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A new approach to resident involvement? Innovation Group presentation to City Assembly.

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1 A new approach to resident involvement? Innovation Group presentation to City Assembly

2 Innovation Group – established Nov 2011 Members: Tenant reps (elected from Area Panels), residents, Cabinet Member and officers Aim: Explore ways to involve more residents and more diverse groups in ways they prefer Approach: 14 meetings and 11 feedback meetings, learning from other organisations, listening to residents

3 Audit Commission advice on resident involvement 1.Clear objectives and evaluation 2.Offer choice - a menu of options 3.Show benefits 4.Show true costs and impact - tenant help with VFM approaches 5.Stop activities with unclear impact 6.Focus on those giving max value to tenants and organisation - ie win-win Advice still relevant and has guided our work

4 What we’ve looked at 1.Barriers 2.Code of Conduct 3.Elements of current framework – TRAs, Area Panels, working groups, TCMG, HMCC 4.Proposed framework for resident involvement 5.Tenant Scrutiny 6. Menu of options 7. Communications and social media 8.Supporting resident involvement – eg funding, training 9.Young people 10.Impact and evaluation

5 Code of conduct Issues Unacceptable conduct Sanctions slow to be applied Officer confidence or knowledge lacking to deal with it TCMG role not well developed to tackle Recommendations Clarity on unacceptable behaviours Revised code Clear TRA post roles and expectations Independent Panel to deal with some breaches

6 TRAs Issues Limited knowledge of TRAs, low numbers attending and helping Limited training opps Ineffective use of officer time Active councillor roles? Keeping people informed Recommendations Strengthen with more support and publicity eg aims of TRA and roles Training and induction - some essential eg diversity, treasurer Tenant only meetings – own minutes Review constitutions More community projects

7 Area Panels Issues Elections from a small pool – over-reliance on a few dedicated people Excessive administration and duplication eg ‘Blue Pages’ Political chair? Value for money? Recommendations Reconsider purpose and re-energise Reconsider blue pages, and tenant only meeting – better process? Area wide issues Good practice from Housing Estates Forum – eg multi-agency?

8 Working groups Issues Membership from a small pool - some overload Too many groups? Route for others to feed in views Evaluation Recommendations Widen opportunities to be involved Maintain (eg citywide), restate, blend or finish some New ToR to publicise groups and vacancies to wider pool New groups as subgroup of main five (later)

9 HMCC - initial thoughts Issues Used by some as a political platform? Effective for consultation? Right for consultation - representative? Lack of clarity re balance of consultation and councillor decision role Initial thoughts Clarify role - collaborative meetings Residents at the heart; sole ind. vote; technology Range of tenant views eg from Service Improvement Group ‘experts’ (later) Invitation to other housing customers

10 Proposed framework for resident involvement

11 Suggestions Maintain strong TRA focus – ‘grass roots’ Enable others with shorter term commitment to be involved through eg: - Wider menu of involvement options - Working groups linked to one of the 5 areas with some sub ‘task and finish’ groups, 50/50 mix of reps and interested people More tailored training and support

12 Scrutiny Panel 12 residents - 1/3 existing, 2/3 new Independent reviews - recommendations for change to Housing Committee Support from experienced Scrutiny Team Independent mentor? Selection process for a mix of people Full training provided Time limited positions

13 Other recommendations Menu - publicise widely for all; eg Joint Adjudication Panel Communications - publicity; variety Funding - fair allocation of grants Training - open to all, range of workshops Young tenants - earmark some EDB? Measuring impact - annual assessments

14 Further consultation Residents – eg: - City Assembly - Homing In - on database - Tenant forum Area Panels Councillors Staff

15 Thank you Any questions?

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