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Patient Opinion in a Drugs Service Andy Niblock, Service Manager - PCASS, Sheffield PO event – Nottingham.

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1 Patient Opinion in a Drugs Service Andy Niblock, Service Manager - PCASS, Sheffield PO event – Nottingham

2 Primary Care Addiction Service Sheffield (PCASS) Also known as Guernsey House Created in 1999 DAAT commissioned Largest drug treatment service in Sheffield – up to 1500 patients Community based Recently joined Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT as part of TCS

3 Why Patient Opinion? Drug users have a degree of mistrust and are marginalised, isolated and often coerced into treatment by the criminal justice system…. The fact that Patient Opinion is a third party – rather than the clinic or DAAT trying to canvass views – and is anonymous can really give patients a voice. HQ locally based in Sheffield

4 PCASS patient characteristics Word of mouth amongst peers Limited internet use but 25% have email Resistance to complain as linked to script Have a voice – need a safe way to do it Like to feedback anonymously Have ideas for service improvements

5 History of Patient Opinion at PCASS Not a strong history of using feedback Used to collect feedback via service volunteers & questionnaires Clinical Director & Paul Hodgkin Agree to pilot use for 12 months – 1 st drug service

6 Story so far….2009 - 2010 Started pilot in spring 2009 with a launch day Met with initial resistance & suspicion PO awareness sessions for all staff Initially started encouraging feedback via volunteers in waiting room. Most feedback comes through completing leaflets and posting on. More than 60 comments posted on the website during the 10-month pilot.

7 Main comments in Year One Majority about longer-than-expected waiting times experienced by many when attending for an appointment or prescription. Various reasons for some long waits e.g. complex cases, some people turn up in a crisis needing to be seen immediately etc. But what made patients annoyed was that no one had told them this was what was happening. This intensified their feelings of being left out, that no one cares about them or wasting time. Changes made to communication methods – leaflet produced on this topic and issued to all patients.

8 Story so far….2010 - 2012 Guardian article: 6 th January, 2010 Themed Days (recovery, families, waiting times) Provided updates in waiting room/reception Commissioners start to read them Used as evidence in tendering! Boosts morale Still only service using in PCT and STH FT

9 Example flyer Guernsey House want to hear from you. How has your care and treatment helped you in your recovery? Tell us what was good or what could have been better – you will get a response online. Its Safe and Anonymous. Go to or fill in this leaflet and pop it in the RECOVERY

10 Implementation - lessons learnt Role of Management: always sponsor & champion Reinforce a culture of transparency and openness between staff and patients Identify right people to receive data feeds and be responders Feedback Wednesdays for staff Ensure timely responses – within 72 hours ideally

11 Using feedback - lessons learnt That, as ever, we don’t have all the answers – but on the other hand we have got a lot of things right and patients appreciate our service. Praise and non-critical feedback is good for us and means we are doing some things right – but critical progress is where the development comes from. Although some postings will be critical, each has represented a learning opportunity. Personalise the response – adapt to patient group Be prepared to deal with the issues raised –If necessary, signpost or invite them to contact you via a range of options Say what you will do with their suggestions or criticisms Use the data for service improvement and across your NHS organisation Being able to listen and respond to our patients places focus on the quality of care we offer.

12 What has worked Patients like to tell their story Themed days eg. Recovery, families Providing updates in waiting room Providing medical responses to queries and updating on changes in treatment e.g. Pick-ups, drug testing regime, monthly medical appointments

13 Patient Opinion - support Sit down and review each year with PO and reflect on: –lessons learnt –specific improvements made –staff attitudes and learning –reasons for success

14 Future ideas Targets for staff Feedback PC in waiting room Binders with all comments & responses included Staff member postings on a theme each month Social media opportunities

15 Links to Twitter feed PCASS Guernsey House ‏@PCASSGuernseyHs 20 Sep Grateful for stories like this that show how treatment options across the city have helped change lives. Never give up. Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite 3 Retweets 12:13 AM - 20 Sep 12 ·PCASS Guernsey House ‏@PCASSGuernseyHs 20 Sep Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite

16 Major693Major693 – posting – Aug 2012 "I am grateful for the people who never gave up on me" About: Guernsey House / Primary care addiction service Sheffield (PCASS)Guernsey House / Primary care addiction service Sheffield (PCASS) Posted by Major693 (as the patient), last monthMajor693 I used Guernsey House for a number of years, my behaviour/punctuality for appointments was chaotic. My support worker, gave me the information and choices that were available to me, he was patient and supported me along my journey. I detoxed using the Burbage Hospital, I then tried treatment in the community but needed to go to rehab to change my behaviour, attitude. I found this challenging and difficult but stuck with it. After leaving rehab I volunteered with various services, did a triple therapy treatment trial for Hep C, which was successful. I have done an access course and start at Newcastle Northumbria University in Sep 2012. Today I use mutual aid groups, and today for the first time that I can remember I have choices, in what I do and how I live my life and what I do, and my journey started here at Guernsey House, Sheffield. Today I am grateful for the people who never gave up on me.

17 Thank you Any questions? Contact: PCASS - (0114) 305 4401

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