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Developing our next strategic plan Manager’s pack TEAM MEETING DISCUSSIONS.

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1 Developing our next strategic plan Manager’s pack TEAM MEETING DISCUSSIONS

2 Identify one person from your team who will keep up to date with consultation and feed in where appropriate. Please email that contact to Send back you views by 18 April 2013 if you can but by the 6 May at the latest Thank you for your assistance and good luck. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to discuss or need any clarification Preparing for your discussion with the Team Go to the website and familiarise yourself with the opportunities to Please reassure your team that we really do want their ideas and views, we are just at the start of this process Think about how you can involve volunteers and patients and their families Encourage people to use whatever method of feeding in their ideas suits them best: You can video someone talking or a group talking and upload this to the website; Take photo’s with your phone holding up a statement and upload it; Encourage all people to complete the survey, it is for all staff and all volunteers; Send emails, letters or use the telephone.

3 Our current strategic plan, We Put Patients and Families First, sets out the direction for Marie Curie Cancer Care for 2011-2014. It describes our vision and our core values, and sets out how we aimed to achieve them. It is now time to review our vision and direction, and start to map out our strategic plan for 2014-2017. To do this, it is of crucial importance that we engage with internal and external stakeholders as much as possible, involving a wide selection of staff, volunteers and patients and families from across the organisation. Backgrou nd 1

4 A strategic plan sets out how an organisation will move from the current position to its aspired position by the end of an identified period. A good strategy document ensures that there is a focus on the ultimate aim of the organisation, and considers how each component of an organisation will contribute to this aim. Strategies are important for several reasons: –They help organisations think through what they want to achieve and how they will achieve it. –Strategy helps to create consistency in actions, by focusing and orienting an organisation on the priorities and aims in the coming years. 2 Why do we need a strategic plan?

5 –Gives an organisation the opportunity to take stock of external events – e.g. market changes and key competitors and helps the organisation to be better prepared to respond to internal or external challenges. –It helps an organisation to become more effective at meeting the needs of its users, funders and other stakeholders.

6 Discuss with your team what you think should be the priorities for us in the coming years. Within your team, it may help to consider the following questions: –How can be best prepare for the increase in need for end of life care both within our own services and within other services? –How do we help more people have a good death in their place of their choice? –What do you think terminally ill people and their families need in general and in an ideal world what can we do to meet this need? –How can Marie Curie optimise the value we create for patients, public, the NHS and social care organisations? –How can Marie Curie best strengthen our relationships with the NHS and social care organisations in the changing environment? –How can Marie Curie best plan effectively for the future? 3 Questions for discussion

7 –How can Marie Curie increase its role in influencing national policy and local innovation in end of life care? –How can Marie Curie best communicate our thoughts and ideas on how to help the growing number of people who will need end of life care across the UK and who might not be able to access our services

8 Consider the external environment. What are the key trends and where are the major areas of need we as an organisation should be targeting? Consider Marie Curie’s existing position and strengths and weaknesses as an organisation. How can we build on what we already have? Try to keep the focus on the ultimate goal or vision. The aim is to take a step back and thinking about goals and aims in a new light. Try to stand back from the day to day events and irritants if you can and imagine where you want us to be by 2017 Is the current vision of the strategy meaningful/ worth doing? You may have accurately identified a problem, but other people might be more concerned about other problems. Ask yourself ‘who cares and why?’ 4 How to feedback your findings

9 5 Guidelines for discussion Please forward a brief written summary of key discussion points and findings from your team discussions to There will be a number of further opportunities for staff to feed into the process at different stages, including events and online questionnaires. Please commit to keeping the conversation going. Identify one person who will be your lead, who will keep the team up to date with the progress and report back to each meeting. Please send your views back ideally by 18 April 2013 or by 6 May at the latest

10 Thank you

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