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Code-Blocks THAR’15 If it’s bug free, it’s time to make changes.

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1 Code-Blocks THAR’15 If it’s bug free, it’s time to make changes

2 Code-Blocks Code-Blocks is a Technical Event for the tech-fest THAR’15, whose aim is to provide a platform for the budding computer science enthusiasts to showcase their technical brilliance in the same field. This event will test the following qualities-  Expression  Communication  Presentation  Coding  Designing and  Development Skills The event will help the computer zealot to test their technical skills, freshers on the other-hand will get a chance to be introduced to the application world. This event will have 3 rounds in both, Zonal as well as University Level.

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4 Zonal Level

5 Round 1- Computing Extempore The participant (1 out of the 2 members of a team) would be required to showcase his knowledge on terms related to computers like plug-ins, NTFS, smartphones etc. in the Extempore round. Guidelines : It will be conducted as: The participant’s name will be called and he has to choose a slip randomly from the collection of slips. He then has to speak upon the topic written in slip for 1 minute. The participant may include the basic description of topic, its use, its scope, its functions etc. in the content. No preparation time will be provided.

6 Round 1- Computing Extempore Judging Criteria : Marks will be awarded by the panel of judges on the basis of- Expression – 15 marks Presentation – 15 marks Accuracy of the content in impromptu talk – 20 marks Panel of Judges : The panel will include 3 judges. Top 30 teams will qualify for Round-2

7 Round 2- Mind Bender It will be an offline (pen paper) quiz of 1 hour, to check participant’s knowledge about wide field of Computers. Guidelines : It will contain questions of 2 types: Type-A : Blocks of incorrect code of markup (e.g. HTML, CSS) and programming (e.g. C, Java) languages. Participants are required to find the errors and write correct code in space provided. MCQ’s based on the trending Application and Website development and their Graphic designing. Questionnaire based on IT companies, their products and different soft wares.

8 Type-B: 1.MCQ’s and short answer type questions based on the real life applications of important languages like C, C++ and Java. 2.MCQ’s based on an integrated part of computer’s field, Operating System, its functions, implementation in hardware, and Computer Hardware. Judging Criteria : All questions will carry certain marks. Participants will be awarded marks according to number of correct questions solved. No negative marking. If there is a tie, Type-A marks will be given preference. Question paper will be provided by the organizers in the form of Email. Printout of the same has to be given to the team members. 1.Top 10 teams will qualify for 3 rd and final round Round 2- Mind Bender

9 Round 3- Code Spark This will be the final round of event, Programming. It will be conducted as: Guidelines : An IDE, Code-Blocks*, will be installed** in the participant’s system. They have to code for the given problems, in C language, and execute them through the IDE provided. They have to mail their code(only 1 submission allowed for each problem) on an email provided. There their code will be fetched & its correctness (validity for all test cases), efficiency & execution time will be checked. Question paper will be provided by the organizers in the form of Email. The same is to be shown to the team members in the form of soft copy, only when the time for competition starts. **Link to download the IDE will be provided to the zone coordinators wherever necessary *Participants must be familiar in advance with Code-Blocks

10 Judging Criteria : All the problems will have same points allotted to them. Users are ranked according to the most problems solved. Compile & execution time will be considered. Ties will be broken by the total time* for each user in ascending order of time. *The total time is the sum of the time consumed for each problem solved. The time consumed for a solved problem is the time elapsed from the beginning of the contest to the submission of the first accepted run plus 20 penalty minutes for every previously rejected run for that problem (Wrong answer, Runtime Error, Compilation Error). There is no time consumed for a problem that is not solved. Winner team will qualify from each Zone Round 3- Code Spark

11 University Level university

12 . University Level

13 Round 1: Computing Extempore Time limit here will be of 2 minutes. The topics will touch an advanced level, e.g. Xcode, Cyber-bullying, broadband wireless technology, GPS etc. From a team, only 1 member will be allowed to participate in this round. Guidelines : It will be held in musical format. Participants will be seated circularly. An envelope containing a topic will be revolved among pool of 12 participants. Music will be played for some time and as soon as it stops, the participant holding the envelope has to speak upon that topic for 2 minutes. Top 8 teams will qualify for Round 2

14 Round 2- Mind Bender Guidelines : 1.The mode of quiz here will be online and will be conducted in the computer labs of UCE. It will be of 1 hour. 2.Students will have to register and login on an online quizzing website just before the quiz starts. 3.Marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. 4.The type of questions will be the same as described in Zonal Level, but their level will switch to advanced. 5.The rules and regulations of this round will be set on the website in our quiz portal. 6.Students will be provided with instructions, when they’ll log in to their account for quiz, on website. 7.Results will be generated automatically & immediately by the website. Top 4 teams will qualify for final round

15 Round 3- Code Spark Most of the guidelines are same as those in the Zonal round. Some additional ones are listed below. Guidelines : 1.This round will be hosted on an Online Programming website. 2.Languages used will include C, C++, Java. 3.It will be conducted in the Computer Lab of UCE and will be of 3 hours. 4.Participants will have to register and login on the website before the contest. Rules and instructions will be shown there. 5.Again, the results will be generated automatically & immediately by the website through certain pre-specified parameters. Top 2 teams will be awarded as the Winner and the 1 st Runner Up of the Code-Blocks Event

16 Rules and Regulations 1.Mobile phones should strictly be switched off during all the rounds. 2.Any student found indulged in any unfair or indisciplinary activity would lead to straight disqualification from the event. 3.Since 2 rounds are to be organized online, therefore it will considered as an unfair activity if the participant searches for any answer on the internet. 4.Since the registrations on websites for quiz/coding round will be opened up just before the occurrence of rounds, students will have to register themselves on the online portals at that time only. They will be provided with link to the websites by the coordinators. 5.The websites will accept the response of only those students who have registered themselves on the quiz/coding portal created on the name of University. 6.Decision of Judges will be deciding and final.

17 Eligibility criteria- Pursuing UG/PG in technology stream, open to all branches. Prizes- Winner team and Runner Up team will be awarded with certificates, gifts and cash prizes. Submitted by: Urvashi Kataria, V semester, Computer Sc. & Engineering,, +917690083399 Shiwali Gupta, V semester, Computer Sc. & Engineering,, +919610246643

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