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Dave JacksonMark Stephensen State Hazard Mitigation OfficerMitigation Planner 208-422-3047208-422-5726 Mitigation Program Briefing.

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1 Dave JacksonMark Stephensen State Hazard Mitigation OfficerMitigation Planner Mitigation Program Briefing

2 Mitigation Planning Status Green – Complete Yellow – In Progress Orange – Grant Award Pending

3 FFY 2009 HMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Repetitive Flood Claims (RFC) Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) 6-Month Application Period June 19, 2008 – December 19, 2008 One Guidance Document

4 FEMA Grant Cycle Timelines Guidance Released / Application Period: June 19, 2008 Application Deadline: December 19, 2008 FEMA Eligibility / Completeness Review: December 20, 2008 – January 25, 2009 National Evaluation: Starts January 26, 2008 Selection for Further Review: March 2009

5 Idaho Grant Application Timeline ALL DATES FIRM: NO EXCEPTIONS June 19, 2008: Application Period Opens July 3, 2008: Application Packages / Guidance will be mailed/ ed by this date October 17, 2008: NOI Due to BHS Mitigation Staff Get NOI in ASAP to receive technical Assistance December 5, 2008: Applications Due to BHS Must be submitted via FEMA’s E-Grants December 16, 2008: State Evaluation/Ranking Panel December 18, 2008: BHS Submits State Application

6 Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) 75/25 cost share or 90/10 cost share for small impoverished Projects - $3 Million cap on federal share New Mitigation Plans: $800,000 cap on federal share Mitigation Plan Updates: $400,000 cap on federal share 5% cap on Management Cost for sub-grantees Application Consideration under multiple programs Must include statement in Comments for FEMA field Must participate in NFIP Eligible Applicants: local governments, state agencies, public colleges/universities and tribal governments

7 Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Eligible Activities New Mitigation Plans Mitigation Plan Updates All Hazard Mitigation Plan Required for Project Applications Natural Hazard Projects (Flood, Wildfire and Earthquake): Vegetation Management (fire or snow/avalanche) Relocation of public or private structures Acquisition and demolition/relocation Tornado / Severe Wind Safe Rooms Protective Measures for Utilities and other infrastructure Stormwater Management Seismic Retrofits: structural and non-structural Localized flood reduction projects

8 Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Funding depends on NFIP Policies in Effect 75/25 cost share All-Hazard Mitigation Plan required Must Participate in NFIP Project location must have NFIP Policy and must be maintained throughout project completion Eligible Projects: Acquisition and Demolition/Relocation Elevation of existing structures Dry Floodproofing of non-residential structures Minor localized flood reduction projects

9 Role of Emergency Management Coordinator Mitigation PlanningMitigation Projects Develop and Maintain Plan Coordinate Grant Application Oversee Planning Process Actively Participate in Plan Development Get Appropriate Agencies Involved Sell the Process and Mitigation Lead Notify Agencies of Grant Opportunity Identify Projects (Plan) Put Agency Contacts in Touch with BHS Mitigation Staff Determine Level of Involvement

10 Support From BHS Mitigation Staff E-Grants Technical Assistance / Access Eligibility Questions Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls Technical Assistance for Application Development Scope of Work Benefit Cost Analysis Application Review / Comment OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR SUCCESS

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