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GOVDELIVERY.COM New Email Distribution Service Georgia EPD Air Protection Branch.

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1 GOVDELIVERY.COM New Email Distribution Service Georgia EPD Air Protection Branch

2 New Terminology Old DNR SystemGovDelivery Email or Listserv ListTopic Messages or EmailsBulletins Messages sent via emailBulletins are posted on GovDelivery web site which distributes the bulletins via email. Note: Subscribers are not able to respond to bulletins they receive in email

3 Subscribing to Topics The Air Branch’s web site will contain direct links to subscribe to each topic. The subscription page will be similar to the image below. To subscribe to a topic users must click on the link to the right of that topic as each link goes to a different topic’s subscription page. NOTE: Currently, subscription pages look identical.

4 Subscribing to Topics After choosing the topic you will see the following page. Remember the page looks the same for all topics at this time, but the link in the address bar is different for each page. One may subscribe using any valid email address or one of the other options shown. Email address confirmation happens in the next step. A notification will be given if already subscribed.

5 Subscribing to Topics Email address confirmation: Retype your email address to confirm. Select the frequency at which you would like to receive topic updates (remember these are bulletins) Enter an optional password and click Submit to continue. A confirmation page will be displayed if subscription is successful. An email will be sent informing you of the subscription. An email is also sent for any changes made to your subscription account.

6 Subscribing to Topics You will get the subscription confirmation shown below. You may go to Subscriber Preferences where you may: See the list of topics to which you are subscribed Delete your account Add other topics (subscriptions) View history of topic updates Clicking Finish will display other topics to which you may subscribe If you go to or encounter the Questions page, that area is optional.

7 Subscribing to Topics The Quick Subscribe page may be displayed on clicking Finish on some pages or by clicking Add Subscriptions on the Preferences page. Place a checkmark in one of the boxes to subscribe to the chosen topic or group of topics. Note: bolded topics include sub- topics. e.g. placing a checkmark in the box to the left of Air Protection Branch will subscribe the user to all 5 topics below that main topic.

8 Bulletins Bulletin actions are accessible by clicking Bulletins on the left menu. On the Bulletins page one may: View draft bulletins Create new bulletins View sent or scheduled bulletins Other actions Advanced Bulletins involve the use of templates and more advanced editing. We will learn more about this later.

9 Creating Bulletins On the Create Bulletin page options for sending the bulletin are set and the body text of the email to be sent is entered. Top of the page is shown below. Choose the topic to which the bulletin pertains. Ignore the filter option at this time. A list of recipients may be viewed on the web page or may be exported to an Excel file (csv format). Some topic admins are able to send bulletins to multiple topics at one time. They must be topic admin for those topics.

10 Creating Bulletins In the next area of the Create Bulletin page the bulletin (email) sender is chosen and the body text of the email message is typed. Choose “Georgia Environmental Protection Division …” as the sender. Type the subject of the email in the Subject area. Type the text of the email in the Body area. Apply formatting to text in this area. NOTE: GovDelivery’s help pages indicates that it is not a good idea to format text in MS Word and copy the formatted text to the bulletin editor as the results may be different from what is desired. Tested copying and pasting formatted text from Word and it worked very well for font type, size, color, bolding and highlighting, but beware of the warning above. Send yourself a test email to verify.

11 Creating Bulletins In the next two areas on the Create Bulletin page one may do the following: Attach files NOTE: Total size of attachments cannot exceed 1 MB. That means that a single file 1 MB in size can be attached or multiple files whose combined file size do not exceed 1 MB may be attached. See file types below. Footer: for now use the Georgia DNR default footer. We may create an EPD or APB footer in the future. File types that can be attached: bmp, css, csv, doc, docm, docx, dot, emz, eps, gif, htm, html, ico, ics, jpeg, jpg, log, mdi, mht, mp3, msg, mso, odf, odp, ods, pages, pdf, png, pps, ppt, pptx, psd, pub, rpt, rss, rtf, tif, txt, vcf, vcs, wav, wmz, wpd, wps, xls, xlsx, xml

12 Creating Bulletins The next section of the Create Bulletin page concerns the audience to whom the bulletin will be visible – email list members and/or other social media. We will be sending bulletins only via email at this time.

13 Creating Bulletins The last area of the Create Bulletin page allows the following: Setting bulletin urgency. Making a bulletin urgent ignores users digest preferences – i.e. if one chooses to receive all bulletins once per week they will receive urgent bulletins separate from their weekly bulletin email. Public notices are to be made urgent. Scheduling the time at which the bulletin is to be sent. Eastern Time is used. Getting a Bulletin Detail Report – selecting this option makes it possible to get data analysis on the bulletin such as speed of delivery and other activity related to the bulletin. Saving the bulletin as a draft. Sending a test bulletin to an email address of your choice. Clicking the button will bring up another window asking for the email address for the test message. Previewing messages prior to sending. Autosaving as a bulletin is created. The Send Now button is enabled when the required areas have been completed

14 More About Bulletins and Topics Bulletins will be delivered via email with the formatting applied shown in the recipient’s email UNLESS the recipient has chosen to receive plain text email messages. The bulletin preview feature allows viewing both the HTML (formatted) and plain text versions of the bulletin. Each bulletin is delivered with a link to view the bulletin as a web page. One may also go to to access the subscription page by clicking on the link beside the red envelope near the top of the

15 Next Steps Migrating list members from the old system to the new system. Disabling the current listserv system. By Monday, June 17, 2013 – Send an announcement to subscribers from the new system advising that the old system has been replaced including the information needed to manage their subscriptions. Verify that bulletins are being sent for each topic (previous step may be used for this purpose) login URL: support URL: GovDelivery’s support site appears to be very thorough and helpful.

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