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Tekla Structural Designer 2015 UK Manager’s Day Thursday 19 th March 2015 Barry Chapman – Director, Engineering Segment.

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1 Tekla Structural Designer 2015 UK Manager’s Day Thursday 19 th March 2015 Barry Chapman – Director, Engineering Segment

2 Launched 10 th March 2015 Tekla’s first major A&D solution Next generation of Fastrak & Orion Unique ‘game changer’ in the market Expands Tekla’s design > detailing > construction workflow Tekla Structural Designer 2

3 3

4 Background 1980 Solve 1985 S-Frame 2013 Solve 2013 General analysis Dedicated concrete buildings Dedicated steel buildings 1976 D4 1982 D4+ 1985 Fastrak 5950 1988 Fastrak Multi-storey 2004 Fastrak Building Designer 1998 Orion CSC acquired 4

5 Background Over 40 years A&D software experience Recognized as market leader in UK Automated, productive & rigorous building design –Fastrak dedicated for steel buildings –Orion dedicated for RC buildings Different design approaches & codes Different interfaces & data structures  5

6 Background Single product required for steel & concrete – One product to learn, support & develop – Mixed material buildings – Quick comparison of alternative options – Effective BIM integration – Analysis, design & documentation together Complete re-write project started over 10 years ago –90+ man years work so far –Best of breed –Latest technologies –Developed specifically for BIM –Prof Bassam Izzuddin @ Imperial College 6

7 Tekla modelling solutions Structural engineers have two key deliverables Construction documentation BIM tools - plans, elevations, sections, 3D views, details, material listing etc Code compliant design Ensuring the building complies with local codes of practice and is structurally safe 7

8 Dedicated software for the analysis and design of steel and/or concrete buildings British Standard, Eurocode or US design codes Typically used by AEC structural engineers Next generation of our Fastrak and Orion software Focused on providing commercial benefits –Productivity –Value Engineering –Change management Introduction 8

9 Example models 9

10 Single model One product One model FE analysis Structural design 10

11 Modern ribbon interface 11

12 Automated Loading Engineers must calculate and apply loading We provide tools to increase productivity Wind load & EHFs applied automatically 12

13 Automated Analysis Model Engineers use an analysis ‘wire’ model to mathematically predict how a building will behave under applied loads The analysis ‘wire’ model is derived automatically for you from the physical model design force diagrams 13

14 Automated Concrete Design Automatic rebar design for Beams, columns, walls & slabs Includes flat slab design & punching shear Automatic scheduling 14

15 Automated Steel Design Automatic sizing of members Composite & non composite Plate girder design Truss design 15

16 Automated Rebar Drawings 16

17 Automated Beam Schedules 17

18 Documentation Contract documents – submitted by the Structural Engineer BIM models Engineers drawings (to scale DXFs) Structural calculations 2D drawings 18

19 Material Lists 19

20 One approach to BIM Developed specifically for BIM integration 20

21 Key benefits One model delivers everything you need for A&D Minimise analysis time with powerful solver Increase productivity with design optimization Improve confidence with transparent results Reduce time taken to assess and react to changes Improve response times and communication Reduce risk of errors productivity + value engineering + change management 21

22 Customer transition All maintained customers will receive free upgrade –1 x Tekla Structural Designer licence for each Fastrak/Orion –Can be installed and used alongside Fastrak/Orion –We are not taking Fastrak/Orion away Networked licences now provided as standard –Speak with our administration team if required Support will continue for Fastrak/Orion but no more upgrades Free training resources available to help transition We encourage your engineers to adopt ASAP 22

23 Summary “small changes can make a big difference” With the release of Tekla Structural Designer we firmly believe we are making a big change, which will make a massive difference to your engineering productivity 23

24 Thank you. Any questions? Barry Chapman Director, Engineering Segment 24

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