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IT to support knowledge work  The Concept of OAS  What is EDMS?  The Concept of Groupware  The Groupware Matrix  Benefits of Groupware  Factors Affecting.

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1 IT to support knowledge work  The Concept of OAS  What is EDMS?  The Concept of Groupware  The Groupware Matrix  Benefits of Groupware  Factors Affecting Groupware Outcomes  The Future of Groupware  KMS

2 Information Systems to Assist in Office Work 사무자동화 시스템 전자문서 관리시스템 그룹웨어 Office Automation System Electronic Document Management System Groupware - WP, Spreadsheet, Graphic - Document Imaging - Electronic Publishing - E-mail, Voice Mail, Fax - Electronic Meeting - Computer Conferencing - Video Conf., Audio Conf. - Electronic Calendar (Sch.) Info. Creation/ Management Decision-making/ Problem-solving

3 Electronic Document Processing Systems  Administrative Document Processing –Word processing: text info. –Spreadsheet: numeric info. –Graphic/Presentation: graphical info.  Transaction Document Processing –Document imaging: manages documents as images –Electronic publishing: provides for combined use of text and graphic

4 Document Imaging Systems Document Scans (Digitization) Printer Output Indexing & Storing Retrieval Optical Drive Image Scanner Laser Printer Image Displays Index Keys Document Imaging System Large Screen Retrieval Workstation

5 The Groupware Concept  Concept not agreed upon: Industry: Lotus Notes? Academic: Electronic Meeting Systems?  Many synonyms: Groupware, CSCW, GDSS, GSS, EMS, Workgroup Computing, etc.  Definition: A network-based information technology that supports communication and information sharing by workgroup members to help accomplish goals.

6 The Main Menu of Lotus Notes

7 그룹웨어 성과모형 Decision-making processes Decision-making processes Organizational Performance Organizational Performance Group size, proximity, composition, cohesiveness Group tasks (idea generation, choice, etc.), Task complexity Organizational cullture, imminence, criticality Ease of use, support modes, Usefulness Efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction Communication pattern, work processes, group dynamics, etc. Group charracteristics Group charracteristics Information technology Information technology Task characteristics Task characteristics Organizational circumstances Organizational circumstances

8 Groupware Matrix IT Support for Teams E-mail Voice mail Workflow Elec. filing Comp. Conf. Video conferencing Elec. meeting Elec. whiteboard Info. Center Team Room Different Place Same Place Same TimeDifferent Time

9 Same-Place/Same-Time Groupware  Electronic Meeting System(EMS) –based on electronic, rather than verbal, discussion –concurrent processing (via brainstorming) -- can generate many ideas –anonymity: social influence on meeting is minimized –can shorten meeting time, increase meeting productivity & participants’ satisfaction –useful for policy making, problem finding, decision making  Electronic Whiteboard –shares ideas (in text, graphic, etc.) through ‘whiteboard’ –useful for designs

10 IBM ’ s Electronic Meeting Room Electronic meeting software designed to increase meeting productivity (Courtesy: Ventana ’ s GroupSystems V)

11 Same-Place/Different-Time Groupware  Information Center – provides organizational users with training, consultations, and assistance – refers to a physical site that consists of computer hardware, software, and staff – can provide communication and information sharing to team members who may collaborate in Info. Center at different points in time  Team Rooms –similar to IC –supports groupwork through Team Room

12 Different-Place/Same-Time Groupware  Audio Conferencing – discusses and exchanges ideas via telephone technology – limited effectiveness because the communication is dependent upon audio signals only  Video Conferencing –provides for “face-to-face communication” effect –useful for situations calling for persuasions or negotiations –can save time and costs associated with travel to attend meetings

13 Corporate Video Conferencing Room

14 Different-Place/Different-Time Groupware  E-mail/voice mail –widely used in many organizations  Workflow –speeds up the processing and flow of documents within an organization  Electronic filing –may reduce paperwork costs by achieving “paperless office –can improve customer service by facilitating document retrieval  Computer conferencing –can provide a meeting beyond time- or place-barriers; can interface with DB

15 Illustration of a Workflow System Main Menu. Selecting a Document Form Managing the Document A Sample of a Template Document

16 Choosing the RecepientsEntering Comments Specifying Document Category A Completed Document Illustration of a Workflow System - cont’d

17 Benefits of Groupware  Facilitates communication, collaboration, and teamwork among team members  Improves organizational efficiency – processing time, meeting time, project period, decision making time  Facilitates organizational transformation (toward a horizontal organization based on teams)  acts as an enabler of business reengineering  provides opportunities to create a competitive edge

18 Knowledge Management Systems  KMS is defined as an information systems designed to help knowledge workers create, organizes, and share organizational knowledge  helps a business firm to maximize the value of knowledge assets possessed by the firm  components of KMS technology –knowledge creation/capture: workflow, electronic meeting, discussion forums, etc. –knowledge sharing/exchange: EDMS, groupware, intranet, etc.  keys issues in KMS construction –What role should a CKO play? –A knowledge-centered organization culture should be formed.

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