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Did you attend the…? ASAP Workshop Activities Fair Thursday, January 26 th 4:00 pm-7:00 pm in the CCML Prepared? Did you submit a…? E-board Registration.

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2 Did you attend the…? ASAP Workshop Activities Fair Thursday, January 26 th 4:00 pm-7:00 pm in the CCML Prepared? Did you submit a…? E-board Registration Roster Updated Constitution Allocation Request With Documentation! PLANGA PROFILE NEW

3 Order of Consideration – Priority One, Two, or Three Number of individuals in the organization Organization Reliability Account status (any negative account balances or misuse of funds) Number of Events/Fundraisers Scope of those events Funding Considerations

4 SGA Spring 2012 Budget S.G.A.SGA Expenses ALLOCATION Requested: Allocated: Student Event Planning$15,845.00 Concert$35,000.00 Student Copy Card$100.00 Block Party$15,000.00 SGA Van$5,000.00 SGA Van Driver$10,000.00 Collegiate Empowerment$7,700.00 Newspapers$3,000.00 Food Services (Allocations, Senate and Town Hall)$1,000.00 Bookstore$100.00 Kutztown Publishing(SGA Forms and Pamphlets)$2,500.00 Miscellaneous$1,000.00 ASAP Workshop Refreshments$88.38 TOTAL$96,333.38 APPEAL Approved: TOTAL ANTICIPATED SPRING 2012 SEMESTER BUDGET$207,000.00 TOTAL ANTICIPATED SPRING 2012 SEMESTER SPENDING$96,333,38 TOTAL ANTICIPATED SPRING 2012 SEMESTER FUND AVAILABILITY$110,666,62

5 To Allocate or NOT to Allocate? Anything owned by an individual Food (unless event itself) Decorations Personal Loans Trips outside the U.S.A. Awards/Prizes/Gifts Charity Donations Payment for Tips Alcohol Allocations Requests What is DOCUMENTATION? Anything that serves as evidence of your potential expenditures, such as: Quotes Print-outs Emails Clippings Invoices NO ALLOCATION without DOCUMENTATION STANDARD RATES: Printing———$10 Pizza Party— $35 Fundraising—$50 (loan) Give one week notice of event Pay back $50 by two weeks after the event to the SGA

6 Important Dates for Spring 2012

7 Helpful Allocations Hints Talk to your LIAISON about the items MOST IMPORTANT to you! When the SGA is making Allocations decisions, your liaison acts as your ADVOCATE! So, it is really important that you communicate with them prior to the SGA making its decisions so that they can better represent you and your needs! Write a LETTER to the SGA explaining an item and why you need it Is it necessary to organize an event? On the Allocation form, RANK, or otherwise indicate, which items are most important to you throughout the semester. The SGA does not have an endless budget, so it may not be possible for it to fund all of your events. We would rather fund those about which you are most excited!

8 What do you need to submit? Appeal/Re-allocation Form Formal Letter (pg 8) Documentation Appeal and Re-Allocations Why Appeal or Re-Allocate? You didn’t get the money you wanted from the first round of Allocations. You forgot about an expense when going through the first round of Allocations. You did not submit your paperwork on time.

9 Check Requests Reimbursements Cash/Check Advances Charging Tax Exempt Post-Allocations: Using your Funds!

10 Post-Allocations: Meetings, Events, and Fundraisers Attend Senate and Town Hall Meetings Advertise/Market events Be Creative! Stay within budget!

11 Checklist S.G.A. Liaison S.G.A. Extended Office hours S.G.A. Website Resources Available

12 S.G.A. Services S.G.A. Van/Extended Shuttle Campus Newspapers Magnets Funding ACTV Movies Spring Concert Reading Phillies Collegiate Empowerment Leadership Workshops Mall Mondays, Target Tuesdays, and Walmart Wednesdays Free Coffee Fridays! Large-Scale Campus Community Events

13 DateTimeEventLocationMandatory Tuesday, January 244:00 PMASAP WorkshopCCSL WestX Wednesday, January 254:00 PMASAP WorkshopCCSL WestX Thursday, January 264:00-7:00 PMActivities FairCCML Tuesday, January 316:00-8:00 PMCollegiate EmpowermentCCMLX Friday, February 34:00 PMAllocations Requests DueSGA Office Saturday, February 45:00 PMAllocations DecisionsRockland Sunday, February 59:00 AM-5:00 PMAllocations AnnouncementsCCSL Friday, February 104:00 PMRe-Allocations RequestsSGA Office Sunday, February 122:30 PMRe-Allocations DecisionsCC Conference Room Sunday, February 124:00 PMSGA Senate MeetingCCMLX Thursday, February 2312:00 PMCURIOUS?!CCML Tuesday, February 286:00-8:00 PMCollegiate EmpowermentCCSLX Sunday, March 44:00 PMSGA Town Hall MeetingCCMLX Monday, March 5CURIOUS?! Saturday, March 10-Sunday, March 18SPRING BREAK Friday, March 237:00 PMCURIOUS?! Monday, March 26-Saturday, March 31CURIOUS?! Tuesday, March 276:00-8:00 PMCollegiate EmpowermentCCSLX Saturday, March 317:00 PMCURIOUS?! Friday, April 6NO CLASSES Monday, April 9-Saturday, April 14Diversity Week Sunday, April 154:00 PMSGA Senate MeetingCCMLX Monday, April 16-Saturday, April 21Greek Week Monday, April 23-Saturday, April 28Earth Week Friday, May 47:00 PMCURIOUS?! Tuesday, May 8Reading Day Wednesday, May 9-Tuesday, May 15FINALS Sunday, May 20Commencement 2012Shirk Stadium Important SGA Spring 2012 Dates

14 Questions or Comments?

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