large Untapped Assets within Our Sector

8 Challenges Size, Influence & Impact 15% Reputation / Risk 20/80% Public Awareness Scale – how much difference can we make? Hard work?

9 The most effective way to change the world is when people are busy doing something else And flourishing communities foster great behaviours Nick Stanhope

10 Communications tool Designed to make money AND UNEXPECTEDLY Had a major impact on reducing business air travel And the environment

11 Or in our world..... Are people interested in joining co-ops or are they interested in getting housed?

12 If we Dare Questions..... Thinking about the co-op principles & values Are we co-operating, learning & developing enough beyond our own walls? How do we deal with situations where co-operation fails to be fair? Are we using our assets well – wider community benefit?

13 Are we Ambitious Enough?

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